At Bigeye, we use human, brand, and cultural insights to unlock strategic business opportunities for clients.

Grow Your Business with an Audience Development Agency.

To maximize the results of your marketing efforts, you need the expertise and guidance of an agency that starts by developing a deep understanding of your audience and the unique challenges you face in connecting with them. Your products and services have to meet a need or solve a problem. As an audience development agency, Bigeye helps you refocus on the desires and needs of your customers, ensure your offerings remain relevant, identify growth opportunities, improve decision making, and refine your marketing strategies.

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Bigeye is a full-service creative agency delivering maximum creative with precision execution.

Begin Your Marketing Initiatives with In-Depth Research.

Achieve better results with the assistance of an experienced audience insights agency. Using a variety of research methodologies, including qualitative and quantitative techniques, our team leverages audience data to create custom strategies that capitalize on neuroscience, behavioral economics, and the social sciences to yield unique insights. In addition, knowing that what people say and what they actually do are often at odds, we consider both conscious and non-conscious drivers of consumer behavior using cutting-edge research methods including eye tracking and biometrics to reveal subconscious responses to branding and visual concepts.

Communities and panels are another powerful approach to research that many companies don’t take advantage of. Starting with in-depth research on your target audience demographics, our team gathers data from your most influential audience segments to generate actionable insights.

Coordinating short-term communities, long-term communities, and custom panels, we provide a deeper understanding of your target personas that drives increased sales and greater brand loyalty.

As an audience targeting agency, we also leverage the ubiquitous nature of mobile devices as a way to gain insights. We utilize mobile research tools that enable us to better understand consumer journeys and learn how potential customers shop competing brands. Mobile-based research lets us capture environmentally valid feedback about products and services at exactly the right moment. We can conduct qualitative studies at quantitative scale – reaching hundreds of participants on their phones using chat technology, and segmenting respondents into groups – instantaneously, based on their answers – for further engagement and complex, A.I.-based data analysis.

Define Your Goals
Effectively with
an Audience

To ensure that you’re getting the data you need efficiently and effectively, we work with you to craft and implement a detailed research plan. Employing in-depth analysis, our team delivers a data-driven, consumer-first strategy that’s tailored to your company and your different audiences. As a skilled audience development agency, we work with you to create or update your marketing plan with methods that drive growth toward your business objectives.

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