Brand Identity Agency

Brand Identity Agency

Your branding and identity design is essential to the value of your company, as human connection is the heartbeat of every business. Create and nurture that connection with guidance from an experienced brand identity agency.

In the absence of authoritative brand identity services, you can bet that your consumers are improvising. Work with a skilled brand identity agency to define what your company stands for and guide consumer perception. Allow your team or your consumers, advertisers, and other service audience segments to understand the bigger picture of everything you do with strategic corporate identity design. Partner with us to ensure that the time and effort you’ve put into developing your brand continues to pay off down the road.

Why Bigeye’s Brand Identity Services?
Here Are Just a Few
of the Many Reasons.

Reasons 1

We analyze feedback from many sources to better meet the needs of your consumers.

Reasons 2

Our team crafts your identity to resonate with your consumers on a deeper level.

Reasons 3

We’re masters of narrative, getting your brand story out there to position your business effectively.

Making Your Customers Contributors.

What do the marketers at Apple, Coca-Cola, and Disney have in common? They all invite their customers to grab a seat around the campfire and weave a little bit of their own story into the company fabric. Our storytellers are equally adept at identifying opportunities to add interest and credibility to a company’s brand story.

Working with the Right Logo Design Company Is Critical to Your Success.

Our mood boards are a physical collage with pictures, words, font, text, colors, and other images that the team feels define the brand and communicate the entirety of the brand identity. They’re created to help make your proposed brand tangible while giving it depth and dimension. The presentation of the mood board is a captivating moment when you first see your brand through the eyes of our creative team. It’s the point in logo development where you understand how we’ll bring your brand to life and how it will help you connect with your customers.

Incorporating your feedback on the mood board, the brand identity agency team brainstorms design concepts to build into the logo. We consider an enormous number of variables including scalability, color palette, stroke size and style, and dimension. Our team also takes into account how the logo will appear in print, online, and in video, as well as how it would form digitally through movement and the proportions of the various pieces of the brand name. Then we begin development of the new visual identity. 

Capitalize on the Power of the Story.

People love stories. In fact, experts say that the practice of giving structure and meaning to the world through telling tales is hardwired into our DNA. In other words, story is powerful stuff. The rich, immersive nature of stories enables them to elicit an emotional reaction from the listener, and that emotion is at the heart of buying behavior. 

The master storytellers at our brand identity agency leverage story to your advantage. We work with you to unearth the most compelling elements of your brand story, shine them up, and string them together in compelling narratives that engage and inform your audience.

Support Your Unique Identity with Brand Style Guide Services.

If you want your brand to maintain its power and its punch, you’ve got to support it. The best brand style guides give clear and specific guidance on how the brand elements may be used. However, in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, there has to be some flexibility as well. The creative team at Bigeye excels at finding that middle ground so that your brand retains the equity you are working so hard to build but without appearing rigid and inflexible.

How you implement and maintain your branding is just as important as how you define it.

We Work Hard so Your Brand Upkeep Can Be Easy.

If you’re just launching your company or looking to up your game, we help you establish a brand identity design that sets you apart. In addition to working with you identify and document your core branding today, we provide insight to your team on how to incorporate the new chapters that need to be written down the road. When we’re done helping you set your branding goals, we assist you in moving toward them, providing narrative, voice, and campaign work along with a corporate style guide to keep it all consistent.

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