Brand Strategy Agency

When it comes to business, if you’re not first, you’re last. As a brand strategy agency, we help you kick your marketing efforts into high gear.

Your brand marketing strategy and positioning are the keys to growing equity and achieving your long-term goals. What’s your brand’s personality and voice? Its purpose and differentiators? Its ideal market and prospect? Strategy informs every decision we make and action we take across our agency—from creative to media, account management to digital development. Through marketing strategy development and communication initiatives, we give your brand the tools to excel.

Why Bigeye for Your Brand Strategy Development?
Here Are Just a Few
of the Many Reasons.

Reasons 1

The most insightful data is useless if not leveraged properly—we craft data-driven strategies to drive results.

Reasons 2

No one channel can reach your whole audience. We leverage multiple strategic platforms to build connections.

Reasons 3

We dive into your brand, wading through the data to find the best track for your message.

Having an Effective Brand Is Not Enough.

You’ve built what you believe to be the perfect brand for your market. Sales should start rolling in, right? If only it were that easy. In today’s competitive business world, success isn’t just about who you are, it’s about your strategy and how you’re positioned. Are you the “affordable” option? The “cutting-edge” provider? The “pioneer” in your industry? The way you utilize positioning strategy marketing has a significant impact on your success.

A Brand Strategy Agency You Can Rely On.

As a trusted brand strategy agency, we start every engagement with a deep dive—what we call a discovery and immersion meeting. This session involves not only the client team, but a member from every team at Bigeye that will touch the project.

We guide the session and ask some probing questions, but mostly we listen. By the end of the meeting, we understand your business, its strengths and weaknesses, key competitors, what’s working, and what’s broken, and your goals and aspirations. We also conduct our own research on your products and services, industry, audience, and competitors. With that information in hand, we develop the market segments that are the foundation of your brand strategy.

It’s time to take action if:

  • You’re having trouble defining your value proposition.
  • Your brand experience isn’t living up to expectations.
  • Your customers and employees don’t know what you stand for.
  • Your offerings are confusing or need to be updated after a significant change to your business.
  • You’re considering a new product or division and don’t know how it fits within the organizational brand.

Our clients trust us to take their brand strategy to the next level, refreshing both their positioning and tactics without losing equity.

Partner with Us to Stand above the Competition.

While brand strategy is critical to your success, it’s a means to an end. After we collaborate with you to develop your plan, we work with you to execute it. Your strategy drives your advertising, marketing, media, and public relations plans, and it unifies those plans to support the primary brand positioning statement.

If you aren’t sure whether you could accurately describe how your company is positioned in your market and why, you’re not alone. Many companies are in the same boat. However, it’s a boat that’s sprung a leak and can take you down with it if you’re not careful. Working with a brand strategy agency can bring clarity to your marketing efforts and create some fresh buzz about your offerings.

We’re happy to share the insights we’ve gained from working with an array of industry leaders. Contact us today.

Let’s Give Your Business
a Competitive Edge.