What’s in a name? Potentially the success of your business.Naming is one of the most critical parts of the branding process. Our business naming services can help you craft one that captures the essence of your organization.

Why Do I Need Professional Business Naming Services?

Have you ever looked at a brand name and been unsure how to pronounce it? Or, Googled a product name and scrolled through hundreds of results showing similarly named offerings? These kinds of naming mistakes aren’t just unfortunate, they can be fatal in our hyper-competitive business climate. Watching a business with tremendous potential struggle or fail completely simply because of a poor company or product name choice drives home the importance of working with a leader among brand naming companies.

A brand name’s length, syllable count, pronunciation, memorability, and web domain availability are just some of the criteria we consider as a naming agency. We also think about how well a particular name reflects your company history, product and service offerings, brand story, industry, and geographic location. There are many boxes that must be checked before a name makes our short list.


Why Trust Bigeye to Name Your Brand?


We are detail enthusiasts who ensure your business gets consistent, thorough branding.


Your brand is your signature. We make it recognizable and memorable.


We enhance your brand perception through differentiation and clear value adds.

Creating and Launching a New Plant-Powered Skincare Brand

Luma & Leaf is a new Direct to Consumer skincare brand that leverages the best in clean, plant-powered active ingredients to provide gentle and effective solutions that restore skin to its most healthy and luminous state. To break out in the crowded skincare market, we launched a fun and playful name that communicates our core belief that everyone deserves to look and feel their best.


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