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Digital SEO Specialist

The Search Specialist should be well-versed in principles of search engine marketing (SEM) including search engine optimization (SEO). Also, experience with strategizing the development of organic search marketing initiatives and execute plans to improve the visibility, traffic, and revenue of industry websites. Utilize Keyword Planner and other keyword tools to uncover the queries that are most likely to bring in high volumes of qualified traffic implement on-page best practices (including title tags, canonical tags, ALT tags, meta descriptions, redirects, robots.txt, sitemaps, backlinks etc. Perform a comprehensive SEO audit. Use Google Analytics, Moz and other resources to track and report SEO performance on a weekly and monthly basis Remain current on search engine optimization best practices and the latest trends. Some knowledge of link building strategies such as influencer outreach, content marketing, local citations, acquiring multiple guest blog post opportunities, mentions and others preferred.


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