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Junior Copywriter

We’re seeking a brand-loving, up-and-coming junior copywriter with 1-2 years of agency experience who’s ready for an exciting role at BIGEYE. This position is part of our Creative Department and reports to the agency’s Creative Director.


Writing motivational, descriptive content will be part of your daily job duties, as well as proofreading all agency work to ensure correct spelling, grammar, and sentence structure.


The ability to write for various brands in various disciplines is essential. Be prepared to juggle multiple projects at the same time. Following established internal agency workflow processes is expected.  


Additional Requirements:

  • An appreciation of copywriting’s importance and influence throughout all elements of advertising.
  • Strategic thinking about writing content that’s crafted to the audience, medium, and media vehicle.
  • Conceptual storytelling, tone balance, and unexpected wordplay are important devices you’ll need to understand and master as you grow within this role.
  • A familiarity with various style books, including AP and The Chicago Manual of Style (most importantly)


A hunger for random knowledge and an appreciation of pop culture is a plus if you want to fit in well with our team. Send us your very best work samples through your website link. Those samples will be 99 percent of the evaluation criteria we’ll use to determine if you’ll be selected for an interview.

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