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Learn how a motion graphics company can help your business improve brand recognition, engage a target audience, and attract more customers. 

Motion graphics refers to the synergistic application of concepts from both graphic design and animation. This kind of content gives businesses a great way to simplify concepts, enforce their brand identity, and engage audiences. Find out how working with a motion graphics company can help any business tell its story better.

Why do motion graphics work?

Most people refer to motion design as a type of animation. In today’s competitive marketing environment, people get bombarded by so much information that companies can have a tough time engaging and communicating with their audience with just text, static images, or even more traditional video.

As a kind of animation, motion graphics can incorporate moving or still graphics, sound, and text. Most of all, they can rapidly generate a submersive storyline, which can take on the feel of a documentary, lesson, comedy, or even a video game. They can entertain, explain, and educate — and sometimes do all three.

According to OpenGeeksLab, working with a video animation services company can provide a business with many marketing benefits:

  • Audience recall: Motion graphics make it easier to recall statistics, complex ideas, and even emotions. Studies have demonstrated that people can remember 95 percent of the information presented in a video but only about 10 percent of what they read in text.
  • Engagement: People spend more time on pages with videos than pages with only text and/or graphics. Again, motion graphics aren’t just good marketing — they’re actually good.
  • Brand enhancement: Good motion graphic design will incorporate both visual and textual elements of a company’s brand image. For instance, the content might incorporate the brand’s logo, mission, and personality.
  • Viral potential: Social media users have proven more inclined to share videos than only graphics or text. They’re also more likely to comment or hit the like button. Motion graphics give businesses a chance to expand their reach.
  • SEO value: Web pages with video and text have a greater chance to hit the first page in Google and other search engines. This can attract more organic traffic and improve brand recognition.
  • Good ROI: Animation drives traffic three times better than other kinds of content. For the benefits they can enjoy, most businesses find working with a corporate video production company cost effective.

A motion graphics company can also provide a good ROI because they’re generally open to repurposing. For instance, animation production companies may produce one longer video for a website. After that, they can also cut parts of the product into quick, 30-second promos for social media or pull out static images for infographics. This kind of content stacking can help make efficient use of marketing budgets.

Examples of good motion graphics design

As with most visual mediums, people generally have an easier time understanding high-quality work by seeing examples than by reading explanations. Look at a couple of effective motion graphics videos that can help illustrate the potential of this medium.

Anatomy of a Computer Virus: A dangerous virus threatened public services and society at large. Created for a TV show, this motion graphics video explained a very complex topic in a very digestible and interesting way. It distilled the work of a team of experts into an engaging presentation that average people can understand.

Varpet: Varpet used motion graphics to create an explainer video that also served as marketing content. In just about one minute, the good-humored motion graphics explained exactly why somebody would need the company’s mobile app, its benefits over other solutions, and the couple of simple steps required to use it.

How to find the right motion graphics company

As with any other type of content producers, good animation production companies should post examples of their video animation services. Find out if their style looks like a fit for the company culture. Just as important, make certain they want to devote the time to learn about your business, brand image, and goals. While the best motion graphics can stand on their own merits as good content, they also need to reflect your company’s mission and overall message.

Creative & Production Motion Graphics

If you’re looking for motion graphics that bounce, pop, and just work, you could do worse than to draw inspiration from Richard Simmons.

When someone says “motion graphics,” the campy exercise guru Richard Simmons may not be the first thing to pop into your mind. But when it comes to finding motion graphics that work, he just may be the ultimate standard bearer.

The basics of motion graphics

In the modern digital environment, the term “motion graphics” refers to a specific genre of animation that bridges the gap between tradition moving pictures and graphic design. It has proven highly successful in the marketing and public relations sectors for communicating to audiences in a captivating and easy-to-watch manner.

According to high-tech thought leader and motion graphics authority Michael Betancourt, the history of motion graphics date back to the Futurist painters of the early 1900s, who created experimental films with a firm emphasis on graphic design. Over the next century, marketers developed commercial motion graphics that seamlessly blended textual elements with music and/or sound effects in order to further targeted branding and adverting campaigns.

Listing primary examples of commercial motion graphics, Betancourt points to television commercials with their animated logos/graphics and the moving title sequences of feature films. But in both the fine art world and the consumer marketplace, motion graphics rely on “the aesthetic principles that organize and structure the relationship of image to soundtrack originates with…color music” – a synesthetic art form that “established the ways that sound and image can be related to each other in a visual medium such as motion pictures.”

Although the line between motion graphics and full animation has never been clearly drawn, the look and feel of modern motion graphics are immediately recognizable to anyone who has been exposed to digital media over the past several years. Essentially animated graphic design, motion graphics almost always combine voice-over narration a wealth of words/symbols to allow viewers to learn visually and aurally at the same time. The independent technology news and information platform Lifewire outlines the power of motion graphics as “purpose-driven pieces with the goal of presenting information to the viewer through the use of animated text or graphics” and “voice-overs narrating what the text or graphics are representing.”

What should good motion graphics look and sound like? Think Richard Simmons!

Although he has largely disappeared from the public eye for the last several years, Richard Simmons is an unmistakable media personality with a distinct style all his own. In fact, his unique personality and approach to spreading physical fitness to the masses have a lot in common with quality motion graphics work.

Here are just a few traits that colorful exercise guru Richard Simmons shares with the outstanding motion graphics of the BIGEYE marketing agency:

1. Bounciness

Describing the look and feel of motion graphics, Lifewire asserts that they typically employ a “very fluid, bouncy animation style.” Lifewire goes on to cite the use of “snazzy transitions” and “dynamic movement” – two characteristics that simply scream Richard Simmons! Without this kind of busy visual engagement, viewers are likely to begin to “zone out” as they listen to the narrator drone on.

2. Bright Colors

Although most motion graphics have a sophisticated look and an elegant appeal, they also typically use vivid color palettes that match the bright workout clothes and colorful personality of Richard Simmons. When it comes to informing and educating viewers, the bright colors of motion graphics both capture attention and keep it.

3. Musical

As detailed above, music is an absolutely essential component of motion graphics. And anyone who has ever seen “Sweatin’ to the Oldies” knows that Richard Simmons knows how to integrate music and active visuals.

4. Instructional

As entertaining as Richard Simmons might be, the real reason to watch him is to get or stay in shape! Like good motion graphics, he has a real knack for wrapping detailed instruction in a positive, likable, and easy-to-understand package.

5. Fun

The bottom line when it comes to Richard Simmons: he manages to make exercise fun. In a similar vein, motion graphics are an exceptionally effective tool for anyone who wants to transform dry, boring content into an entertaining, engaging experience.

Getting professional help

If you want fun, informative, eye-catching, and attention-commanding motion graphics that even Richard Simmons would appreciate, contact Bigeye today. In addition to our achievements as a motion graphics company, we have all the state-of-the-art tools and innovative vision that you need to drive a comprehensive and competitive modern marketing campaign.

AR/VR Content Marketing Creative & Production Motion Graphics Video Production

Ever notice how the ads that people like best during the Superbowl are the funny ones? This shouldn’t be a surprise, because people love to be entertained (and if you don’t believe me, just take a look at how many movies you’ve watched on Netflix in the last month!).

At our Florida advertising agency, we know companies don’t have to be super serious to also be perceived as professional. Take, for example, Geico, which deals with heavy insurance matters on a daily basis, many of which involve injury or even death. The brand could have taken an approach that touted the seriousness of the business and its commitment to all things insurance, but can you deny that would have been slightly, well…boring? Instead, it opted to give in to the creative impulse, generating an Australian talking lizard that is now etched into the mind of every person in America (whether we want him to be or not).

My point is that your content doesn’t have to be stuffy, even if your industry isn’t all that laid back. As such, we’ve developed 4 fun content ideas that can help break your brand from the strongholds of thinking everything has to be all business, all the time. In looking at this list and generating your own creative content ideas, remember that people are most likely to share funny posts and uplifting content (hence, the success of sites like Buzzfeed and Upworthy). [quote]By generating your own content in this capacity, you’ll be giving your followers plenty to talk about.[/quote]

1. Stop-motion Vines: Who’d have thought a company like Lowes would have been a pioneer in the land of 6-second videos? Lowes’s series of Vines give you practical home tips with a DIY aura…all in six seconds! Check out this screwdriver/rubber band tip and tell me you’re not impressed.

2. Throwback Thursdays: What started out a few young people posting photos from their childhood on Instagram and Facebook is now a full-on trend. People love to see these photos from the times when you actually had to walk two miles in the snow uphill both ways to get to a place that would print out your photos. Even if your business isn’t necessarily trendy or cool, you can still tap into this trend by showing old photos of your founders or your first brick-and-mortar location, or even a photo of an old newspaper clipping about your business that you have hanging around. Just don’t forget to tag them “#tbt.”

3. One-Second-a-Day Videos: These types of videos can be extremely fun and inspiring, and take literally, one second a day to create (plus perhaps a little bit of time at the end to edit). Try showing one second a day from your work or your office to capture just a slice of your daily work. For a slightly different variation on this, make a one-minute video featuring exactly one second at 60 of your favorite local landmarks. And, the 1 Second Everyday app makes it super simple to record.

4. Awards and Recognition: People love to be recognized, and when you offer them some form of recognition, they’ll typically share that with their social circles. Recently, a friend of mine was recognized by a small women’s group. The company wrote a blog about her and invited her to speak at a free monthly panel discussion. The cost? Perhaps a couple of hours to write the blog and plan the event, and a few dollars to provide food and beverages at the panel. However, when the recipient shared her blog, the blog post generated thousands of page views, hundreds of likes, several shares on Facebook and tons of goodwill in the community. Recognizing a strong employee, young leader or a powerful member of your community is a great way to build visibility.

Ready to chat about a few more ideas to get your fans talkin’? Contact our team at BIGEYE today to take your brand from bo-ring to bazinga!

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Whenever I discuss video production with small and medium brands, I often hear a lot of reasons why it’s not a great idea. “It’s too expensive,” clients tell me. Or, I’ll hear, “What happens if it doesn’t go viral?”
Well, more often than not, video can be a great idea for your brand, and with all the digital video production equipment out there, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Of course, there’s going to be a difference in quality between a Superbowl Ad and a short Vine that you post on Twitter, but if you’re creative enough — and I’m sure you are — there are fun and interesting ways to create engaging video content with just a laptop or cell phone camera and a good idea.

Of course, anytime you make a video, there’s the urge to hope it goes viral. Fortunately, even if it doesn’t, the video content can still do a lot of good for your brand.[quote]If you create videos that tell great stories about what you’re doing, to be seen only by your social media followers, you can instill goodwill in your most loyal brand advocates.[/quote] Many would argue that’s much more important than having your video seen by a thousand people in Europe who have no interest in purchasing your product or service. In any case, if vitality is your goal, you can enlist the help of companies like Unruly Media to help seed your content for viral sharing.

There are numerous other great reasons to create digital video content for your brand. Here are some of my favorites, from our Florida marketing agency to you.

1. People are visual beings

A visual image will attract more attention than text alone.

2. Google gives preference to video content

Notice when you do a Google search, you’ll often see a designated area for videos related to your search, even if you were only looking for a website or article. This is because Google gives preference to video content. Such content doesn’t have to necessarily be hosted on YouTube (which is owned by Google), though it helps.

3. Video sharing on Facebook outperforms other types of content in 5 out of 6 industries

In a study of 42 brands over 7 consumer categories, video was the most commonly shared type of content for 34 of the brands.

4. Video sharing is becoming more popular as internet and mobile speeds increase around the world

These days, many people do not even own cable due to the abundance of content they can find online for free on YouTube channels, as well as sites like Hulu. Some YouTube channels have millions of subscribers, showing that people can build up a loyal following with their web-based video content.

5. It’s only going to continue to get bigger

Cisco reports that by 2017, video will account for 69% of all digital content. Why not get in now, before it’s too late to keep up?

If you’re not investing in digital video content, it may be time to start. Contact our Orlando ad agency for a consultation, to find out how we can set up a digital video content strategy for your brand.

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For a company taking its first shot at creating video content, it can be overwhelming to walk into a meeting room for the first time to create a digital video strategy.  Often, new content creators are unfamiliar with the actual costs and types of teams needed to help successfully create and distribute digital video content.
It’s important to remember that your team is not alone in wanting to create content; you are competing with thousands of other brands and individuals who are each vying for a piece of your audience’s time.  This audience attention is a limited resource… until there are magically more hours in the day, the amount of time people have to consume content is not going to change anytime soon.

Below are a few tips from our Orlando video production agency to help ease you through the process of creating your first branded video for optimum resource allocation and sharability.

Have a Good Idea:  This seems like a no-brainer, but you might be surprised at the number of people who want to create content just for the sake of creating content.  It is essential to remember that bad content reflects poorly on your brand, and is unlikely to be shared organically.  Brainstorm an idea that’s on-brand, and targets your audience.  (If you don’t have a good idea, fear not!  Our Florida marketing agency is brimming with agency experts who have the knowledge and understanding to help you create a digital video concept that captures your brand.

Assign a Project Manager/ Producer:  This is a crucial step in creating a successful video.  The project manager should be the person in control of the actual production process.  This person should have the responsibility of overseeing the budget, and may assign people to schedule shoots and secure essential film equipment.  This person may also step in as a producer, who can give feedback to the production team.  The project manager will ultimately also be responsible for formulating a distribution strategy.


For more ideas about how to amplify the reach of your digital video content, contact the team at our Florida advertising agency to talk about making the most out of your project, no matter what your budget.


Create a Budget:  In my experience, a company can create a piece of digital content at almost any budget.  I’ve seen successful videos shot at production values of less than $200, and I’ve seen hundreds of thousands of dollars thrown away on campaigns that didn’t quite hit the mark.  More money can buy you better tools, but they can’t make a bad idea good.  In fact, some studies suggest that production values have absolutely no bearing on a viewer’s perception of a digital video.  I recommend that a brand settle on a budget after coming up with the idea, as it will help to determine what’s realistically feasible.  If your concept involves flying in an elephant from Nigeria, but you’re working with a small budget, it’s worth it to see if the same effect can be achieved using a green screen or editing device.

Formulate a Distribution Strategy:  Will your strategy involve sponsored placements on sites like Twitter and Facebook?  Or are you depending on shares alone, targeting influencers and popular bloggers within your network?  No matter what your strategy, the most important part is to have a strategy in place for when you’re ready to put your video out into the world.


AR/VR Creative & Production Motion Graphics Video Production

As marketers, the team at our Florida advertising agency is well aware that younger generations aren’t consuming media in the way that we did growing up.  Many young adults don’t even own televisions – they can get their media from a variety of sources such as HuluNetflix and YouTube .
This also has added side effects.  While Hulu runs commercials, Netflix and (most of the time) YouTube do not.  That means this younger generation has the capability to opt out of watching advertising through commercials.

When targeting young people, marketers have even more of a challenge in trying to engage young people.  In the television days, no one ever questioned whether a household was actively engaged while watching a commercial – but, since digital content is so easy to track, engagement becomes key.

Below are a few tips to help get more shares with your own digital video content.

1. Seed Your Video:  Did you read our video about the importance of seeding branded content?  If not, then we certainly recommend that as a starting point.  The article discusses the importance of investing some of your budget into making sure your video gets optimal placement on the types of websites that attract your audience.

2. Tell a Story:  Storytelling is a far more effective tool than the corporate speak we’re all used to.  Leave the formal, data driven content to a boardroom; in order to connect with today’s busy, tech-savvy consumer, it’s important to relate through storytelling techniques.  Most stories take the listener on a journey, so think about your journey as you create a script for your digital video content.


Our creative team is known for being excellent storytellers. Check out all of the services we have to offer including a range of video and digital services. We’ll be expecting your phone call.


3. Promote!  I’m often surprised by people who think that simply uploading a video to YouTube is enough to get people interested in their content.  But, if you want to get more shares and likes for your video, you must also think like a PR professional.  This may involve reaching out to trusted contacts, influential bloggers, and friends with popular Twitter accounts to help spread your content.

4. Listen to the Conversation:  Where are people talking about things that are relevant to your brand, and to your video content in general?  Make sure you have an active presence at these hubs.  Tweeting at people who mention your brand or share an interest in your brand’s field will help facilitate engagement in the long run, but can also be a short-term way to help promote your content.

5. Post at Peak Times:  Brands and businesses can use social media monitoring analytic tools to help determine when their audiences are most active, most engaged and most interested.  Use this knowledge to help push your video during peak times.  Also, remember to push it quickly and repeatedly across social networks…. in almost every case, the most important timeframe of a video’s life cycle is the first 48 hours.  In this age, we operate in real-time, so anything that’s shared later will have less impact, and will ultimately be less relevant.

If you need help with creating video content to market to the masses, contact the team at our Orlando video production company.  We’re equipped with the skills and the resources to help seed your content and get it shared!

AR/VR Creative & Production Motion Graphics Video Production

As a part of BIGEYE, an Orlando video production company, we are very proud to have the Arnold Palmer Hospital For Children as one of our notable clients. They are viewed as the leader in pediatric care in Central Florida. In 2006, the Arnold Palmer Hospital decided to specialize its care for women and children by opening up the Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Babies. In 2012, we ran a campaign that highlighted one athlete’s intimate experience with the Winnie Palmer Hospital.
In our society, it’s difficult to imagine superstars facing real life struggles. They lead very public lives and most of the time are viewed as almost superhuman. It’s important to remember that even though they might not face day-to-day struggles like you and me, they are still human beings. The athlete highlighted in this campaign is Annika Sorenstam, one of the LPGA tours most legendary golfers. In this video, Annika opens up about the complications she faced during her second pregnancy.

The video begins by highlighting some of Annika’s biggest achievements on the golf course. Shortly after, the film cuts to Annika and her husband, Mike, discussing that no matter how accomplished she has been on the golf course, starting a family has been her ultimate proudest moment. She then discusses how one Sunday night during her second trimester, everything changed. She woke up in the middle of the night to bloody sheets, which she later learned was caused by placenta abruption. Mike raced her to the hospital where she had an emergency C-section. Annika thoughtfully remembers that amidst the chaos that night, the nurses and doctors of the Winnie Palmer hospital remained calm and reassuring. Once their premature son was born, they recalled how strong and determined he was to fight for his life. They fittingly named him Will, because he had the will to get better. Neonatologist Dr. Michael McMahan was interviewed explaining how 95% of the babies that are born that severely premature end up living a normal and healthy life. Towards the end of the video, Annika, Mike and their two children were interviewed with Arnold Palmer, who is the benefactor of Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children and Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Babies. Annika explains how the Winnie Palmer staff were so incredibly caring and thoughtful. Mike calls the staff their “angels, because all they do is save lives.” Arnold Palmer then reflects on the Winnie Palmer Hospital staff and discusses how many lives have been changed for the better.

William Nicholas McGee was born via c-section on March 21, 2011 after Annika suffered a placenta abruption at just 27 weeks along. He arrived weighing 2.12 lbs and measuring 15 inches long. He was born 13 weeks early. Placenta abruption is the separation of the placenta from the uterine lining. The placenta is part of a baby’s life support. It transfers oxygen and nutrients to the baby. When the placenta separates, it can interrupt the transportation of oxygen and nutrients to your baby. Only about 1% of all pregnant women will experience placenta abruption and most cases can be successfully treated.

The video shoot was very complex. The camera used is known as a ‘red camera’. It has the ability to shoot ‘4 K raw footage’ which allows the film to obtain double the amount of pixels. In a way, it’s almost like using two cameras. This camera is extremely high end and our video team describes the style of the type of footage captured “similar to the footage in The Hobbit.”

We hope you enjoy the video!


Creative & Production Motion Graphics Video Production

Fewer than two weeks ago, Korean recording artist Psy was virtually unheard of in America.  But now, the video for his song “Gangnam Style” has more than 335,000,000 views, and the song itself holds the number two spot on the Billboard charts – and the song isn’t even in English!  That type of crossover language success would be impossible without the Internet, as well as a video that adequately captures Psy’s concept and personality through a montage of humorous visuals.
While not every video is guaranteed to reach 335,000,000 views, Psy’s story touches on the massive impact that a visual presentation can add to a product or service.  People are visual beings, and when a video goes viral, it’s typically because it triggers a powerful emotion, which makes people feel the need to share.

If you’re feeling jazzed about a new product or service from your company, or you want to circulate important news about future projects or concepts, you may want to consider bringing on an agency to help you create a video to help spread the word.  A video is a terrific way to tell a brand’s story, which is becoming more and more essential in today’s world of high-impact, compelling digital content.  A well-executed video can help humanize a brand, and can bring product features to life in a way that, even just five years ago, was only possible through expensive production budgets and television airtime.

Don’t get us wrong… at our Orlando advertising firm, we find other digital content such as blogs, photographs and infographics extremely valuable, as they tend to be cheaper and easier to produce.  But when was the last time you heard of a piece of written content being shared 300,000,000 times?  While each format serves its purposes (i.e., our blog a better forum for our Florida marketing agency to tout the benefits of digital video in a format that you can print out for easy reference), a video can leave a long lasting impact with a higher potential to go viral.

[quote]While a company can benefit from all types of content, many people actively seek out branded video content.[/quote]  Brand fanatics regularly check to see what companies such as Nike and Pepsi are up to behind the scenes.  Brands are essentially now media companies, ones that people look to in order to stay up to date with current trends, ideas and innovations.

According to a recent report from, video content can drive social currency.  Social currency can heighten your brand’s profile within your digital community, especially if such content is informative, funny, or both.  And, while a cheap smartphone photo can offer fun insights into your company, a professional video offers credibility, which helps establish trust and rapport amongst your audience.

Ideally, a company should target the content portals where their target community already exists, integrating text, video and social content into the digital marketing strategy that reaches potential customers across platforms.  But, where the concept and budget permits, a video may be the most effective way to tell a story and allow it to reach across numerous fronts.

Our Orlando advertising agency can help you create a targeted video to help tell your company’s story in an effort to help grow your business to its fullest potential. Contact us today!

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Illuminate the way you connect with your audience. Create a short and fun video, aka “splainer,” to engage and inform your viewers. Here’s a splainer we created for Illuminate – a children’s health and wellness blog by Arnold Palmer Hospital. Check out the blog for more of our handiwork!

Creative & Production Motion Graphics

Below is an infographic illustrating the significant changes that our online lives could experience in just four years:

Go here to read more infographics about advertising today!