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A good real estate agent is a master of self-promotion.  Unfortunately, navigating the difficult terrain between effective promotion and pompousness can be challenging.  The best realtors act as salespeople without coming across too strong.

In a digital era where people rely on Google, Facebook and Twitter to transmit information, one of the most effective ways to do this is to develop a content strategy to increase exposure, which helps an agent to create and maintain a pipeline of clients.  Real estate agents who implement content strategies can expect to gain leads in the following ways:

Expertise:  Potential clients expect real estate agents to know a lot about a breadth of subjects pertaining to the industry.  Therefore, agents who can show that they know a great deal about such subjects are able to establish expertise, which results in increased influence.  And, once a real estate agent has built up a reputation an expert, more people will be inclined to seek out that agent when searching for a home.  With enough expertise, an agent may even be invited to speak on radio shows and at seminars, which again can help build the agent’s number of referrals.

SEO: A solid content strategy is great for SEO purposes.  On an average Google search, eighteen percent of clicks go to the number one ranked article, while only 1% go to the number ten ranked article.  This shows the power of having a high-ranking webpage on Google.  In order to increase visibility in search, realtors can write articles that emphasize popular keyword searches.  Content marketers can find out what keywords are popular using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool, and can tailor their content to such searches.  For example, if the search term “Orlando real estate” is extremely popular, it may be hard to achieve a top ranking.  But, a term such as “Orlando real estate marketing” may be less popular, and may be a better keyword topic if you’re trying to improve your rankings.  A full overview of SEO rankings is available here.

Repeated Exposure:  Maintaining an active content strategy provides repeated exposure for the real estate agent.  It allows the real estate agent to promote his or her services without seeming pompous.  Maintaining a flow of interesting content leaves lasting associations in potential clients’ minds. Continuous updates are a great way to stay visible, allowing the agent to remain on a potential client’s radar long after the initial interaction.

Email Lists, Twitter and Facebook:  An effective content strategy can help build the agent build her fan base.  This can lead to more opportunities to reach out to potential customers through email marketing, Twitter and Facebook.

Most real estate business comes from the agent’s ability to get into, and remain in, potential customers’ minds.  The more ways the agent can do this, the more potential for home buying and selling opportunities.  This, paired with perceived expertise, results not only in more clients, but also in quality clients.

The team at our Florida advertising agency believes an effective content strategy can make real estate a real win, so contact us to see how we can help!

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With the rapid evolution of technology, jobs that used to require good old-fashioned human attention are now automatic, creating efficiency through high-tech, advanced computer programs. Conspiracy theorists speak of the “rise of the robots,” like something out of the 1990s trilogy The Matrix.
Today, searching for a new home can be as simple as a Google search.  Key in a few target words, and you can find side-by-side listings, complete with features and price assessments. As such, many people may be left wondering: What is the value of a real estate agent?  If sellers can easily put their homes on the market with a few clicks of a button, and buyers can peruse listings from the comfort of their homes, then why invest the time and money to work with a middleman to help broker a deal?

Throughout the past decade, the role of a real estate agent has shifted dramatically.  Whereas once real estate agents were the primary lifeblood of the industry, with their fingers on the pulse of markets, prices and top investments, many of these traditional functions are no longer necessary due to technological advances.

Of course, it’s not that simple.  Even in a world where everything is automatic, a good real estate agent offers a goldmine of expertise.  Like with any service industry, it pays to have an expert to help.  A seasoned expert can help a purchaser navigate the difficult terrain of the home buying process, or can help a seller get the best price for his or her investment.  Part professional marketer, part community expert and part customer service representative, the real estate agent must be able to solve problems on the fly and be able to effectively communicate with clients.

Notably, many real estate agents and agencies have fallen behind in keeping up with technology.  The average age of a real estate agent is 55 years old, meaning that some more mature agents may not be keeping up with the rapid changes in the technological landscape.  Therefore, real estate agents who are able to use a variety of services have a distinct advantage over their competitors.

Rather then expressing concern about their jobs becoming obsolete, real estate agents should instead leverage new technologies for their own advantage.  For example, potential buyers who can see side-by-side listings may not understand the nuances of legal language, discrepancies in prices, or the added value of certain home features.

Real estate marketers who strive to keep up with new technologies can better communicate with potential clients.  For example, a commercial real estate agent trying to build rapport with a foreign investor may wish to communicate via Skype, as the simulation of face-to-face context offers psychological advantages in terms of positive interactions.

Data management tools for realtors can also increase efficiency.  Calendar invitations are superior organizational tools to monthly planners, as they easily facilitate email reminders, mapping features and a host of other options.

The team here at our Florida advertising agency depends on our real estate agents to advise us when making informed choices about home buying and selling.  While some agents may fear their jobs are in jeopardy, we believe that our real estate agents, guided by changes in digital technology, will always be there to offer a personal interaction to help address our real estate needs.

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