Bigeye Knows CBD Marketing

Combining in-depth consumer and market intelligence with a profound understanding of cannabidiol, our CBD marketing agency expert strategists know how to make CBD companies thrive.

cbd marketing agency, Bigeye Agency
cbd marketing agency, Bigeye Agency

cbd marketing agency, Bigeye Agency

Drive ROI with a CBD Marketing Agency that Actually Understands CBD

The CBD market is ripe with opportunity, but only the brands that build trust and strong connections with customers will survive. Bigeye’s team of audience analytics experts and cutting-edge creatives are entrenched in the CBD industry, making us fully equipped to help your brand and products stand out among the rest and navigate the industry as it evolves.


Fighting Fear and CBD Stigma

We shatter the mystery surrounding CBD so that consumers understand its many benefits. With a simple, honest, and data-driven communications strategy, we address consumer concerns on a higher level. This allows your consumers to gain a deep understanding of your products to drive conversions.


Solving Consumers’ Problems through CBD

As a CBD marketing agency, we don’t start a project until we fully immerse ourselves in your brand and its goals. Through learning the motivations of both your company and your consumers, we establish you brand as the answer ti your market’s needs and desires, allowing it to rise above the pack.


Tackling Restrictions and Roadblocks

The CBD industry is in its earliest stage of development, which means the laws around it are constantly changing. With out fingers on the pulse of these evolving restrictions, we make real-time adjustments to keep your brand ahead of the curve.


CBD Marketing Experts

We have a deep understanding of both CBD and marketing best practices. We’re able to circumvent the current digital advertising barriers facing CBD through an innovative mix of earned online interest, SEO, and tradition channels. This ensures that your messages reach your audience at the time and place they’re most receptive.

Launching a Direct to Consumer CBD Skincare Brand

Luma & Leaf is a new Direct to Consumer CBD skincare brand that leverages the best in clean, plant-powered active ingredients to provide gentle and effective solutions that restore skin to its most healthy and luminous state. To break out in the crowded skincare market, we established a fun and playful brand identity that communicates our core belief throughout all touchpoints that everyone deserves to look and feel their best.

cbd marketing agency, Bigeye Agency
cbd marketing agency, Bigeye Agency

CBD Consumers Care About Health and Wellness

Approximately 65% of consumers associate CBD products with healthcare. This is a great place to start no matter what product category you’re looking to bring your CBD offerings to. Capitalizing on the belief in CBD’s health benefits, your company can establish credibility and consumer trust.

For example, if your brand is looking to market a calming food or beverage offering, the 55% of consumers that trust in the stress-relieving properties of CBD are the best place to focus your efforts initially. Our experienced CBD marketing agency team pinpoints your market opportunities to drive reliable profits.

CBD Cosmetic Marketing

The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of organic CBD oil make it perfect for beauty products. Everything from moisturizers to anti-aging creams can be effectively supercharged using CBD. As with any industry disruptor, there’s bound to be a great deal of turbulence. Charting your course in the cosmetics space requires a team of skilled marketers.

For CBD cosmetic marketing, we strategically conduct in-depth audience analytics, unearthing the insights needed to define and grow an effective brand, from company naming to product rollout and beyond. As an award-winning, full-service agency, we have the skill, experience, and stability to bring your CBD beauty products to market with exceptional results.

In an immersion process that few agencies take the time to perform, the Bigeye team becomes intimately familiar with your core values and leverages them to define your ideal audience. From there, our creatives craft an inclusive brand that perfectly balances the needs and expectations of the target market with your values, ideals, and considerations. This proven approach ensures optimum positioning for rapid consumer connection and tremendous ROI.

We understand CBD cosmetic marketing and how to get your brand the market share it deserves. As a CBD marketing agency, it doesn’t matter if you’re an established brand or newcomer, we can provide the personalized strategy, messaging, and implementation needed to create resounding success.

cbd marketing agency, Bigeye Agency
cbd marketing agency, Bigeye Agency
cbd marketing agency, Bigeye Agency

CBD Pet Product Marketing

With “humanization” becoming a driving force in the pet industry, it comes as no surprise that CBD treats, supplements, and additives are making their way from the human market to the world of pets. Our CBD pet product advertising experts have a deep understanding of both the pet and CBD industry that enables them to develop effective branding, offerings, messaging, and position.

Key to unlocking this market segment is the understanding that both Millennials and Gen Xers view their pets as practice for having a child or even as a child substitute. Consequently, they do their research to be sure that what they are giving their animals is high-quality and completely safe. As CBD is a newer addition to the world of pet product supplements, establishing credibility and building trust is crucial for long-term success.

At Bigeye, we have expertise in every aspect of CBD marketing. Getting a foothold in this rapidly growing market can be challenging unless you have a CBD marketing agency partner that understands the constraints as well as the opportunities for achieving strong results.

Understand CBD Consumers with the National Study of CBD Use

Gain insights into how consumers use CBD and learn about the latest trends with Bigeye’s National Study of CBD Use. Power you CBD marketing with in-depth consumer research that explores the behaviors and attitudes of US CBD consumers.

cbd marketing agency, Bigeye Agency
cbd marketing agency, Bigeye Agency

Position for Success

49% of online consumers are confident in both the safety of CBD and its health benefits. Tapping into this trust, we make your brand synonymous with your product category to drive loyalty and recognition.

cbd marketing agency, Bigeye Agency

Stand Above the Pack

We distinguish your CBD offerings from the competition through impactful positioning and in-depth attention to the developing laws and regulations in this industry. We make real-time adjustments to keep your offerings ahead of the curve.

cbd marketing agency, Bigeye Agency

Optimize Your Outreach

Experienced media planners, we circumvent the current digital advertising barriers with an innovative mix of earned online interest, SEO, and traditional channels. Leveraging our expertise in both digital and traditional methods, we ensure that your messages reach your audience when and where they’re most receptive.


of US adults are very familiar with cannabidiol oil. Half of those aged 65 and older and not familiar.


of US consumers are willing to try CBD products.


of CBD product users purchase at a drugstore.

How We Create Buzz-worthy CBD Brands

Bigeye is a full-service agency delivering maximum creative with precision execution. No matter your goals, we have the right services to make your pet brand thrive.

  • Perception Studies
  • Strategy & Positioning
  • Messaging
  • Identity
  • Naming & Architecture
  • Consumer Insights
  • Packaging Design
  • Content Marketing
  • Media & Analytics

CBD Product Packaging Agency

Every product needs inviting packaging to pique consumer interest and make the company’s brand recognizable. As design experts, our creative team provides logos, packaging, and paper that truly strike a chord for both the client and consumer. But when it comes to CBD packaging, consumers are also swayed by sustainability.

Environmental consciousness is a strong driving force in most young markets. But, in a product full of natural ingredients, sustainability becomes more of a necessity than a draw. It’s also important to realize that the product will not sell itself. “If you build it, they will come” doesn’t apply in a modern world full of noise and distractions. Appealing packaging is critical for helping companies stand out.

The Bigeye team is well-versed in creating design elements that generate recognition and awareness, and that showcase an organization’s unique personality. From handcrafted illustrations to eye-catching modern design, our talented designers breathe life into every aspect of CBD product packaging to deliver artful conceptions that attract and hold consumer attention.

Bringing CBD products to market takes a great deal of attention to regulations, messaging, and presentation. Our team crafts creative packaging that meets government guidelines and resonates with the target audience on every level to maximize the impact of any piece. As a CBD product packaging agency, our team helps companies establish themselves in this growing industry. Companies that partner with Bigeye are proud to have their products judged by their packaging.

cbd marketing agency, Bigeye Agency

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