There are many compelling reasons for an organization to develop a strong brand architecture. Strong brand architecture allows for clarity and flexibility in the development of new products; generates synergy and increase cross-selling between products, strengthens brand equity and maximizes visibility.

Brand Architecture, Bigeye
Brand Architecture, Bigeye

What is Brand Architecture? Why Do I Need It?

Brand architecture is a strategic decision about the way each component of your organization relates to each other. There are three commonly used brand architectures, each serving the brands they support in different ways. Brand architecture is always driven by business strategy, and is put in place to support overarching business goals. Brands with defined architecture grow smoothy, cross-sell well, and have higher ROI on brand awareness and engagement.

Brand Architecture, Bigeye
Brand Architecture, Bigeye
Brand Architecture, Bigeye
Brand Architecture, Bigeye

Why Trust Bigeye For Your Brand Architecture?


We craft brand architecture systems that make solid business sense and connect with consumers.


Our strategy and creative teams build brand architectures together – which leads to highly strategic solutions that can grow beautifully in design stages.


We’ve walked through every imaginable brand evolution with clients. Mergers, acquisitions, startups, new products, new markets, new languages, new cultures… we’ve seen it all.

Partner With Bigeye on Your Brand Architecture and Prepare for Growth.