Impactful marketing is rooted in a deep, multi-level understanding of your target market. As an integrated marketing agency, we leverage a dynamic combination of traditional and digital placements to help you meet your business goals while driving profitable, measurable engagement.

What is Integrated Marketing? Why Do I Need It?

Your audience spends their time and money across multiple channels, mediums, and devices. To connect with them effectively, you must interact where they are already allocating their attention. Integrated marketing connects with consumers by creating a brand personality that resonates cohesively across all channels. By interacting with your target market where they already are, our team builds reliable market relationships characterized by advocacy and loyalty. Since 88% of consumers view online reviews as an integral component of their purchase process, the advocacy that stems from strong customer relationships is markedly effective in raising your coveted ROI.

Partnering with a skilled integrated marketing agency allows for more impact and personalized communications. As a full-service marketing agency, we leverage an in-depth understanding of all aspects of your target market to craft an audience integrated marketing strategy that combines the strongest elements of every platform that your consumers use with the traditional marketing that pervades their daily lives. By creating this level of connection, we drive both awareness and conversions for your brand.

Why Trust Bigeye For Your Integrated Marketing Services?


As a full-service agency, we’re experts in a wide range of channels that help drive growth.


Experts in consumer research and understanding, we connect with your audience on their level to form genuine, lasting connections.


As seasoned experts on engagement, our team evokes genuine interest and interconnection to instill consumer trust.

Creating and Launching a Revolutionary Plant-Powered Skincare Brand

Luma & Leaf is a new Direct to Consumer skincare brand that leverages the best in clean, plant-powered active ingredients to provide gentle and effective solutions that restore skin to its most healthy and luminous state. To break out in the crowded skincare market, we created an integrated marketing campaign that reached potential customers exactly where they are.

Are you Ready to Drive Loyalty and Conversions?