Video Production Company

Video Production Company

Short, simple, striking: three attributes of the work you get from a skilled video production company. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but studies show that video is worth 1.8 million of them. Leverage our video marketing services to optimize your reach.

Video can be used internally, externally, and across a wide range of platforms, to share your key messages in an engaging and memorable way. Utilizing everything from drone video to post-production editing, our marketing video production delivers polished videos that drive business-building results. Now more than ever, customers want to develop a genuine connection with a business before they’ll give it their hard-earned cash. Partner with a video production company that sets the stage for incredible growth from the very first frame.

Why Bigeye as Your Video Marketing Company?
Here Are Just a Few
of the Many Reasons.

Reasons 1

Video is about capturing interest. We leverage deep consumer understanding to ensure engagement.

Reasons 2

Giving consumers a comprehensive understanding of your brand, our team evokes incredible immersion utilizing video.

Reasons 3

Crafting captivating touchpoints, our services deliver positive perception that drives loyalty.

The Benefits of Working with a Video Marketing Agency like Bigeye.

Did you know that different video display platforms require different lengths, features, and inbound traffic plans? The key to crafting engaging video content is audience understanding. It requires knowing their expectations, writing the script accordingly,  shooting and editing wisely, and finally, posting efficiently. Our extensive expertise informs every detail of our videos to optimize your reach and maximize the piece’s effectiveness. 

As one of the best video advertising companies in the business, we’re ready for every challenge your company may be facing. From traditional to avant-garde, our creatives deliver expertly tailored content. However, our most popular video projects focus on:

  • Brand story
  • Training
  • Product launch
  • New service development
  • Facility tours
  • Behind-the-scenes
  • Rebranding
  • Milestones, anniversaries
  • Safety
  • Year end, financial results
  • Client testimonials
  • Internal television, intranet

Leverage the Power of Preparation.

No successful movie studio would ever begin production on a film without a solid script and storyboard. While your project probably won’t have the scope of a Hollywood blockbuster, you should follow the same process. Our scripting and storyboarding services provide the structure that every director, illustrator, and camera crew member needs to deliver exactly what your company is looking for. Our team defines every aspect of your video before recording begins so that production can progress efficiently. We streamline the process to save you money and time while ensuring the best possible video quality.

Create Engaging and Informative Pieces with Skilled Video Production Services.

As business in every industry gets more competitive, it’s harder to distinguish your company from the others. Video is an effective way to go beyond static marketing methods and help prospects truly understand and remember your company and its offerings. Our team delivers engaging and shareable content that gets your company the attention it deserves.

We leverage a multitude of cutting-edge tools to drive ROI, including:

  • HD drone footage
  • Virtual & augmented reality 
  • Motion graphics
  • Live streaming
  • Post-production editing & effects
  • Advanced targeting & retargeting

Step up your engagement on all fronts with an experienced video production company.

With More Than a Decade of Experience, Our Video Experts Get Your Brand Message Seen by Your Target Audience.

As a video production company, our team is a skilled group of creative thinkers who push the envelope on design as well as results. More than 100 million internet users watch online videos every day. That’s a huge potential market. We help you reach your business objectives by tapping into this opportunity with proven precision.

If you’re ready to drive impressive ROI, reach out to our team today.

Let’s Give Your Business
a Competitive Edge.