Seeking an experienced designer with three to five years of agency experience. This position is part of our Creative Department and reports directly to the agency’s VP of Creative.  

This is an Orlando, Florida-based position. Work will be completed in our office, not remotely.

Three areas of expertise will be reviewed most prominently for this position: brand identity creation, page layout organization, and typography prowess. Candidates must show a high level of competency in all three in order to be considered. Details matter.


  • A mastery of copy formatting—the ability to absorb, dissect, and organize copy, then format it for clarity and emphasis within a creative page layout.

  • The ability to create cohesive and expansive brand identity systems—primary and secondary logos, iconography, typography, pattern, color, layout, styling, and more.

  • Designing pitch decks, brand guides, and large-scale campaign concepts. 

  • Face-to-face client interaction is sometimes required, as well as the ability to lead and co-lead discovery sessions and pitches. 

  • Visually and verbally articulate concepts and ideas to the agency’s Creative Director. 

  • Communicating effectively and clearly with our internal team, as well as clients.


  • Must be a team player, working well across the agency with teammates in all departments. Willing to take feedback and flexible to make changes. 

  • Possesses strong attention to detail and time management skills, and an ability to balance the priorities and needs of multiple time-sensitive projects.

  • All Creative team members are expected to be aware of trends and stay up to date in the design world. Additionally, each individual is expected and encouraged to possess and communicate their unique voice and perspective.
  • Fluency in Adobe Creative Suite (specifically Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign).

  • Note: All positions at Bigeye operate in a Mac environment. Only applicants that can provide a portfolio or body of work along with their resume and cover letter will be considered.

Show us what you're made of.