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Bigeye’s financial services marketing experts understand how to craft financial institution positioning to effectively create a personal connection without compromising the integrity and sophistication of the financial institution. We’ve successfully collaborated with banks on these kinds of projects for decades.

financial services marketing, Bigeye Agency
financial services marketing, Bigeye Agency

financial services marketing, Bigeye Agency

Financial Services Marketing Agency that Builds Customer Loyalty

People want a bank they can trust. Digital marketing for financial services relies on a thorough understanding of your target audiences and their expectations, so you build a brand that establishes long-lasting relationships with each customer. As a bank marketing agency with extensive expertise in this space, we’ve perfected our approach to defining and promoting financial brands that inspire loyalty and confidence.



Reliability has to be demonstrated over time. Our team ensures consistency and quality by defining your brand clearly and delivering on every promise. Showing your target market that they can expect results when working with you, we establish your institution as dependable.



Our team understands the delicate balance of professionalism and warmth that attracts financial consumers. To build a brand that embodies these attributes, we leverage an innovative, multi-channel mix that reaches the right people, in the right place, at the right time.



Crafting your brand with the distinct needs of the financial market in mind, we drive consumer trust through the development of a tailored persona that resonates to build confidence in your offerings and establish strong consumer relationships.



To drive customer retention and continued growth, we help you optimize your consumer touchpoints. This helps produce a positive perception and encourage advocacy.

Creating a Playful, Informative Brand Campaign for Florida Credit Union

How do you humanize a misunderstood credit union? We created a playful campaign, streamlined corporate brand standards, and a smart media strategy to transform Florida Credit Union. The Bigeye team developed creative campaigns for the credit union’s financial services advertising initiatives with messaging that sought to educate while providing clarity about the organization’s function and services.

financial services marketing, Bigeye Agency
financial services marketing, Bigeye Agency

Understand How Financial Customers Choose Banks

Your consumers aren’t financial experts. There are concepts within the financial industry that they aren’t aware of or simply don’t understand. This audience is looking for answers, and they want them to be convenient. With the increasing prevalence of technological tools for banking, younger generations are looking for mobile banking solutions that will help bridge the gap between the knowledge they’re lacking and their financial growth. Millennials are 31% more likely than the previous generation to want chatbot advice on their mobile accounts. They’re also 27% more likely to be looking for additional resources such as educational videos.

As a financial services marketing agency, we blend your in-depth understanding of finance and our communications expertise to provide your consumers with the answers and support they’re looking for. They want to have a “financial advisor” with them on the go. Our team of skilled app developers enable access to your digital resources with intuitive user design and powerful capabilities, driving ROI and new business. Let us help you leverage innovative FinTech to gain your audience’s attention and their business.

Credit Union Marketing

The credit union marketing model is both non-profit and member-owned. Consequently, as you know, teamwork and camaraderie are key differentiators. We develop your communications with this in mind to strike the perfect balance of personable and credible. Helping your brand find a voice that inspires loyalty, we craft your collateral, placements, and overall branding to resonate with your consumers. The key to credit union marketing is content tailored to your audience.

We build a strong and loyal consumer base by leveraging your strengths within your community. As credit unions have a specific range of customers and services, we create extremely specialized branding to pinpoint the values, services, and approaches that will deliver the highest ROI within your target market. While there is strength in the smaller, collaborative model of a credit union, there are many approaches that big banks are embracing that could strengthen your brand tenfold.

By offering mobile and online banking, you appeal to the younger generation. That isn’t to say that in-branch visits are less important than they used to be. In fact, they’re more important than ever. With the growing power of e-commerce, when people physically walk through your doors it’s critical that you make it worth their time.

Crafting effective brands for credit unions begins with a deep understanding of consumer expectations and preferences and ends with increased loyalty and ROI. As a financial services marketing agency we help you achieve that through compelling creative, well-researched strategy, and deep consumer analysis. Credit unions have a unique positioning that lends itself to engaging financial communications, so let’s get started.

financial services marketing, Bigeye Agency
financial services marketing, Bigeye Agency
financial services marketing, Bigeye Agency

FinTech Marketing

This rapidly evolving industry calls for an innovative marketing and advertising approach. Disruption in any industry is all about changing the way people perceive it. But the finance industry is centered on trust. To make a true impact, it takes time, strategy, and education.

The first step in any effective FinTech marketing strategy is not to create a sales-based campaign, but to produce wide awareness. Leveraging a true understanding of your consumers, we craft communications that are audience-focused and creative-driven. Building connections with your audience and introducing them to your core strengths, our team helps you generate more qualified leads. From there, we elevate your brand to increase both interest and sales to deliver an impressive ROI. The key here is time. People take time to trust, especially with their hard-earned money. We start moving you in the right direction today with an eye toward steady, continual growth for your business.

This is only one of our integrated strategies. With FinTech marketing consider the whole picture to achieve long-term stability and success. When it comes to fintech, the new flashy ad campaigns have only short-term results. Very quickly they fizzle out. We build up your credibility, product line, and brand to be a name that people recognize and believe in.

financial services marketing, Bigeye Agency

Engage Your Consumers

We weave engaging branding into your unique banking offers to drive interest, recognition, and trust.

financial services marketing, Bigeye Agency

Strategically Resonate

Our bespoke marketing solutions help you connect with your audience when and where they’re ready to listen and increase interest in your loan and credit offers.

financial services marketing, Bigeye Agency

Audience Understanding

Our team drives customer engagement and growth by aligning with your audience’s needs, questions, and goals.


of Millennials don’t trust banks — they want to see company values in action, not just hear about them.


of banks are present across social media — visual content is more likely to be shared on social media.


of consumer say they prefer financial advertisements that feel like a story.

How We Advance Customer-First Financial Institutions and Brands

Bigeye is a full-service agency delivering maximum creative with precision execution. No matter your goals, we have the right services to help you provide financial services to your community.

  • Campaign Creation & Development
  • Copywriting
    Strategy & Positioning
    Media Planning & Buying
  • Environments
  • Content Marketing
  • Market Intelligence
  • Digital Targeting Services
  • Video & Photography


Consumers today demand a lot from their banks, and as time passes, those expectations will only grow. We help you stay on top of trends, cutting-edge technologies, and the latest offerings of your competitors and then collaborate with you to combine strong branding and enticing messaging in a way that connects with consumers and builds lasting relationships.

Perhaps more so than in any other market, consumer confidence is crucial in financial services marketing. The communications we work with you to develop build credibility and trust that puts your consumers at ease.

As technology evolves, being up-to-date becomes increasingly important. Traditional bank marketing works, but only when used correctly and in tandem with digital channels. Especially for fields where trust is critical, like banking, seeing real-world extensions of your brand strengthens awareness and belief in your offerings.

Connecting with your consumers correctly is only half the battle, so we create a brand that consumers will engage with and advocate for. We work with you on everything from company naming to paid social media campaigns, reaching your consumers effectively and increasing your ROI.

As financial technology replaces personal interactions, we infuse your messaging with human personality to build connections. Consumers like the convenience of mobile banking, but when they’re having issues or looking to plan for their financial future, it’s a person that they want to talk to. As a financial services marketing agency, we build your brand and help you define the perfect balance of traditional and digital advertising as well as in-person and technology-driven transactions.

financial services marketing, Bigeye Agency

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financial services marketing, Bigeye Agency