Content Strategy Tips for Real Estate Agents You Need To Know

You’ve read our previous post about the importance of content strategy for real estate agents, and you’ve decided it’s time to get started in growing your business through content marketing.  But, this beckons another important question:  What types of content should you provide?
In tackling this question, it is important to look to matters of time and budget.  A real estate agent’s time can be limited, and realtors often find themselves trying to squeeze out a few minutes between back-to-back client meetings and an afternoon open house.  Luckily, for time-crunched real estate professionals, there are a variety of services to help increase efficiency.  For instance, agents can virtual assistant via Task Rabbit can help manage social media accounts, while a freelancer via eLance can assist with generating content for your blog.  Agents looking to develop a top-tier content strategy can contact our Florida advertising agency to learn more about the best methods to grow their business by optimizing return on investment.

Content strategy should be budgeted as part of overall marketing costs.  If hundreds of postcards and expensive stationery aren’t generating results, consider investing those costs instead into digital strategy.  Certain blogging networks like WordPress allow users to build for free, and allow them to host blogs on their own domains, which individuals can acquire for just a few dollars a month.

Here are some content opportunities to consider while developing content strategy.

Blog Networks:  Blogging networks are great starting points for real estate agents interested in building their practices.  Realtors can offer expertise about the state of the local market and other topics of interest to potential buyers and sellers.

Facebook:  For some real estate agents, it may help to have both a personal page and a business page.  On the business page, realtors can showcase new listings, offer caption contests with small prizes as rewards, and post trivia about local neighborhoods.  Agents can also use Facebook to link to blogs posts, exposing these posts to a broader audience.

Twitter: Twitter is a quick and easy way to send a message, and the 140-character limit ensure short, concise updates.  Try using Twitter to link to your blog and to link to new listings.

Quora:  Quora is a great tool for industry experts.  The allows individuals to anonymously ask questions about topics of interest to them, and allows others to answer.  Each time an individual answers a question, the site lists the answerer’s credentials, plus links to any website or other information that professional provides.  This is a great resource for real estate agents, as some of the questions are specific to localities (check out this listing of nice neighborhoods around Orlando, and think about how a real estate agent might be able to provide expert advice).

LinkedIn:  LinkedIn is the number one site for business networking.  Again, it’s a place where real estate agents can share links to their blogs and other content.  However, LinkedIn also makes the referral process much easier.  If a second-degree connection is looking for a home, and a first-degree connection sees it, then that person can easily refer the potential client to you through a LinkedIn introduction.

YouTube:  More commonly known for dancing hamster videos, YouTube is actually a great resource for DIY instructional films and informative videos.  A real estate agent can create web videos cheaply and quickly to answer questions common to their field.

If done correctly, content marketing can help real estate agents build stronger, more fulfilling practices.  For more information about how our Orlando marketing agency can help you develop and implement your content strategy for optimal results, contact us for a consultation.

Why Real Estate Agents Should Focus on Content Strategy

A good real estate agent is a master of self-promotion.  Unfortunately, navigating the difficult terrain between effective promotion and pompousness can be challenging.  The best realtors act as salespeople without coming across too strong.

In a digital era where people rely on Google, Facebook and Twitter to transmit information, one of the most effective ways to do this is to develop a content strategy to increase exposure, which helps an agent to create and maintain a pipeline of clients.  Real estate agents who implement content strategies can expect to gain leads in the following ways:

Expertise:  Potential clients expect real estate agents to know a lot about a breadth of subjects pertaining to the industry.  Therefore, agents who can show that they know a great deal about such subjects are able to establish expertise, which results in increased influence.  And, once a real estate agent has built up a reputation an expert, more people will be inclined to seek out that agent when searching for a home.  With enough expertise, an agent may even be invited to speak on radio shows and at seminars, which again can help build the agent’s number of referrals.

SEO: A solid content strategy is great for SEO purposes.  On an average Google search, eighteen percent of clicks go to the number one ranked article, while only 1% go to the number ten ranked article.  This shows the power of having a high-ranking webpage on Google.  In order to increase visibility in search, realtors can write articles that emphasize popular keyword searches.  Content marketers can find out what keywords are popular using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool, and can tailor their content to such searches.  For example, if the search term “Orlando real estate” is extremely popular, it may be hard to achieve a top ranking.  But, a term such as “Orlando real estate marketing” may be less popular, and may be a better keyword topic if you’re trying to improve your rankings.  A full overview of SEO rankings is available here.

Repeated Exposure:  Maintaining an active content strategy provides repeated exposure for the real estate agent.  It allows the real estate agent to promote his or her services without seeming pompous.  Maintaining a flow of interesting content leaves lasting associations in potential clients’ minds. Continuous updates are a great way to stay visible, allowing the agent to remain on a potential client’s radar long after the initial interaction.

Email Lists, Twitter and Facebook:  An effective content strategy can help build the agent build her fan base.  This can lead to more opportunities to reach out to potential customers through email marketing, Twitter and Facebook.

Most real estate business comes from the agent’s ability to get into, and remain in, potential customers’ minds.  The more ways the agent can do this, the more potential for home buying and selling opportunities.  This, paired with perceived expertise, results not only in more clients, but also in quality clients.

The team at our Florida advertising agency believes an effective content strategy can make real estate a real win, so contact us to see how we can help!

Create a Winning Content Marketing Game Plan With This Guide

It’s baseball season, and your whole family is excited to eat some peanuts and Crackerjacks while watching your home team hit home runs into the grandstand on a warm spring day.

Except, there’s a problem.  Your team is on a horrible losing streak, with no end in sight.  After a few games of watching loss after loss, the outing to the ball game seems like less of a big event, and like more of a chore.  Your children would rather stay in and play video games, and America’s pastime is starting to feel like your own waste of time.

Unfortunately, these are true realities for sports teams, burdened with the task of continuing to make money even when their teams are not winning games.  So how does the sports marker get you, the unhappy baseball fan, to continue coming to games, whereby you’ll presumably order overpriced nachos and Budweiser on draft, thereby continuing to spend even more of your hard-earned money on a losing team?

For sports marketers who are struggling with attendance, the experts at our Orlando advertising agency have come up with a few ideas to help your business thrive… even when your team isn’t.

Partner with Charities:  If you’re having trouble selling tickets, try partnering with charitable organizations to help get people in the seats.  The benefits are two-fold: first, partnering with charities is a great way to show your team’s commitment to your fans, and to your community.  Secondly, the tickets winners, who might not have attended the games otherwise, will be likely to share their fun experiences with their friends on social media.

Evaluate Your Brand’s Message: Is it about winning?  Or, is it more about having a good time, and getting a chance to bond with family?  Focusing on the feel good aspects of seeing a live sporting event is a great way to entice people to go out for some sunshine at the big game.

Run a Big Campaign:  Offering chances for spectators to win prizes is a great way to allow them to engage with your team’s brand.  The fun experience of having the chance to meet the players offers a lifetime of great memories, and people will line up to buy tickets for the chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity (or, even just a free calendar or other promotional freebie).

Partner with Deals Sites: If you’re having trouble filling seats at full cost, then consider selling them at discount prices.  Consider big daily deals sites like Groupon, but also consider local outlets that also offer deals, such as locally-focused blogs and newspapers.

Talk About the Other Team: If your team isn’t winning, then talk about the team that is.  Is your team about to face off against the series leader?  Build some suspense by advertising both teams.  That way, you can attract transplants who aren’t rooting for your local team, plus people who just want to see a good game.

Even if your team isn’t winning any awards, your marketing efforts still can. [quote] It’s important for sports marketers to think creatively, and to capitalize on all sorts of opportunities that work to bring in players. [/quote]

If you’re looking for more ideas to help ramp up sports marketing efforts for your team, contact our Florida advertising agency… we’re ready to help you hit a grand slam!

Video Production 101: What You Need To Know Before Doing Video

For a company taking its first shot at creating video content, it can be overwhelming to walk into a meeting room for the first time to create a digital video strategy.  Often, new content creators are unfamiliar with the actual costs and types of teams needed to help successfully create and distribute digital video content.
It’s important to remember that your team is not alone in wanting to create content; you are competing with thousands of other brands and individuals who are each vying for a piece of your audience’s time.  This audience attention is a limited resource… until there are magically more hours in the day, the amount of time people have to consume content is not going to change anytime soon.

Below are a few tips from our Orlando video production agency to help ease you through the process of creating your first branded video for optimum resource allocation and sharability.

Have a Good Idea:  This seems like a no-brainer, but you might be surprised at the number of people who want to create content just for the sake of creating content.  It is essential to remember that bad content reflects poorly on your brand, and is unlikely to be shared organically.  Brainstorm an idea that’s on-brand, and targets your audience.  (If you don’t have a good idea, fear not!  Our Florida marketing agency is brimming with agency experts who have the knowledge and understanding to help you create a digital video concept that captures your brand.

Assign a Project Manager/ Producer:  This is a crucial step in creating a successful video.  The project manager should be the person in control of the actual production process.  This person should have the responsibility of overseeing the budget, and may assign people to schedule shoots and secure essential film equipment.  This person may also step in as a producer, who can give feedback to the production team.  The project manager will ultimately also be responsible for formulating a distribution strategy.


For more ideas about how to amplify the reach of your digital video content, contact the team at our Florida advertising agency to talk about making the most out of your project, no matter what your budget.


Create a Budget:  In my experience, a company can create a piece of digital content at almost any budget.  I’ve seen successful videos shot at production values of less than $200, and I’ve seen hundreds of thousands of dollars thrown away on campaigns that didn’t quite hit the mark.  More money can buy you better tools, but they can’t make a bad idea good.  In fact, some studies suggest that production values have absolutely no bearing on a viewer’s perception of a digital video.  I recommend that a brand settle on a budget after coming up with the idea, as it will help to determine what’s realistically feasible.  If your concept involves flying in an elephant from Nigeria, but you’re working with a small budget, it’s worth it to see if the same effect can be achieved using a green screen or editing device.

Formulate a Distribution Strategy:  Will your strategy involve sponsored placements on sites like Twitter and Facebook?  Or are you depending on shares alone, targeting influencers and popular bloggers within your network?  No matter what your strategy, the most important part is to have a strategy in place for when you’re ready to put your video out into the world.


Content is King at Our Florida Advertising Agency

Earlier this year, I wrote a post about the impact of content marketing in 2013.  Since that time, more than a few people have wanted to know more about what I meant… what is content marketing?  How can I use it to help grow my business?  Is it expensive?  So, I thought it would be a good idea to address these questions in a follow-up post discussing what content marketing means to me.
Every day, thousands of blog posts are written, thousands of hours of content is being uploaded to YouTube, and millions of people are posting and sharing on social networks.  Yes, it can be hard to sift through everything.  The idea behind content marketing is that your customers won’t NEED to.

If your customers trust you to provide leading, cutting-edge reports on trends, ideas and innovations within your industry, then why would they need to look elsewhere for the same content?  If you can make this information accessible, fun and engaging, then this virtually eliminates the need to look to sources such as trade magazines, big media companies and RSS feeds to find the information that’s relevant to their area of interest.

Content marketing is why Pepsi can offer an interactive home page that streams Tweets, video and content from a number of sources.  There is seemingly no connection between Pepsi and the music industry, but Pepsi has honed in on the types of people it hopes to attract, and can thereby zero in on their interests.  In a sense, it’s no longer about the drink (that’s always the bottom line), but it’s about the entertainment value and perceived relationship between the music fans and their soft drink choices.  People can go to Pepsi Pulse to learn more about their favorite artists, watch video coverage of new and interesting things in entertainment, and potentially even see their own Tweets broadcast on the Pepsi home page.

Companies that embrace that their brands aren’t just about the products that they sell will have much more success further down the line.  The association may only be psychological, but with all other things equal, pop culture music fans regularly exposed to the Pepsi brand are more likely to choose Pepsi amongst competitors.

Your content strategy doesn’t need to be limited to the product you sell.  Writing, blogging and reporting about things that may be of interest to your followers is a great way to build relationships – you may run a small furniture store, but your funny cat meme you post early on a Monday morning will help bring smiles to the faces of your fans.


Engaging with your followers on a personal level is extremely important. To learn more about our expertise in brand engagement, give us a ring at 407.839.8599.


One important thing to remember is that the content you’re pushing out should be high quality.  If you own a small fashion retailer, writing uninformed, keyword-oriented posts about subjects you know little about will come across as fluff, and may even dilute your brand.

Think you don’t have the finances to run an effective content strategy?  Try hiring an agency like ours on an ongoing basis, and see if you don’t see notable returns after three months, which is the about the amount of time most companies report seeing increases in business upon implementing SEO strategies.  The team at our Orlando advertising agency bets that you’ll see a significant bang for your buck in terms of more, higher-quality clients and sales.

Social media’s newest “it girl”: Welcome the new app Vine

Social media is constantly evolving, which means there will always be a new platform that is bigger and better than the existing ones. The newest platform to hit the web is Vine, a Twitter creation. It is an app that allows you to create six-second videos and share them on an Instagram-like newsfeed, Twitter and Facebook. Those six-seconds don’t have to be consecutive. You can start and stop recording by tapping on the screen until your time is up. It is currently only available on an iPhone or an iTouch.
Chris Taylor from Mashable wrote, “It’s the kind of moment that comes rarely, but tech journalists live for it; a service is launched with little fanfare and receives a sudden, energetic burst of genuine buzz.”

It hasn’t been all champagne and roses. The first glitch happened a few days after it’s launch in the appearance of pornography videos. Twitter said in a statement to ABC News, “Users can report videos as inappropriate within the product if they believe the content to be sensitive or inappropriate (e.g. nudity, violence, or medical procedures).” All videos that meet those descriptions will be immediately deleted.

Although there have been early hiccups, our Florida advertising agency believes Vine has a bright future. It has a big advantage as being the brainchild of a major social service, Twitter. Have you started using Vine already, or need some expert advice on where to begin? Contact our team today to schedule a consultation!