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We may think SEO, retargeting, and CRM programs are a day in the park (pun intended), there is one tool that rules them all in the realm of fun: video production services. Because you’re selling an emotional experience, few tools can capture the unique customer experience of your product like a video production company. Our experts reveal their favorite way to bring theme park advertising to life through video.

1. A video production company will nail experiential marketing: It’s hard to describe the feeling of g-force making your eyes water as you fly down the first drop of a new rollercoaster. And it’s hard to describe that signature shade of cotton-candy pink that lets you know you’ve found your favorite concession stand. And it’s hard to describe the anticipation associated with the sound of pressurized hydraulic mist before lazy river riders get drenched. Web video production can. Video production is the heart and soul of experiential marketing in the digital age. Enough said.  

2. Transform user generated content into marketing collateral: No one can capture the amazing memories of a day at a theme park quite like your visitors. Using a video production company to polish and repurpose user generated content or to capture its essence and transform it into marketing content is the best way to let potential visitors in on all the inside jokes, sweet treats, thrills and spills waiting for them just inside your gate. Video contests, social media campaigns, and YouTube are only the beginning of the video production services you can use to showcase your best visitors and THEIR best moments. We love it when our customers do our work for us and you should too.

3. Unleash your newest rides: One of the things that keeps people coming back to theme parks again and again is new attractions. A good film production company can build anticipation, generate buzz, and cultivate an air of excitement around new features and rides. A video production company makes it easy to show off elements of a new feature without giving the entire experience away, building just the right amount of desire.

4. Tell your story: Web video production is one of the best, quickest, and most effective ways to tell your brand story. When people think of the Disney brand, their parks – and the vision of families interacting on site – are some of the most iconic images in the industry. When you use video to tell a brand story the way Disney does, your customers’ experiences aren’t just about a day in a theme park, they are about an entire narrative or lifestyle that will keep them coming back or sharing their experiences with others.

5. Good video is a four-year investment: One of the most common things our clients tell us is that they are worried about hiring a video production company because it will be too expensive and their assets will need refreshed too often. We are here to debunk that myth. Good b-roll footage of your park, brand assets, and story narrative can last anywhere between three and four years. It’s important to set expectations with your videography company upfront, so they can work both within your budget and time horizon to create the content you need.

6. Shh … it’s okay to use stock footage: A good film production company will help you understand where you can use stock footage and where it’s important to have brand-specific video clips. Blending both can help augment your existing photo and text base, and compliment your campaigns. Don’t worry, it isn’t cheating and almost everyone does it. The trick is doing it the right way. Your agency will help you blend stock and original footage so your results are always original, tasteful, and on message. And most importantly, within copyright guidelines.

7. Video is an SEO goldmine: Like images, video can play a huge role is boosting your SEO ranking. Work with your web video production company to properly tag, target, and post videos to maximize both exposure and SEO. Good video is not only shareable, but highly indexed by search engines. Because video also happens to be some of the most engaging content available, you win in more ways than one.

8. You can’t win in multi-channel marketing without video: Customers are learning about your brand on multiple devices, at multiple times, and sharing their attention with multiple assets. Video is a miraculous medium that can cross these channels and devices seamlessly and encourage prospective visitors to head closer to your point of sale. Work with your video production company to determine how video can drive sales and encourage guests to reach your website through a specific call to action or jump trigger.  

9. Side-by-side comparisons: One of the most fun ways to use video to promote your theme park is through side-by-side comparisons. Whether you want to show off your fun factor, appeal to adrenaline junkies, or bring families together, a dramatized comparison of your park to a regular day, or a head-to-head view of your competition should easily do the trick.

10. It’s a lot easier than you think: Last, but not least, using web production services is a lot easier than you think. No matter how new you are to the medium or what your budget is, your agency can work with you to tailor video assets to your exact needs. Click here to explore some of the videos we’ve work on for our clients. We recommend new video users try a hybrid of agency crafted material and hand-held DIY content to get started and grow together.

Video is fun and effective. It’s highly engaging. And one of the most consistently growing digital trends of 2017. The best part is that your customers are already digesting videos regularly, so you can easily capture their attention without working too hard. And if there’s one thing we wish for 2017 — it’s that we can help you work smarter, rather than harder.

Creative & Production Marketing/Business

2017 is here, and you’re probably wondering how you can make this year even better than the last. A new year is a time to energize your marketing goals and blow the competition out of the water. And whether you’re hoping to kick off a new look or a new campaign, partnering with a creative agency can add a little sparkle to your current plans. We just counted down to the new year, and now we’re counting off the top five ways a creative agency can deliver a little “wow” to your marketing plans … so pull those party hats back out and get ready to celebrate what’s to come.


Start the new year by looking back. We know that might sound counter intuitive, but sometimes the best way to break out of a rut or inspire new ideas is to bring in a fresh set of eyes to assess what you’ve already done. Your creative agency will be able to make recommendations about why certain elements of your content marketing and advertising strategy worked and where your team could use some support. Let your creative agency bring a fresh, bird’s-eye view to help you spot amazing opportunities that might have gotten overlooked when the team was knee-deep in the day-to-day.


Why work harder in 2017 when you could work smarter? Since 2016 was such an amazing year, you deserve a little break. Let your creative agency shoulder some of the production and creation so you can focus on big-picture strategy and achieving bigger goals. Delegating creative services to a dedicated, highly skilled agency team can save your in-house employees time, resources, and money wading through tasks just outside their expertise. You’ll receive better creative results and enjoy happier, more productive staff. That’s what we call a win-win.


No one loves chasing a good trend more than creative marketers. If your marketing materials feel a little stale or you’ve been recycling creative content for the last two years, it’s time to get in on 2017’s marketing trends before your competition does. A good creative agency will be able to tell you what trends are emerging in your market and how to take advantage of them in a way that will reach your target audience, cross platforms, and inspire action.


This year, your marketing mantra should not be “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” We know that when something goes well, it’s tempting to try to duplicate those circumstances again and again and again. As marketers, it’s easy to become risk adverse because there is so much pressure to perform. Let a creative agency help you take calculated risks that will stretch your team’s creativity and potential without jeopardizing your business. Because agencies are trained to balance creativity with results, you can rest assured that taking the risk will be worth it.


Have you taken a look at what your agency is doing for their other clients lately? Have you read their case studies? Or asked them what they’re passionate about? Go ahead, do a little Facebook stalking and peek into their portfolios. Chances are, you’ll be inspired. Creative marketing agencies are becoming more holistic, more creative, and more calculated than ever before. Share their work with your team to inspire design thinking and new ideas and then get ready to collaborate. Your agency isn’t just here to work for you – they are here to work with you and make your team work their best.

No matter which reason you choose, working with a creative agency in 2017 is one resolution we hope you keep. Get in touch or check out our portfolio for some inspiration today.

Content Marketing Creative & Production

To freelance or not to freelance? To hire an agency or go it alone? Those are the questions. Depending on who you speak to, you’ll probably bump into a wide variety of (sometimes polarized) opinions about the benefits of each option. The reality is that, whether you choose a content marketing agency or hire a freelancer, the “right” answer lies within your unique needs. Here are a few pros and cons of each.

Building your content marketing with a freelancer:

If your content marketing strategy is fairly straightforward and your team has the time and expertise to guide your freelancer’s work, hiring a writer can be a powerful tool when you need to ramp content up quickly (or down without cutting staff). Hiring a freelancer gives you flexibility, and usually provides a good bang for your buck because you can generate large quantities of high-quality content quickly and affordably.


  • Speed to market
  • Scalable
  • Use for seasonal needs

However, freelancers generally require a little extra “hand holding” because they may not be engrained in your company culture or have full access to your vision and strategy. Your team will need to field questions about tone, topics, keyword strategy, and content roadmap to ensure you get the best results.

Get the most out of your freelancer by treating them like an employee rather than a third party. Don’t skimp on sharing creative briefs, ideas, and feedback. If you’re worried about privacy or exposing sensitive and strategic information, you can always ask your writer to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Content marketing made easy with an agency:

Agencies really shine if your content marketing plan hasn’t been fully fleshed out or you have a smaller staff that may not have time to manage your freelancer’s writing process. If you aren’t sure what content you need, or how to maximize your reach and impact through content, an agency will provide critical insight to make sure the work you have planned will be beneficial and impactful.

Sometimes, agencies offer a la carte services (like freelance writing) so you can enjoy the scalability of a freelancer, with a little extra support from content marketing pros in the background. Talk to your agency about your unique needs to determine how they can best support you and work within your budget.


You’ll get the best results from a content marketing agency if you plan to build a partnership with them. Think of your agency as a secret weapon, a hidden CMO, the wizard behind the curtain. The sky is the limit when you work with a good content marketing agency that understands your short and long-term goals, knows the market, and can make thoughtful recommendations about placement, supplementary advertising material, and unique ways to distribute your content.

With a content marketing agency, you get so much more than … well … content. You also get the manpower and expertise to really do something with it. The bottom line? Freelance writing offers a quick, straightforward solution to generate content … but an agency can start a marketing revolution.

The great news is that you don’t need to choose one or the other. Many of our clients start their content marketing with us and use freelance writers to maintain the work we do together when their team is stretched thin or they want to begin a new project and need an extra boost of manpower. Naturally, we are there every step of the way to support so there really is no wrong answer. Contact us to get started!

Copywriting Creative & Production

Did you know that copywriting services can increase your team’s productivity and boost your speed to market? We’re always surprised when our clients tell us they never considered hiring copywriting services because they are a fantastic way to maintain and accelerate work with your creative agency partner.

In another blog post, we discuss the pros and cons of hiring an agency versus a freelance writer to tackle your content marketing needs. Most people opt to begin their content marketing journey with an agency and then use freelance writing services as a form of content maintenance strategy to keep their work on track.

Whether your creative agency orchestrates your copywriting services, or you hire a freelance writer directly, you’ll enjoy these three great benefits of outsourcing your copywriting needs.


We know you’re going to leave your 2017 brainstorming sessions with tons of great ideas. And we know that translating those amazing ideas into reality can sometimes take a little extra effort or get lost in the shuffle, especially at the beginning of the year when Q1 goals are full speed ahead. Using copywriting services can help get a project into market that might otherwise get stuck in the brainstorming or “blue sky” phase. One of the biggest challenges employees face when executing new ideas is simply a lack of time … and content marketing – when done right (or we should say write) – can be time consuming. Empower your employees to make their most innovative ideas a reality by partnering with a copywriting services team. This year, your brainstorming sessions can be more than just wishful thinking.


There are many reasons you might choose to scale back your budget. Some, we know, are more difficult than others. Whether you’re simply trying to tighten your margins or you’re downsizing during moments of seasonality, copywriting services give you the freedom to scale your staff to your exact needs. You’ll never be paying more or less than you need when you use copywriting services because most agencies and freelancers can build a “pay to play” model to support your content writing needs. You can expect great, high-quality work without compromising your budget or your staffing and HR plan.


Shh, we won’t tell anyone… but we know that sometimes you just need to hire a professional. Your team may shine at many things – but if copywriting isn’t one of them, don’t sweat it. Copywriting services can elevate the quality of your content marketing efforts without a huge increase in budget or manpower. Your staff might even be a little relieved to take those duties off their plates.

All write, that’s what we’re talking about! Those are some pretty amazing reasons to take the plunge and try copywriting services. We’re confident that you won’t be disappointed. Click here to learn about some of the ways our clients have used content writing services to accelerate their work and take their marketing plans to the next level. Contact us to get started on yours right away.

Creative & Production

Remember the post we shared about why vector graphics are the new JPEG files? We’re going to take that concept one step farther. Introducing: scalable vector graphics (SVG).
Our technical guys tell us that SVG graphics are text files with some serious code magic happening in the background. Our creative guys say they are the gold standard for vector graphics creation. Our business owners say they are so easy to use their interns are creating customer-ready content. … so what are SVG files, really?


Above and beyond anything else, SVGs are freedom from Photoshop and JPEG files. Not that there is anything wrong with them. Photoshop allows artists and creators to make some incredible artwork. But JPEG and large-scale photo files are difficult to use and implement in the digital world.

They are cumbersome, they take up data storage space, they slow your website and mobile load times, they can be difficult to share and edit on the fly.

SVG files scale, adapt, and load at the same speed your customers can switch between their favorite devices.


Your developers will seriously thank you for the switch. SVGs are primed to use with and on other technology. For example, when using a JPEG file, you have to crop and save your images to fit the exact size of each component you want that image to appear in. SVGs adapt on their own, so your developers can plug and play with assets however you or they need them. This saves time, money, editing, and frustration.

SVGs are fully compatible with responsive websites and built with forward-thinking changes to technology in mind that should serve your site for years to come. The internet is always changing, so whenever you can get ahead of the evolutionary curve, it’s good to do so. Save yourself a total overhaul later by integrating SVGs into your creative work now and letting us help.


SVG files save you time (and money) in other business areas as well. If you have a small or expanding team, you can use SVG files to train up-and-coming designers (tweaking and editing on SVGs is much easier than you think), or let your more creatively minded marketers try their hand at novice graphics design.

Not everyone is cut out to be a world class designer, but if you invest in a few foundational graphics from an expert designer (not mentioning any names, but our team at BIGEYE is pretty awesome), almost anyone can update, use, and repurpose those SVG files. SVGs can be used to make patterns, backgrounds, and print materials in addition to images and icons.

Investing in SVG files lets everyone on your team support the creative process, so your most talented and creative members can focus on generating breakthrough ideas that will break through the clutter.

We aren’t saying you’ll never use Photoshop again, but we do think SVGs can unlock your team’s potential and make life a whole lot easier. Let us help you out.

Creative & Production Voice Development

Let’s start by putting a few things in perspective. Although less than 20% of all searches are conducted using voice search, we’ve seen a 3400% increase in voice search since 2008. The dramatic increase in voice search over the last few years can be attributed to the growing capabilities and accuracy of this technology. Most voice search users, especially those searching with a digital assistant such as Siri, indicate they have only started using voice search in the last six months.
Okay, so if the only people using voice search are early adopters and super-nerds, why should your business care? The reason is: voice search is about to hit the mainstream and it is going to change everything you thought you knew about search engine marketing. We can help.

Natural language searches provide engagement cues

Unlike typical search strategy that focuses on groups of keywords (i.e., “dog stain remover carpet”), voice search hinges entirely on natural language search (i.e.,” what’s the best product to remove dog stains from my antique carpet?”). This growing shift will have SEM impacts that your business can’t afford to ignore.

Primarily, it will change keyword rankings. Because voice is still new, we don’t know exactly how search engines will begin crawling for natural language searches or segmenting voice traffic from browser traffic … but it’s safe to assume it will happen. Because natural language searches often provide more specific insight into what customers are looking for, we predict rich content will play a large role in search ranking.

Natural language searches also reveal customers’ intent and their level of engagement. Continuing with the pet stain example: a voice search for, “What’s the best product to remove dog stains?” reveals a much different intent than either, “Siri, add the best carpet pet stain remover to my shopping list” or “How can I make the best DIY pet stain remover at home?” Having additional context about why a consumer is searching for something or what they are searching for increases the likelihood that when potential customers click your link, they will actually purchase – because you are exactly what the are looking for.

Local businesses benefit most from voice search

Knowing exactly what prospects are looking for is especially beneficial to local businesses. Voice search combines intent with urgency and serves up solutions that are nearby. Whether you have a brick and mortar store or local e-commerce site, voice search could be serving you up first if your local base is in proximity to relevant search queries. That is why making sure your geo-targeting is on, local business information is up to date, and storefront is searchable is mission critical.

Local businesses also benefit from voice search because one of the most common use cases for voice search occurs while people are driving or actively in the shopping process. Voice search allows you to meet your prospective customers’ needs when they need you most by serving local content and map results first.

As the age of the digital personal assistants arrives (hello Siri, Cortana, Alexa, and more), geography and content will become two of the increasingly important drivers that enable them to do their job … which is enabling your customers to find you. Voice search may be a new technology, but once it is perfected, it will make multi-channel distribution and product discovery much more easy and impactful.

Prepping your content and creative assets to support this advent is a lot easier than you think and can build from work you’ve already done. Click here to learn more about the types of multi- channel campaigns and content strategies we’ve employed for businesses like you or contact us today to prepare for one of 2017’s biggest trends.

Creative & Production Video Production

There’s a big reason close to 80% of advertising leaders said they plan to invest more in online video advertising this year than they did last year according to Reuters Institute’s annual digital survey. Actually, there are three big reasons if you ask anyone on our team.


Okay, digital advertising – like banner ads and pay per click campaigns – isn’t “out,” but it is on the decline. Ad blocking technology is becoming more prevalent and more precise, which means the savviest (and possibly most desirable) customers are opting out of ads. Don’t fear ad blocking: it’s the future.

The good news is that over 60% of consumers in a recent Millward Brown study said they would be open to receiving ads if they could control the content or if they were receiving relevant, personal information. That’s why online video advertising is so important. Video advertising helps convey an emotional narrative that appeals to the consumer and – when done well – can feel very personal. And thanks to a wide variety of distribution channels and deep targeting capabilities, video can also be highly relevant.


Growing brands can often benefit from the “halo effect” of aligning with more established organizations. Local companies can dramatically increase their reach by sharing contacts and social clout with other local companies. Video is a gateway to establish these types of partnerships. Online video advertising is easy to create, impactful, and primed for partner collaboration. Unlike static ads or print campaigns, video– rather than tells – shows how partnerships work or where two lifestyle brands meet. And, when trying to establish partnerships, collaborating on high-impact creative assets is always better with two budgets, two teams, and two sets of resources. Our team can work with you to identify strong partner opportunities and generate engaging narratives these partners will want to take part in. If NBC Universal can create videos with Vox and BuzzFeed, you can get in on the action too.


Targeted, multi-platform distribution is powerful. We mean really powerful. For example, a television ad that has a complementary YouTube clip drives viewers across platforms and closer to your point of sale. Shareable video content increases your social reach and unlocks new audience potential. ThinkWithGoogle estimates the material impact is a 56% increase in reach just between television and online video advertising. When you add on supporting social media campaigns, email, and event marketing that opportunity goes up exponentially.

Our team specializes in prioritizing cross-platform initiatives to ensure your spend is allocated to create the most impact. Online video advertising allows you to be at the right places at the right times to support your customer journey. They are more engaging than traditional digital ads so they help you reach more people, and build smarter business connections. Most importantly, videos aren’t going anywhere. All you have to do is look at the growing popularity of Facebook’s live stream feature to realize video is all the rage. As technology development continues to shift to a mobile-first mindset, videos will only increase in importance thanks to their ability to quickly and easily convey critical information and establish real emotions between viewers and your brand.

Let’s create some videos together.

Adaptable Creative Campaign Creation & Development Creative & Production

If your business isn’t investing in vector graphics, it should be. And we’re going to tell you why. Some advertising agencies don’t want to share why vector images are so powerful because they are concerned of having less work for their creative team if businesses learn to self-serve. We know the value of any agency partnership should extend far beyond campaign churning and burning so we’re not worried about giving this information out. We’re here to talk about vector graphics.


Vector graphics are perfectly scalable, mathematically-based images and designs that create pictures and logos based on layered shapes, gradients, and patterns. Designers (or business owners), can make images that can be shrunk or enlarged for any print or digital work imaginable. The file sizes tend to be smaller and cleaner than enhanced images making sharing, editing, and updating a breeze.


You’ve probably seen vector graphics hundreds of times but didn’t realize it; They look as good as any picture or Photoshop project you can imagine. In fact, many designers work exclusively in vectors since they are much easier to edit than photographic images. This is especially true for logo and icon work. Vectors are created using tools such as Adobe Illustrator (or the free-based Vector software). Unlike photography, vector graphics allow you to create pictures that can be duplicated, recolored, and manipulated with no limitations. Check out some ways we’ve helped local businesses do just that.


This is important for several reasons. First, it creates seamless brand consistency. Need to change your logo to appear on a dark background versus a light background ? It covers that. Need to adjust the size of your logo to fit on a business card? No problem. Need a web icon that will appear across the site? It’s got you covered. Typical image edits a business needs to make on a day-to-day basis are easy to implement using vector graphics. What might take an hour or two on Photoshop usually only takes a few minutes using vectors. Because vectors are easy to edit and scale, you don’t need to worry about accidentally going off brand or radically skewing your image. Every aspect of the image can be easily duplicated or edited down to the very layer.

Vectors are also easy to create. You don’t need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for a high-end photoshoot when you can create beautiful images from the comfort of your laptop. It also means you can rely less on generic stock images and more on the creative vision you have for your team. Once you invest in a few great vector graphics, you can repurpose them and edit them for a wide variety of needs giving you the best bang for your buck. Vector images can be customized to your exact liking so you never have to worry about seeing your images on a competitive website or campaign unlike stock photography. And unlike customized photoshoots or artwork, you can cut cost without cutting quality. And we can help.


Once you have a foundation of vector images to use, edits are easy. We’re confident any business owner or designer can extend the life and relevancy of your vector graphics across channels and creative needs. But, it’s best to leave that foundation to the pros. If you’re unsure what types of vectors would be most useful, give us a call. We’ll help you determine how you plan to use your vectors, what types of edits might be most common to your business, and what your key assets should be. We can build the start of our creative foundation together to use for your brand guidelines, campaign needs, and beyond.

Creative & Production Tourism Hospitality Convention Video Production

We’ve shared our views on why video marketing and production matters more than ever before and how tourism marketing can benefit from video in the past. And, for our advanced readers who are already on the trend, we want to take things one step farther.

Videos link channels across tourism marketing outreach

When customers receive an email with an embedded video link, they are 200% more likely to click the links. Go ahead, reread that: 200% more likely to click your email. Video is such an engaging medium that it has the power to link multiple marketing channels together and bridge the gap between email, social, paid, search, television, and even print ads. You’ll find your customers seamlessly migrating between your Facebook campaigns and your YouTube channel. They’ll happily log online to see the next installment of a television commercial with a great narrative. A teasing hashtag is enough to make them close their magazine and log onto Instagram. And then they’ll share it all. The reason video is so effective in this way is because it allows marketers to tell a story with their brand and communicate their value proposition through words and images. Video is easy for consumers to digest and also easy for marketers to implement across a wide variety of channels. This winning combo allows you to leverage some great b-roll footage across your diverse marketing efforts to create a true end-to-end marketing experience that customers love.

Video marketing lets you be everywhere customers need you to be

Today’s consumer often starts their purchase journey on one device and ends (or purchases) somewhere else. This is especially true in tourism marketing. Device agnostic marketing techniques are becoming more and more important as customers use their smartphones, tablets, laptops, and televisions to solve everyday problems all at the same time. That’s four screens competing for your customers’ attention at any given moment. To ensure success, you need to be on all four screens. And before you protest and say that this would be too expensive, consider the power of video marketing. Aside from being a top-notch visceral cue for tourism marketing customers, video translates easily across screens and mediums, allowing you to be everywhere at once … Without the hefty price tag to go along with it. Good video production allows you to be everywhere your customers expect you to be regardless of where they are at in your purchase journey.

Tourism marketing is a visual industry at its core

We would be remiss not to remind you that video marketing is one of the most engaging mediums available to the tourism industry. Nothing affirms a customer’s choice in your destination or hotel like seeing your views, exploring your guest rooms, or taking in the sights and sounds of your kitchens from the comfort of their own home. Video helps build engagement and excitement, while leveraging the fundamental emotions necessary to inspire an elective purchase such as a vacation or tourism visit. Video marketing is, without a doubt, the most powerful way to capture your prospective audience’s imagination and entice them to learn more about your brand and commit to their next trip.

Video is a critical investment for tourism marketing

At the end of the day, video is also just a good investment. When you do it right, one long video can be spliced into multiple short spots and teasers, you can pull still images from high quality footage, and edit your roll a hundred different ways to support a variety of campaigns, messaging points, website needs, and sales tools. Old video can often be combined with new footage as elements of your destination evolve, so this initial investment can last for years to come (unlike photos that tend to wear out their welcome in one to two years). Let our creative team of video production efforts help you build a shot list, story board, and video narrative that will adapt to your changing needs across a wide range of channels. Together, we’ll set a budget and production schedule that delights and inspires. 

Check out some of the amazing videos we’ve created for our other clients here and then let’s get started. As we near the end of the year, there’s no better time to introduce a video campaign to inspire sales moving toward 2017.

Campaign Creation & Development Creative & Production Tourism Hospitality Convention

The need for strategic, multi-channel marketing has never been more apparent than in the tourism and hospitality industries. Consider these two facts:

  • Two-thirds of both offline and online purchases begin on a mobile device. That is to say that the initial research or product discovery occurs on consumers’ smartphones or tablets.
  • 61% of purchases that start on a mobile device are completed on a different digital device such as a laptop.

When you also consider that the average vacation purchase cycle takes 30-days or more (usually overseen by the female head of household even if she isn’t the primary provider), that leaves a lot of room for your would-be customers to slip in and out of the purchase journey. Don’t let your customers’ natural switch between devices while conducting research, comparing options, and weighing the value of this large-scale purchase, all the while marching through this long-tail sales experience be a recipe for missed opportunities.

Leverage multi-channel marketing in the tourism industry:

Instead, use this reality as an opportunity to create a tailored, multi-channel marketing strategy that blurs lines between devices to enhance – rather than fracture – the shopping experience. According to Forbes, “the vast majority of media interactions are screen-based and so marketing strategies should no longer be viewed as ‘digital’ or ‘traditional’”. And we couldn’t agree more. People are constantly consuming media from their smartphones, computers, email inboxes, televisions, and radios. Trying to keep them separate or hoping to shepherd customers through one, sole channel is simply not realistic.

Tourism marketing hinges on our ability to translate the perceived value of a wholly emotional purchase, which is why it is especially important to reach your customers at exactly the right moments. Retargeting, campaigns that encourage device switching (such as a contest that draws customers from a television spot to your Facebook page), or carefully placed emails and banners can all make this task easier.

Invest smarter, not harder in tourism marketing:

Creating a strategy that touches the most likely places your customers will be starts with data. Most marketers can’t be everywhere at once, so it’s important to invest in the right channels at the right times so your messaging reaffirms your brand values and the unique experience your destination affords. Your local Orlando marketing agency can help with that. There’s no need to reinvent (or reinvest in) the wheel when agency partners like us have access to a wealth of market and behavioral research that can guide and direct these types of decisions.

Make decisions that maximize your reach without maxing out your marketing budget by observing your customers and competitors. Social media, in particular, is a great way to glean information about what your customers are interested in if you need quick insights. Also consider what your competitors are doing. If you want to take them on head-to-head, plan your budget accordingly. If not, think about where these same customers are congregating that they aren’t.

Multi-channel marketing allows you to succeed in a hyper-competitive world with blurred digital lines and fierce pricing strategy. And it’s much easier than you think. Click here to learn more about the types of creative services we offer and how we have helped our clients bridge their media needs with ease.