Things you didn’t know about LinkedIn – & probably don’t want to

Many people see LinkedIn as a way to stay connected to fellow professionals.  However, the online resume platform uses some interesting tactics to help put a price on your skill set. Our Orlando marketing agency uses LinkedIn to help us find talent, but always with caution.  What follows are some things you may not know about the high tech career services company.

LinkedIn is a Search Engine for Resumes.

Think about how a search engine works.  Typically, a person keys in search words in order to filter results.  From a recruitment perspective, LinkedIn allows employers like our Florida marketing agency to weed out unqualified job seekers and limit searches to only the top candidates.  That means that hiring personnel can search based on your number of years of experience, prior job titles, educational background, skill set and anything else you put on your online resume.  While in theory this sounds like an excellent, efficient recruiting strategy, it also has serious limitations.  For examples, recruiters will tell you not to use the most recent buzzwords on your resume, but then will actively search for terms such as “creative,” “innovative” and “strategic” as they look for job candidates.  In the end, it’s all about how build your profile, and therefore not necessarily about your actual experience and what you can bring to the table.

LinkedIn can expedite the hiring process, saving recruiters time and money in placing individuals.  Whereas it once used to cost potential employers $20,000 to place one person through a staffing company, such large companies can now manage such requests in-house to narrow the search down to a dozen qualifies applicants in minutes.

It’s All about Sales.

LinkedIn has a tremendous sales force behind it.  The company’s representatives sell recruitment products to leading Fortune 500 corporations, and those products are quickly becoming the industry standard in recruiting practices.  Companies that don’t latch on to LinkedIn’s practices will risk falling behind the industry, and therefore, will continue to shell out cash for LinkedIn’s recruiting service products.

While the team at LinkedIn purports to care about helping professionals connect with each other and helping job seekers connect with recruiters, what really seems to be driving the company is the bottom line.  Because LinkedIn’s revenue model actually works (as opposed to Facebook, which currently seems to be facing some challenges), the company is working hard to make money while the company is still profitable, potentially at the expense of the people it purports to help.

LinkedIn Makes Millions From Users’ Personal Information.

The leading professional social platform uses your information and connections to make big bucks.  [quote]Data is extremely valuable, and the more that a company like LinkedIn can garner from you, the more that the company can leverage your information to build products that help grow the company.[/quote]  For the executives at LinkedIn, the bigger picture revolves around using your data to help sell products to the companies it services, to offer these companies advantages in terms of competitive hiring practices, desirable skill sets and in-demand job opportunities.

People Can See When You’ve Viewed Their Profile, Even if you Limit your Privacy Settings.

Even regular LinkedIn users may not know that every time you visit a profile, your name, photo and job title shows up on the person’s page.  Typically, LinkedIn’s privacy settings adjust to your own settings; for example, if you set your search settings to anonymous, you also can’t see who’s viewed your page.  However, if you’re in an in-between setting, and someone knows that “Someone in the Publishing Industry” looked at your profile, you can click on a link that shows about ten profiles that match that description, with one of those being the person who actually looked at you.  Typically, you can use the process of elimination to find out who is stalking you.  This can offer some awkwardness, especially for small business owners who may be looking into their networks’ talent pool.

LinkedIn May Still be Behind in Security.

Earlier this year, more than 6.5 million LinkedIn passwords were stolen and published online, exposing a hole in the company’s security procedures.  While technology moves fast, it’s possible that even six months later, the company hasn’t effectively worked to fix security holes that may lead to breaches.  Unfortunately, the only way we’ll know is if someone else comes forward and attempts to crack the code.

If You Don’t Have a LinkedIn Profile, You Might be Screwing Up Your Future.

Even if all these things offer a solid case against using LinkedIn, the reality is that employers rely on it the way that teenagers rely on Facebook.  For employers such as our Orlando advertising firm, LinkedIn is a gateway to your digital presence, and will continue to be such as long as the company is making money from your data.  If you have yet to sign up for LinkedIn, you may be sheltering yourself from career opportunities amidst an uncertain economic climate, which could be shooting yourself in the foot in terms of future opportunities.

Love it or hate it, LinkedIn is the holy grail of recruiting technologies, and is around to stay.  If you’re using LinkedIn (and you probably should be), make sure to leverage your knowledge of the digital platform in a way that puts you in best light with future employers.

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Benefits of deploying the use of Git into your workflow

One of the harder parts about development is the workflow. There’s no one right way to do it. What works for one person or team may not be efficient for you. For this reason it’s not something that is widely taught. You generally have to find your own way of doing things.
Today we’re talking about adding git into your workflow. If you already aren’t using version control and developing locally, you need to start now. You’ve probably been told time and time again, but seriously stop it. Don’t wait until something terrible happens before you change. There are plenty of resources (Like try github), which make it easy to learn.

Once you’re actually using git, how do we deploy sites?

If you are working on a server that you do not have ssh access or git isn’t installed, you may want to look into solutions like git ftp and git tower. These programs make it easy to use git and take care of pushing changes live. If you do have the appropriate access, you can look into a workflow like the one that net tuts has put out. It’s a nice solution, but there’s a simpler way to do it without the use of GitHub (read: free).

General idea of what we’re doing:

Because we can only push to a bare repo, we need to create two repos on our server. The first, our hub, will be our bare repo. A bare repo is one without a working tree, i.e., it contains none of your working files. We will push to this repo, and on a hook, have our production repo pull from the hub. Our production repo, which we will name prime, will contain our live production code.

Setting up the server

The first thing we need to do is get onto our server. Find out your SSH settings from your host and open up the command line:

$ ssh -p 22

“–p 22” defines which port you are connecting to. If your host is not using a custom port for SSH connections, you can leave this part off. Entering our our password everytime we connect to our server costs time, so it is a good idea set up an SSH key. I will not go into that here, but a quick google search will give you instructions on how to set this up.

Creating our repos

We are going to navigate to the root of our server and create a folder named git to hold our hub repo:

$ cd
$ mkdir git
$ cd git
$ git init –-bare

Now let’s create our production “prime” repo. In our case this is going to be in the public_html directory.

$ cd ~/public_html
$ git init

Simple enough. We also need to add the hub repo as a remote:

$ git remote add hub ~/git


Creating our hooks

First, we’re going to create our hook that will run when we push to the hub. Let’s move into our hooks folder and edit our hook.

$ cd ~/git/hooks
$ nano post-update.sample

Now paste this into the file above the exec command. If you don’t want to use the command line, you can always FTP to the file and change it there. When you push to the hub, this script will navigate to our prime repo and pull the changes from the hub.

echo "**** Pulling changes into Prime"
cd ~/public_html
unset GIT_DIR
git pull hub master

Get out of nano, and rename our hook file to activate it.

$ mv post-update.sample post-update


Getting our local repo ready

If you haven’t already done so, set up the local repo. On your local machine:

$ cd /your_project_directory
$ git init
$ git add .
$ git commit –m "Our first commit"

Alternatively, if your site is already live we can clone our live repo. On the server:

$ cd ~/public_html
$ git add .
$ git commit -m "Our first commit"
$ git push hub master

On the local machine:

$ cd /your_project_directory
$ git clone ssh://

Again, the “:22” is for custom ports and is optional.

Now let’s add our remotes.

$ git remote add hub ssh://
$ git remote add production ssh://

Everything is set up-Let’s push to the server.
Now that we have the set up out of the way, it’s easy sailing from here on out.

$ git push hub master

On no, the live files have been edited!

We don’t get a one line command to fix this, but it’s still fairly easy.
On your web server:

$ cd ~/public_html
$ git add .
$ git commit –m "Live files were edited"

from local:

$ git pull prime master

Have questions? Contact us and we’ll help you figure it out!

How digital video can help sell your brand’s story

Fewer than two weeks ago, Korean recording artist Psy was virtually unheard of in America.  But now, the video for his song “Gangnam Style” has more than 335,000,000 views, and the song itself holds the number two spot on the Billboard charts – and the song isn’t even in English!  That type of crossover language success would be impossible without the Internet, as well as a video that adequately captures Psy’s concept and personality through a montage of humorous visuals.
While not every video is guaranteed to reach 335,000,000 views, Psy’s story touches on the massive impact that a visual presentation can add to a product or service.  People are visual beings, and when a video goes viral, it’s typically because it triggers a powerful emotion, which makes people feel the need to share.

If you’re feeling jazzed about a new product or service from your company, or you want to circulate important news about future projects or concepts, you may want to consider bringing on an agency to help you create a video to help spread the word.  A video is a terrific way to tell a brand’s story, which is becoming more and more essential in today’s world of high-impact, compelling digital content.  A well-executed video can help humanize a brand, and can bring product features to life in a way that, even just five years ago, was only possible through expensive production budgets and television airtime.

Don’t get us wrong… at our Orlando advertising firm, we find other digital content such as blogs, photographs and infographics extremely valuable, as they tend to be cheaper and easier to produce.  But when was the last time you heard of a piece of written content being shared 300,000,000 times?  While each format serves its purposes (i.e., our blog a better forum for our Florida marketing agency to tout the benefits of digital video in a format that you can print out for easy reference), a video can leave a long lasting impact with a higher potential to go viral.

[quote]While a company can benefit from all types of content, many people actively seek out branded video content.[/quote]  Brand fanatics regularly check to see what companies such as Nike and Pepsi are up to behind the scenes.  Brands are essentially now media companies, ones that people look to in order to stay up to date with current trends, ideas and innovations.

According to a recent report from, video content can drive social currency.  Social currency can heighten your brand’s profile within your digital community, especially if such content is informative, funny, or both.  And, while a cheap smartphone photo can offer fun insights into your company, a professional video offers credibility, which helps establish trust and rapport amongst your audience.

Ideally, a company should target the content portals where their target community already exists, integrating text, video and social content into the digital marketing strategy that reaches potential customers across platforms.  But, where the concept and budget permits, a video may be the most effective way to tell a story and allow it to reach across numerous fronts.

Our Orlando advertising agency can help you create a targeted video to help tell your company’s story in an effort to help grow your business to its fullest potential. Contact us today!

Are advertising rules really made to be broken? You decide!

Experience has taught us that when it comes to advertising rules, there are no advertising rules. How can a lawless community of creative bandits be so brash as to force their incorrect grammar and offensive imagery upon us? Because it works! History has proven that those thought provoking, eyebrow raising, finger-point worthy ads are just doing their job. They get our attention, and they keep it.
How far you’re willing to bend the bar in order to raise it simply relies on your brand and the image you wish to portray. Thinking so far out of the box that it’s become a mere dot on the map of your marketing strategy probably won’t fly high when you’re an assisted living facility reaching out to prospective clients. However, a cute little car company (sounds like farksnoggen) can probably get away with unleashing a “Lemon” of an ad to prove their passion for quality to potential car buyers.

And what about “and?” We were all raised to strictly adhere to the rules of the written word. Never begin a sentence with “And!” And so what if you do? When using your discretion, and a reputable advertising agency, breaking the basic rules of grammar can keep a better hold on a budding market. Americans average being exposed to between 1,600 and 3,000 ads per day. That’s a lot of salespeople diving for your dollars. Breaking through the clutter by going against the grain might be what brings your brand to the front of the line.

And that’s all we have to say about that.

Talk to us, we’ll show you how to bend the rules.

Building business with Instagram: The bigger picture

With its very recent, very public and very pricey Facebook acquisition, the mobile photo maven coined Instagram has caught the eye of both big and small marketers, business builders and brands, worldwide. What started in 2010, as a seemingly small point, shoot and post application, has grown up to fulfill the visual needs of today’s tech-savvy social networkers.
So, what is Instagram? It’s Insta-awesome! At least we think it is. Instagram allows its 80 million+ users to broadcast their lives visually, vividly and artistically… FOR FREE! With some help from your mobile camera phone and a little photo-finishing, even the most mundane Monday morning office view can be brought into brilliance. Just point, click and share. Its simplicity is inarguable and to be quite honest, it really does make you feel like a pro photo pundit. Its features are few in number, but completely satisfy the bell & whistle requirement to keep this app usable, interesting and easy. Fun filters can turn an average afternoon walk into the embodiment of Ansel Adams. Unfortunate lacks in light can be brightened with a button-swipe. Even the most crowded images can be clarified using blur effects for extra depth of field. New office space? Share images showcasing the exotic interiors of your favorite Florida Advertising Agency and its mapped location, using a Geo-tag. Then invite them to come and see it for themselves. Most of all, Instagram images can be instantly shared with other users. Comment and “Like” capabilities allow for easy user interaction within the application. You can even choose to send your mobile image magic to your Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr feeds with ease.  Toss in #hashtag and search ability, and you’ve got a brand building brainchild that rivals marketing perfection.

How exactly can your business benefit from this billion dollar baby? By reaching your audience at their most personal levels, paying attention to their daily interactions with your products, listening to what they say (using pictures) about your brand or the business you’re in, and reacting accordingly. Still confused?

Let’s say you’re a new business, involved in wholesale. You’re small, but offer great prices to compete with the monsters you model after like BJ’s and Sam’s Club. You’ve recently launched your supercharged and supercool looking website, optimized for greatness, but there’s one problem… It’s been 2 weeks and nothing. Not one hit. So you pull up your Instagram account, slide to search and see what your industry giants are up to these days. “#Costco” Search and BOOM! Long lines and bustling buyers populate the images before you. They’re slammed! And they’re giving away free memberships for the next month! How this detail could have slipped by you is of major concern, but now you know exactly what you need to do. Within a week, your free membership offer is rolled out and the promise of premium and personalized customer service that only a small shop can offer is still on your side. Your big savings coupled with brand names and the same free membership the big guys are dealing makes you a force to be considered in the market. Now, you’re on your way!

[quote]Just as important as it is to pay attention to your audience on Instagram, is the equal importance of knowing how to utilize it effectively to push your story into the palms of your audience’s hands.[/quote] You’ve done your research and noted the trends. You’ve even found some unusual ways in which the market puts your product to use. Now what? If a picture truly is worth a thousand words, then this is your chance to TELL YOUR ENTIRE STORY! Imaginatively and strategically, you can populate your market’s minds with images of your brand. Build your web-persona using eye-catching close-ups. Share memorable moments from your most recent events. Entice new audiences to check out your next event. Host a photo contest, urging users to hashtag your business, bringing even more views to your profile. Start a trend centered on your brand! It’s easier than you think if you have a few willing friends or coworkers and some out-of-the-box photo opps. Opening an Instagram account for your business is like opening the curtains for a sneak peek behind the scenes. Users can have the coveted opportunity to see who and what makes you tick. Showcase employees having fun at work. Make it known just how awesome it is to be in the business you’re in. Post your favorite photos to your Facebook page and tweet your tinyurl off with links to each photo capture.

Above all, be genuine. They will know if you’re full of Photoshop.

Any of this sound insta-interesting? Enter the era of new marketing and contact an Orlando Marketing Agency that’s well-versed in the ways of the web. Integrate the social networks with your digital marketing strategy and see how much farther your reach will go.

Contact us for help with your businesses e-commerce marketing

Ecommerce businesses are different from service websites. Any website that actually has the products for purchase online, where you receive payment through a shopping cart, is an ecommerce website business. Ecommerce marketing is going to be different in terms of marketing too. Florida marketing agency might suggest a few press releases should be issued on your site. Press releases are handy tools for any web business. It tells the visitor more about your company, what you might have reached, and gets you into Google News. A creative marketing agency certainly finds these helpful when growing brand recognition.

Creative Marketing Agency Defines Ecommerce

In terms of eCommerce, you can often have a local website and then those that reach globally. Ideally, you might want to start locally with a company such as the Florida marketing agency where they understand the local Florida market. From there, you can utilize the creative marketing agency to grow your company on a national basis. With localized marketing, Florida marketing agency would target keywords such as Orlando, Florida, and other cities pinpointing where you sell. Nationally, the keywords on the site would be different.

Orlando SEO Company Tips for Ecommerce Marketing

There are certain things consumers really like to see. They include discounts and coupons. The right Florida marketing agency may tell you that always offering a discount or promotional coupon on your items will gain a better consumer following. Additionally, a creative marketing agency can help you determine the type of campaign to launch with these discounts. Building an online business is all about trust. You are asking the consumer to trust you; therefore, whenever you provide marketing you want to make certain it is something they will appreciate and something that can help them save money. Consumers quickly realize they want to prefer a site with discounts that ships quickly.

Ready to kickstart an eCommerce marketing strategy for your brand? Contact our team of experts today to get the conversation started!