Why college students shouldn’t handle social media

College students and recent college graduates love social media.  According to a January 2012 survey published by CampusLIVE (now DailyBreak), 73% of college students use some form of social media in their everyday lives.  For many people, this is indicative of a young culture that has grown up with social media all around them.  (Or maybe it just accounts for a lot of UCF students Facebooking during class.)
It can be tempting to hire a student or college graduate to handle your company’s social media.  Hiring a student is typically cheaper than hiring a Florida marketing agency to handle your social media, but is this really a good idea?

Consider the case of Red Cross, where a social media specialist sent out a drunken Tweet from the highly respected organization’s Twitter account.  The message said in part, “…when we drink we do it right #gettinslizzered.”  The person who sent the Tweet, Gloria Huang, admitted in a follow-up message that her error was based on her unfamiliarity with how to properly use Hootsuite, a social media management application.  Such an oversight has the substantial capacity to diminish a brand’s strength. (Although, it was HILARIOUS to see that post coming from a leading non-profit).

While this particular case was an employee error, it has major implications as to the types of harm that can result from inexperienced users “#gettinslizzered” on the job.  A brand’s social media is an extension of its identity, and in the same way Apple would never risk its impeccable reputation by putting its social media in the hands of someone who just passed the legal drinking age, it may not be wise to entrust your own brand to someone with little experience in brand management strategies.  Even at a local level, working with an Orlando advertising agency will allow your business to more effectively leverage trending topics and popular events in order to ensure that your business’s social media truly is an embodiment of your brand.

Contrary to what many people think, it takes significant time and effort to manage a company’s social media.  For most businesses, social strategy should be framed as its own entity, rather than as an extension of editorialized brand content.  Of course, if your social media strategy requires more of a plan than posting puppy photos and keeping your fingers crossed for the best, it might require more resources.  As such, it may be in your business’s best interest to hire an Orlando marketing agency with a division dedicated to social media.

Media experts, such as those with a full-fledged advertising and media agency background, fully comprehend the tactics behind successful marketing, advertising and customer service.  These individuals attend conferences and seminars pertaining to social media growth and expansion, and have a much deeper understanding of the consumer cycle from an overall brand strategy perspective.  For example, who might be a better person to run your FourSquare brand page account than the social media expert who just spent her dinner discussing the state of the industry with Dennis Crowley?  (Here’s a hint: it’s probably not the girl who just spent her dinner eating Ramen while discussing the state of Seal and Heidi Klum’s breakup.)

Just because a person can write a few funny Tweets doesn’t mean that individual can understand the significance of the Facebook API, or knows how to effectively pull and apply complex data analytics for future use.  These extremely valuable facets help companies build strong and compelling multi-pronged social media strategies, and can help to elicit customer engagement by doing more than posting random comments about the VMAs and the Kardashian family that don’t effectively generate a future return.

Social media has the potential to reach millions of people in seconds.  A social media goof can lead to a public relations disaster that can cause a consumer perception to sink faster than the Titanic (read: the recent case of Progressive Insurance), and the risk of such faux pas is greater with someone who lacks the experience to understand what it means to manage and maintain a brand identity.

As with most digital content strategies, it’s typically better to invest in resources to find a person who has demonstrated digital media marketing capabilities.  At even the most fundamental levels, it can be extremely difficult to execute social media engagement, even for seasoned professionals.  Therefore, it’s important to carefully consider whether it makes sense to have a student manage the online presence of the entire brand.  If you do opt to go in this direction rather than working with the experts at an Orlando ad firm, you may find your brand strategy schooled by the professionals.

If all this has given you something to Tweet home about, contact us as we offer a full multi-pronged advertising and social media approach to help you develop and maintain a branding plan that won’t come down with a case of senioritis.

Florida marketing agency suggests Pinterest for your business

Email marketing through social media is growing. Pinterest is a new online social media site which was created to drive marketing through social media unlike Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest allows the email recipient to “pin” a brand, item, or ad that they like in order to share it with their friends. BIGEYE, a Florida Marketing Agency is using this social media platform and would like to share it here. There are several ways our Orlando marketing agency believes how Pinterest can help with email marketing to make it effective. It is also a new way to ensure there is interest to view the ad email rather than log it immediately as spam.

Social Media Marketing through Our Orlando Marketing Agency

Florida marketing agency does suggest the use of social media marketing. This new website is designed around what customers want. Before creating any email to send Orlando marketing agency is going to answer the question about what customers want from a potential business. They will also create an ad that focuses on proper content within the email. There has been a long discussion on what is not spam when it comes to email marketing. Coupons, an informative article, and something that does not oversell a business tend to obtain more views based on research viewed by Florida marketing agency.


Creative Marketing Agency Tips for Email Marketing

While proper content and what the consumer wants is important, there is one other tip Florida marketing agency can provide. The tip is to place the marketing ad with care in the email. An obvious ad or a repetitive ad is going to be viewed as spam. Rather, Orlando marketing agency has found an email with something to share, such as Pinterest content will attract more attention. The idea of this email marketing is to get friends and family interested in the product being advertised.

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Florida advertising agency discusses importance of keywords

The use of keywords will directly determine the amount of traffic your website and business earns from search engines. Utilizing a Florida advertising agency that understands the principles of a search engine will help solidify a business’ traffic. In June news was announced regarding the frequency US online users use search engines, which an Orlando advertising agency wants to share with you. The study was conducted by AYTM and showed that many companies undervalue search engines and just how important they are to internet users. Roughly 63.5% of users will go to a search engine every day they are on the internet. Furthermore, only 2.5% of those polled stated they never use a search engine.
Orlando Advertising Agency on Mainstream Keywords

The research suggests that any Florida advertising agency working with local companies needs to focus on keywords consumers will be able to pick up in a search engine. The Orlando advertising agency can offer a review of a business website to determine where keywords might be lacking in directing traffic to a website from a search engine. Searching mainstream keywords nets millions of sites. An advertising agency helping your local business will utilize main keywords with niche words to produce the proper SEO effect on your site.

Florida SEO Company Utilizes Local Keyword Phrases

To be effective websites need to use a location with mainstream keywords. Using Florida advertising agency shows the company is located in the state of Florida. Using a keyword phrase Orlando advertising agency narrows the location even more. A company can find more consumers by specifying the area they operate in. As an example, a law office would need to be state specific, sometimes city specific to help a consumer thus location with a keyword phrase is important.


Instagram in the OR: Using social media to bring comfort to others

I never thought when making the switch from nursing school student to an advertising major in college that I would have the opportunity to witness an open-heart surgery on a small child. But that is exactly the experience I had last month. BIGEYE had the honor to be asked by our client, Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, to produce a video about their cardiology program. As part of that video, our crew was graciously allowed in the operating room to witness an amazing surgical team, lead by Dr. William DeCampli, repair little 3-year-old Emily Stone’s heart.
We literally got to participate in history being made. The hospital broke ground by trying something relatively unheard of in healthcare: using social media to share a live surgical operation with the entire world. The hospital posted images and updates of the surgery every 10 minutes through the photo sharing application Instagram, pushing the updates out via their Twitter and Facebook profiles, as well as their blog. For me, it definitely brought new meaning to a photo app that I primarily use to apply artistic filters to pictures of my food.

The response was overwhelming as the world watched and cheered on little Emily with amazing words of encouragement. It was awesome, in the truest sense of the word, to be so openly allowed into a world that is usually very closed off to the public. Pushing the envelope will always bring on a slew of questions: Why did they do this? Does social media go too far? What role can social media play in healthcare? The very nature of social media encourages debate and provides a portal for honest discussions.

Mike Schmidt, director of digital media at Arnold Palmer Hospital, said it best: “Healthcare is behind the rest of the world in being able to tell stories well through social media. There are thousands of amazing things that happen here at the hospital each and every day, and we want to share that with our community.”

Advertising, taglines, slogans and pictures of happy patients all have their place in healthcare. They play a role in communicating to the public a hospital’s message: who they are and what they stand for. But what about showing, not just telling, what really goes on? There may not be anything “pretty” about surgical procedures, but they are real, raw, and honest. We’re talking about humans saving other human’s lives. Arnold Palmer Hospital and Emily’s family were ready to take that leap by sharing this life-saving procedure with the world. The fact is, surgeons and healthcare professionals alike live and breathe this every day, and that’s what has a true impact on their patient’s lives.

Social media is here to stay and will continue to evolve and change. Yes, seeing pictures of a beating heart on your Facebook timeline may not be for everyone, but I do commend the hospital on using a tool that we are all familiar with in a new and interesting way in order to keep people informed of what’s going on behind the curtain. It breaks down barriers and can remove the mystery of the “unknown” for families that may be going through something very scary, hearing their child has  congenital heart disease.

On a very important side note, Emily is doing well. It was a joy to get to know her and her family throughout this process. She’s a brave little girl!

You can see how the story unfolded on the hospitals blog, Illuminate.  Warning: some of the pictures are graphic in nature.


Written by, Laura Adams, BIGEYE Creative Account Manager

Restaurant success depends on its social media campaign

As a young advertising/marketing professional and food fanatic, I can’t help but see my two worlds collide on a daily basis. I’m a big admirer of locally owned restaurants and the more I continue to experience Orlando’s growing culinary scene, the more something obvious sticks out to me: As a restaurant’s social media goes, so does its business.
In this day and age of modern communication, everyone expects to be able to obtain the information they are seeking within a matter of seconds and more and more people are utilizing their mobile devices to do so. If you as a business cannot provide that information, you will hurt your chances of being successful. Social media is a tool that allows business owners the flexibility of interacting with their customers or followers in a quick and efficient manner. Whether it’s promoting daily specials, addressing questions and/or concerns from customers or just saying hello, social media provides a platform for businesses to effectively execute its marketing.

So what makes social media so critical to restaurants and more specifically, locally owned restaurants? The answer is well… Everything. If executed correctly, social media can help a restaurant thrive. Alternatively, if executed poorly, social media can help lead to its downfall. Effective social media use allows owners and managers to create a more personal connection with their customers, increase their fan base, provide real time information and establish themselves as fellow members of the local community. This is very important because the foundation of local restaurant growth is based on reputation and referrals. Without the luxury of national marketing campaigns, it is crucial that these restaurants create and maintain a positive social presence day in and day out to stay fresh in their customers’ minds. Restaurants that fail to effectively utilize social media will find that just as quick as it can be to build a great reputation, it’s quicker to build a bad reputation through negative customer comments, reviews and poor communication.

If you’re looking for examples of restaurants that are effectively using social media to boost their businesses, then look no further than these local favorites of mine:

–       4 Rivers Smokehouse does a remarkable job of sharing restaurant news and releases with their followers.

–       Prato effectively keeps fans hungry and always wanting more with photo spotlights of their chef inspired dishes.

–       Tako Cheena establishes their place in the local community by posting customer photos and community events.

–       The Yum Yum Cupcake Truck does a terrific job of communicating daily truck location and interacting with fans.

Because social media is so readily available to the public, it’s easy to understand how it could end up in the wrong hands. So before you take your business and enter the circles of the social media world, please remember that as a restaurant’s social media goes, so does its business.

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BIGEYE’s highlights from the 2012 Design Conference

On June 8th and 9th, I attended the Front End Design Conference in St. Petersberg, Florida. It was a two-day event for web designers and programmers covering the front-end side of web development and design. The first day featured a line-up of seven speakers, who discussed various topics including the future of shapes, fonts, and colors, to more technical topics like CSS preprocessors and CSS/JS tricks and techniques. My favorite had to be Dave Rupert’s hilarious “Getting’ Flexy with Uncle Dave” talk.
One of the great things about this conference is the community. The conference is a small one, which makes it much more personal and intimate. It also gives you many chances to talk to the speakers and the community in general. It was great to be able to meet so many new people as there are a lot of passionate and smart people in the community. Not all of it was serious though. The Github After Party was a lot of fun and I got my first taste of chocolate covered bacon (which I later successfully recreated). This was my first conference I’ve attended, and I had a blast!

Written by Michael Hurwitz, BIGEYE Web Developer

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