The best response for your web design money can buy

Responsive web design – a term related to the concept of creating a website in a way that helps the design respond to different devices that access it, changing with the users screen resolution.
Put simply – the layout of a website changes according to the size of the screen it’s being viewed on.

Think fluid, content being automatically adjusted.

So, rather than designing multiple sites for different-sized devices, the design is desktop-compatible but is also optimized for Smartphones and tablets. The reason for using this web design technique is to make sure that it works with the different screen resolutions while still looking crisp and clear – It designs one site but specifies how it should appear on varied devices.

The importance of this technique is emerging fast – The future of the Internet will rely, primarily, on mobile devices (tablets, Smartphones, portable consoles) rather than basic desktops and laptops.

The Basics:

There are three essential elements involved in this method – flexible grid, HTML structure and media queries. The main element, flexible grid, is supposed to get you to stop thinking in “fixed” pixels. Now, screen resolutions need to have a liquid layout for the best solution, compared to the old fixed width style.

Having a liquid layout means that the elements of the page are resized and somewhat rearrange. What flexible grid does for this is make the elements of the site proportioned in relation to one another when either stretched or contracted.

Next is the HTML structure, which is basically how you’re design is set up and if it’s done in a logical manner.

Last is the trick for responsive design – media queries. This element supports all the same media but has many new media feature including max-width, device-width, orientation and color. You also specify media type – screen, for example.

There are three aspects to consider using this method of web design.

  1. Regardless of the screen size, you need to always make sure that the key information remains visible.
  2. The text must be easy to read whether you have one column or three.
  3. Other than the resize, the site must have thoughtful organization and is easy to navigate.

Is this the best option for you?

Three things to consider when deciding: context, content and your current situation.

If your website is responsive, it will display the same content to both small and large screens, the only thing that will change is the formatting. So, consider what your goal is for mobile users and whether or not to show different content to them.

A big consideration when developing mobile websites is speed. Mobile users are often using slow or weak Internet signals compared to desktops, and are a little slower in general. So, it’s necessary to avoid using any unnecessary content and stick to including just the key content.

The last thing to consider is your current situation. For example, ask yourself how satisfied you are with your current website, how’s your budget and how valuable your mobile visitors are. Re-designing an existing website will be much more expensive than creating one from scratch.

So now it’s time to ask yourself: “To go responsive, or not?”

Our web design is pretty stinkin’ impressive. Head over to our Website & App Development page to see what else we offer.

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Five super mega social media moments that stood out from 2011

1. Osama bin Laden’s death first leaked on Twitter. Chief of staff for former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld tweeted, “So I’m told by a reputable person they have killed Osama bin Laden. Hot damn.”
2. When a cobra escaped from New York City’s Bronx Zoo in March, it soon showed up on Twitter @BronxZoosCobra, boasting about its adventures in the city.

3. From goal posts to gargoyles, people all over the world shared photos of themselves “planking” face-down on an innumerable amount of services, via Facebook and Twitter.

4. The moment Steve Jobs’ death was announced in October, social networks exploded with condolences, tributes and impromptu memorials for Apple’s founder and CEO.

5. Friday soon received an anthem of its own with the popularity of Rebecca Black’s video “Friday” that was uploaded to YouTube. The video received more than 167 million views.

Have one we missed? Let us know here!

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Extreme social media makeover: BIGEYE Twitter edition

On Thursday, Twitter announced it was receiving a major makeover and the implementation of Facebook-style brand pages. It seems Twitter is finally trying to shift the Twitterverse from third-party apps and back to the site itself, while drawing more users away from the business-buzzing world of Facebook Pages.
For now, Twitter has only rolled out the brand pages for corporate powerhouses like Disney and McDonald’s. The sleek new design allows businesses to customize their headers and promote a tweet of choice at the top of their timeline. Businesses will also be able to keep their mentions and @replies separate. One can assume it will only be a matter of time before brand pages will be available to the general public, as Google+ just launched its version of brand pages in October … and social networks are always keeping up with the Joneses.

The overall Twitter facelift is much more streamlined and you’ll find three new buttons at the top of the page: Home, @Connect and #Discover. The @Connect button shows your mentions and also suggests accounts you might be interested in following. The #Discover button shows you what’s trending and videos and stories based on your interests. Other features include a simpler way to embed videos and more.

For a glimpse of this Twitter overhaul, watch the video below:

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Waldo is great and all, but can you tell us: Where’s Biggie?

Find all the hidden Biggies in the picture below and visit our Facebook page for more instructions and a chance to win a BIGEYE shirt! The first ten people to correctly identify the number of hidden Biggies will win!

To check out what we’re all about, check out our website here!

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Illuminate: The best way to connect with your audience

Illuminate the way you connect with your audience. Create a short and fun video, aka “splainer,” to engage and inform your viewers. Here’s a splainer we created for Illuminate – a children’s health and wellness blog by Arnold Palmer Hospital. Check out the blog for more of our handiwork!

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