6 Tips for Creating an Eye-Catching Video Marketing Strategy

As the majority purchasing consumer audience continues to skew younger, their preferences become ever more important — and that means video is ascendant. According to Wired magazine, YouTube now reaches more Millennials than any cable network. Even more importantly, video is influencing purchasing, making a video marketing strategy that much more valuable.
A study from Animoto shows that 80% of Millennials use video when making a buying decision, while 76% follow brands on YouTube. And if you think those numbers are impressive, just wait a few years until the even more video-focused Generation Z achieves the same level of buying power as Millennials.

So how can businesses capitalize on this shift? It’s simple: Create and distribute the kind of video content that catches attention and converts potential customers.

Tips for creating a stellar video marketing strategy

Given that a staggering one-third of all time spent online is devoted to watching videos, businesses can no longer afford to ignore the impact of video marketing if they wish to remain competitive. And the traditional reasons many companies have given for avoiding video (cost and time) no longer apply, thanks to the emergence of new technologies.

Preparation and planning, however, are key. So to help you craft a truly effective video marketing strategy, consider the following tips:

1. Define your goals and establish key performance indicators

Before getting started with content, you need to have an overarching objective: What do you hope to accomplish through video marketing? You’ll also need to measure the efficacy of your strategy, so you’ll need to establish performance indicators and then track your progress.

2. Create an attention-grabbing title

Have you seen YouTube titles lately? You’ll notice they share many of the same characteristics: Capital letters, lots of human faces making animated expressions and intriguing descriptions. All of these things are proven to increase engagement.

3. Focus on the first ten seconds

The first few seconds of your video are the most important; they need to jump out at viewers and seize their attention. If a video is too slow to build momentum, viewers will drop away.

4. Don’t be overly focused on what you’re selling

Younger viewers love videos, but they don’t love the hard sell. Let interest in the product build organically by taking a subtle approach.

5. Ensure that it’s optimized for mobile and search

Even the best video will be ignored if it doesn’t play properly on a smaller screen or if it’s inaccessible to your audience.

6. Go behind the scenes

This is one of the more popular video trends of late — and for good reasons. Viewers love behind the scenes videos, and they offer an easy way to create compelling content.

The takeaway

It’s hard to understate the importance of video marketing, as the statistics illustrate just how pervasive the form has become. As a top Florida advertising agency, we’re experts at creating the kind of eye-catching video marketing content that wows viewers — and converts them into customers. Contact BIGEYE today to implement a video marketing strategy that converts.

How a Video Production Company Can Help with Your LinkedIn Ads

One of the most effective ways to attract, engage, and inform prospective customers is through a chic, trendy video. Written pieces with still photos will always play a big role in content marketing, but time-strapped consumers are increasingly looking to get the information they want and need about a company in video form –- which is where a video production company comes into to play.

In many scenarios, it’s just easier to absorb video content. Try to read a brochure or whitepaper when you’re being bounced around on public transportation on your way to the office. But video? That works just about anytime, anywhere. Plus, when video content is done right, it can be both informative and entertaining. Bonus!

Of course, nowadays it’s easier than ever to capture and edit video on your own. However, creating a finished piece that really engages your audience and keeps them watching from start to finish is a lot more challenging. Leveraging the expertise of an experienced video production company can be to your advantage in lots of ways. (And you’re looking for an advantage, right?)

Quality video is an effective video

One benefit of working with a video production company is that the end result will be a polished, professional piece that stands out from the crowd. And make no mistake… there is a crowd. Every marketing pro with a smartphone is a potential video producer/director/editor, but you want your material to adhere to the highest quality standards so it delivers the maximum competitive advantage.

Efficient video production is cost-effective video production

The more quickly and efficiently a LinkedIn sponsored video ad is produced, the more cost-effective it is. The trial-and-error approach is rarely efficient. Rather than asking your internal team to become video experts, it is typically a smarter choice to connect with a video production company that already has all the skills you need—and many you didn’t know you needed!

Innovative video content is the most shared video

Creating any kind of video ad for LinkedIn is a start. However, to truly succeed with your video content, you need the assistance of a video production company that can help you capture the attention of business decision makers and move them further along the buyer’s journey using an eye-catching video ad. Experienced video producers know what has and has not been done and what can be done to create a business-building buzz.

The takeaway

They say “the devil is in the details” and that couldn’t be more true with video production. Luckily, our video production team at BIGEYE absolutely loves being immersed in the details. From initial conception and storyboarding to editing and post-production, we thrive on the challenge of getting every last element right.

How can passion for video production help your company get noticed using LinkedIn sponsored video ads? Get in touch with our production team today and let’s start developing a successful strategy for your brand.

3 Crucial video marketing strategy tips you probably didn’t know

Video is one of the most ubiquitous marketing tools available. YouTube users watch over 500 million hours of video and over half a billion people watch videos on Facebook each day. This broad reach makes your video marketing strategy critically important when driving top-of-funnel awareness and keeping loyal customers connected to your brand.

We know that video marketing can be a daunting prospect, so our video team has compiled three foundational principles that will help guide your strategy.

Use your video marketing strategy to tell a story

Last year, the most watched video ads were from Samsung India’s customer service team and app-based gaming company Clash Roayle, with 150.5M and 110.7M views respectively. Neither ad spends time discussing price or features. They simply tell compelling stories. While this isn’t to say that educating your customers or taking them behind the scenes isn’t valuable, these statistics support growing evidence that consumers don’t respond as well to “hard sales pitches” as they do to emotionally engaging content.

Infuse your video marketing strategy with strong story narratives to set yourself apart in saturated or mature markets where your competitors have similar feature sets and pricing margins. By sharing unique customer stories or communicating something meaningful about your brand values, you can appeal to customers in a way that transcends ever-changing price and feature wars. 

Know which channel your video is intended for

There is no one-size-fits-all channel strategy. Facebook ads are known for their viral, often educational or humorous content, while Instagram ads are usually silent, dreamy appeals. YouTube is the single biggest video-based search platform in the world, while a brand’s Snapchat account can offer a raw, unfiltered look into their values and products.

Although a single concept or storyline may be appropriate for all of these channels, the video itself should be edited to fit the tone, average length, and style of the channel where it will appear. If you aren’t an editing expert, don’t worry! Learn more about how our team can help you storyboard and script, manage talent, stitch together and refine your videos to fit perfectly — wherever and whenever your audience needs to find them.

Introductions and endings are important

Your videos should always be bookended by an attention-grabbing introduction and a concise ending that features a clear call to action (CTA). The average person spends less than 5 seconds deciding whether a video is worth watching, so the first three seconds should provide viewers with an emotional hook or value proposition to keep watching. The meat of your video needs to keep viewers engaged while reinforcing important information about your product or brand, then signal when your viewers should start paying attention to contact details such as your URL or a special offer that will take them to your app or website.

The goal of any video is not to keep them there, but encourage viewers to transition to a platform where they can learn more and make purchases. Make sure your CTA is short and sweet so viewers don’t have a difficult time remembering the exact details to make that jump.

When leveraged properly, video can be a powerful appeal to new and existing customers that highlights what makes your company unique and special. Reach out to our team today for a free consultation on your current video marketing strategy and learn how we can transform your brand together.

How to incorporate drone video into your social media content

Drones, with their incredible precision and flexibility, can offer truly astonishing bird’s eye views. Reduced costs have also put them within the budgetary range of virtually any business. DJI — the largest manufacturer in the consumer drone market — sells commercial-grade products for less than $500. Less full-featured products can be purchased for significantly less.
Incorporating drone video into your offerings

We’ve discussed how drone footage attracts the eye and commands attention. So how does one incorporate it into social platforms? After you’ve decided which hardware product is right for you, it all comes down to creative execution.

For example, if you’re in the business of selling homes, you might use a drone to take aerial photography of certain neighborhoods. A travel agency might use drone footage to the same effect, highlighting hotspots and amenities. If you’re not in a business that lends itself to drone footage, you can still use a drone to record employees engaging in activities such as hiking, mountain climbing, running a marathon or anything else.

Drones have the ability to make even routing activities appear striking, thanks to the unusual angles they provide. If used to good effect, they can make a social feed much more dynamic and engaging.

The takeaway

As drone technology has become more available, the use of aerial camera footage has become a social media differentiator. As drones continue to evolve, the content they create will become even more compelling. If you aren’t considering incorporating drone footage already, we urge you to do so.

For more information on how to utilize drones in your video production, contact our team today!

Use topic framing for guaranteed corporate video success

Video is one of the most popular and important tools for brands in the market today … yet one of the biggest concerns we hear from our clients is that their videos aren’t successful: people aren’t watching or sharing them, or they are closing the video before the main messaging is complete. Usually, this is less of a reflection on the quality of the video, and more of a reflection on the relevance of the contentConsumers expect a highly personalized marketing experience, so one-size-fits-all corporate videos simply won’t cut it anymore. To guide your video strategy, we recommend using “topic framing” to ensure you are creating videos with a clear focus and subsequently sharing them with the right audience. Topic framing starts the creative process by asking what you hope to accomplish or who you’re talking to, rather than with your brand and products. This allows you to make better decisions about how much to spend on video production or what types of content are most appropriate for that situation and audience. We’ve mapped out four of the most common frames to get you started.

Greeting Newbies (Also Known As Lead Generation):

If your goal is to attract customers who aren’t familiar with your brand, it’s time to pull out all the stops. Lead acquisition videos should clearly communicate the lifestyle and values associated with your products. We recommend splurging on high-quality production and carefully building a story that explains the main benefits of your brand. These types of videos are best supported by cross-channel marketing materials that invite potential customers to watch your video after seeing enticing social, print, or ad content that teases some of your main benefits. Every brand should have at least one lead generation video in various lengths, so if this is your first corporate video — start here.

Establishing Thought Leadership and Networking:

More mature brands or service-based companies might benefit from content that highlights your thought leadership and established presence within the industry. Recordings of recent lectures or conferences and direct one-on-one interaction with the camera from leaders within your organization signal that your brand is still learning, growing, and innovating. Unlike lead acquisition videos, you can get away with a more low-tech approach because the goal is to simply demonstrate knowledge and transparency. Thought leadership videos are a great way to differentiate your company from the competition or build excitement about an upcoming launch or event.

Playing to the Crowd: Fan-Focused:

Never underestimate the power of pleasing your best customers and fans. Videos that thank your customers, showcase their experiences with your products, entertain them, or delight them are good ways to build brand loyalty, encourage past customers to refer friends and family, and build goodwill. You can even leverage customer footage by inviting fans to submit videos on social media. Depending on your product or brand image, the type of production value you need to deliver to make these videos a success will differ. Work with an agency to define what success looks like and what you hope to accomplish from a fan video so you don’t invest too much time and energy into something that may not benefit your organization.

How-To Videos:

Some of the most important videos are how-to videos and product demonstrations that help prospective customers understand what they can do with your products, app, or services. This is especially important if you are a new entrant into the market or have a complicated app or product idea. Education, or lack thereof, is one of the first barriers that potential customers cite when opting out of a purchase, so we highly recommend you use tutorial videos to help them overcome these detrimental knowledge gaps. Make sure these videos are short, entertaining, and informative, or risk losing your audience before you even get started.

Click here to explore some of the videos that have been most successful for our clients and learn how we can help you create amazing video content for every situation and every type of customer.

3 reasons you need video editing services in 2017

We’ve already told you why video advertising is mission critical to your business in another blog post. Now, we’re going to tell you why video editing services are so important.
       1. Video editing services make content feel authentic:

In our last post about this topic, we explained that video ads and content are beginning to replace – or at least supplement – traditional digital advertising techniques such as banner ads and pay per click campaigns. Last year, more companies than ever invested in video production because they realized that video increases engagement. We hope last year’s 2016 resolution was taking tons of Vine videos, starting a YouTube channel, and testing the waters. Because the new year is here and it’s time to get serious. When you partner with a video editing company, they can help you reuse good, pre-existing footage, identify areas of opportunity, and amp up your story telling capabilities by stitching together key messaging and shots. More than 82% of companies that increased their video spend last year said it had a positive impact on their business, according to Single Grain. Engaging videos, however, hinge on having good, authentic content that is polished and professional. We know your Instagram story skills are good – but this year, it’s time to aim for great.

       2. Use a video editor to tell your brand story:

To make your videos great, it’s important to tell a story. Most people do this intuitively on social media when they create clip reels and short video stories of their life experiences. As consumers, we naturally gravitate toward videos that speak to us on that social, community-minded level. The value of good video editing services lies in their ability to tell a story and create a genuine narrative while inspiring action (not just engagement and consumption). Whether your video is three seconds long or three minutes long, you need to capture your audience’s attention, communicate something important, and end with a call to action … without losing the storyline. This careful balance is one-part science and one-part art. Video producers also have an eye on emerging video trends in terms of tone and treatment so that the videos you share are creatively relevant and meet consumers’ subconscious expectations about what a video should look and feel like. You don’t want to accidentally craft an entire marketing campaign around that outdated, so-2016  filter, do you?

       3. Your video editing company will get you on the platforms you need:

For video to be effective, it needs to be in front of the right people at the right times. Ideally, your video would also link to your email campaigns, traditional marketing efforts, and other outlets. Using a video editing company can help you determine where this makes sense, where it doesn’t, and how to effectively use video to cross platforms, devices, and marketing mediums. Making these links yourself can be very time consuming and even impossible unless you have professional-grade video editing and posting software. While there are a lot of great free tools in the market, they aren’t created with marketers in mind. With an agency, you get two birds with one stone: video strategy and an amazing finished product.

Like we said: if you’re reading this, we know we don’t need to sell you on the value of video. Your business results can speak for themselves. We just want you to realize that there is another level of potential as your video programming grows and are here to help the process along the way. Click here to learn more about how we have used video for other clients, or our unique video services and methodology.