Use topic framing for guaranteed corporate video success

Video is one of the most popular and important tools for brands in the market today … yet one of the biggest concerns we hear from our clients is that their videos aren’t successful: people aren’t watching or sharing them, or they are closing the video before the main messaging is complete. Usually, this is less of a reflection on the quality of the video, and more of a reflection on the relevance of the contentConsumers expect a highly personalized marketing experience, so one-size-fits-all corporate videos simply won’t cut it anymore. To guide your video strategy, we recommend using “topic framing” to ensure you are creating videos with a clear focus and subsequently sharing them with the right audience. Topic framing starts the creative process by asking what you hope to accomplish or who you’re talking to, rather than with your brand and products. This allows you to make better decisions about how much to spend on video production or what types of content are most appropriate for that situation and audience. We’ve mapped out four of the most common frames to get you started.

Greeting Newbies (Also Known As Lead Generation):

If your goal is to attract customers who aren’t familiar with your brand, it’s time to pull out all the stops. Lead acquisition videos should clearly communicate the lifestyle and values associated with your products. We recommend splurging on high-quality production and carefully building a story that explains the main benefits of your brand. These types of videos are best supported by cross-channel marketing materials that invite potential customers to watch your video after seeing enticing social, print, or ad content that teases some of your main benefits. Every brand should have at least one lead generation video in various lengths, so if this is your first corporate video — start here.

Establishing Thought Leadership and Networking:

More mature brands or service-based companies might benefit from content that highlights your thought leadership and established presence within the industry. Recordings of recent lectures or conferences and direct one-on-one interaction with the camera from leaders within your organization signal that your brand is still learning, growing, and innovating. Unlike lead acquisition videos, you can get away with a more low-tech approach because the goal is to simply demonstrate knowledge and transparency. Thought leadership videos are a great way to differentiate your company from the competition or build excitement about an upcoming launch or event.

Playing to the Crowd: Fan-Focused:

Never underestimate the power of pleasing your best customers and fans. Videos that thank your customers, showcase their experiences with your products, entertain them, or delight them are good ways to build brand loyalty, encourage past customers to refer friends and family, and build goodwill. You can even leverage customer footage by inviting fans to submit videos on social media. Depending on your product or brand image, the type of production value you need to deliver to make these videos a success will differ. Work with an agency to define what success looks like and what you hope to accomplish from a fan video so you don’t invest too much time and energy into something that may not benefit your organization.

How-To Videos:

Some of the most important videos are how-to videos and product demonstrations that help prospective customers understand what they can do with your products, app, or services. This is especially important if you are a new entrant into the market or have a complicated app or product idea. Education, or lack thereof, is one of the first barriers that potential customers cite when opting out of a purchase, so we highly recommend you use tutorial videos to help them overcome these detrimental knowledge gaps. Make sure these videos are short, entertaining, and informative, or risk losing your audience before you even get started.

Click here to explore some of the videos that have been most successful for our clients and learn how we can help you create amazing video content for every situation and every type of customer.

3 reasons you need video editing services in 2017

We’ve already told you why video advertising is mission critical to your business in another blog post. Now, we’re going to tell you why video editing services are so important.
       1. Video editing services make content feel authentic:

In our last post about this topic, we explained that video ads and content are beginning to replace – or at least supplement – traditional digital advertising techniques such as banner ads and pay per click campaigns. Last year, more companies than ever invested in video production because they realized that video increases engagement. We hope last year’s 2016 resolution was taking tons of Vine videos, starting a YouTube channel, and testing the waters. Because the new year is here and it’s time to get serious. When you partner with a video editing company, they can help you reuse good, pre-existing footage, identify areas of opportunity, and amp up your story telling capabilities by stitching together key messaging and shots. More than 82% of companies that increased their video spend last year said it had a positive impact on their business, according to Single Grain. Engaging videos, however, hinge on having good, authentic content that is polished and professional. We know your Instagram story skills are good – but this year, it’s time to aim for great.

       2. Use a video editor to tell your brand story:

To make your videos great, it’s important to tell a story. Most people do this intuitively on social media when they create clip reels and short video stories of their life experiences. As consumers, we naturally gravitate toward videos that speak to us on that social, community-minded level. The value of good video editing services lies in their ability to tell a story and create a genuine narrative while inspiring action (not just engagement and consumption). Whether your video is three seconds long or three minutes long, you need to capture your audience’s attention, communicate something important, and end with a call to action … without losing the storyline. This careful balance is one-part science and one-part art. Video producers also have an eye on emerging video trends in terms of tone and treatment so that the videos you share are creatively relevant and meet consumers’ subconscious expectations about what a video should look and feel like. You don’t want to accidentally craft an entire marketing campaign around that outdated, so-2016  filter, do you?

       3. Your video editing company will get you on the platforms you need:

For video to be effective, it needs to be in front of the right people at the right times. Ideally, your video would also link to your email campaigns, traditional marketing efforts, and other outlets. Using a video editing company can help you determine where this makes sense, where it doesn’t, and how to effectively use video to cross platforms, devices, and marketing mediums. Making these links yourself can be very time consuming and even impossible unless you have professional-grade video editing and posting software. While there are a lot of great free tools in the market, they aren’t created with marketers in mind. With an agency, you get two birds with one stone: video strategy and an amazing finished product.

Like we said: if you’re reading this, we know we don’t need to sell you on the value of video. Your business results can speak for themselves. We just want you to realize that there is another level of potential as your video programming grows and are here to help the process along the way. Click here to learn more about how we have used video for other clients, or our unique video services and methodology.

10 tips for theme park advertising from a video production company

We may think SEO, retargeting, and CRM programs are a day in the park (pun intended), there is one tool that rules them all in the realm of fun: video production services. Because you’re selling an emotional experience, few tools can capture the unique customer experience of your product like a video production company. Our experts reveal their favorite way to bring theme park advertising to life through video.

1. A video production company will nail experiential marketing: It’s hard to describe the feeling of g-force making your eyes water as you fly down the first drop of a new rollercoaster. And it’s hard to describe that signature shade of cotton-candy pink that lets you know you’ve found your favorite concession stand. And it’s hard to describe the anticipation associated with the sound of pressurized hydraulic mist before lazy river riders get drenched. Web video production can. Video production is the heart and soul of experiential marketing in the digital age. Enough said.  

2. Transform user generated content into marketing collateral: No one can capture the amazing memories of a day at a theme park quite like your visitors. Using a video production company to polish and repurpose user generated content or to capture its essence and transform it into marketing content is the best way to let potential visitors in on all the inside jokes, sweet treats, thrills and spills waiting for them just inside your gate. Video contests, social media campaigns, and YouTube are only the beginning of the video production services you can use to showcase your best visitors and THEIR best moments. We love it when our customers do our work for us and you should too.

3. Unleash your newest rides: One of the things that keeps people coming back to theme parks again and again is new attractions. A good film production company can build anticipation, generate buzz, and cultivate an air of excitement around new features and rides. A video production company makes it easy to show off elements of a new feature without giving the entire experience away, building just the right amount of desire.

4. Tell your story: Web video production is one of the best, quickest, and most effective ways to tell your brand story. When people think of the Disney brand, their parks – and the vision of families interacting on site – are some of the most iconic images in the industry. When you use video to tell a brand story the way Disney does, your customers’ experiences aren’t just about a day in a theme park, they are about an entire narrative or lifestyle that will keep them coming back or sharing their experiences with others.

5. Good video is a four-year investment: One of the most common things our clients tell us is that they are worried about hiring a video production company because it will be too expensive and their assets will need refreshed too often. We are here to debunk that myth. Good b-roll footage of your park, brand assets, and story narrative can last anywhere between three and four years. It’s important to set expectations with your videography company upfront, so they can work both within your budget and time horizon to create the content you need.

6. Shh … it’s okay to use stock footage: A good film production company will help you understand where you can use stock footage and where it’s important to have brand-specific video clips. Blending both can help augment your existing photo and text base, and compliment your campaigns. Don’t worry, it isn’t cheating and almost everyone does it. The trick is doing it the right way. Your agency will help you blend stock and original footage so your results are always original, tasteful, and on message. And most importantly, within copyright guidelines.

7. Video is an SEO goldmine: Like images, video can play a huge role is boosting your SEO ranking. Work with your web video production company to properly tag, target, and post videos to maximize both exposure and SEO. Good video is not only shareable, but highly indexed by search engines. Because video also happens to be some of the most engaging content available, you win in more ways than one.

8. You can’t win in multi-channel marketing without video: Customers are learning about your brand on multiple devices, at multiple times, and sharing their attention with multiple assets. Video is a miraculous medium that can cross these channels and devices seamlessly and encourage prospective visitors to head closer to your point of sale. Work with your video production company to determine how video can drive sales and encourage guests to reach your website through a specific call to action or jump trigger.  

9. Side-by-side comparisons: One of the most fun ways to use video to promote your theme park is through side-by-side comparisons. Whether you want to show off your fun factor, appeal to adrenaline junkies, or bring families together, a dramatized comparison of your park to a regular day, or a head-to-head view of your competition should easily do the trick.

10. It’s a lot easier than you think: Last, but not least, using web production services is a lot easier than you think. No matter how new you are to the medium or what your budget is, your agency can work with you to tailor video assets to your exact needs. Click here to explore some of the videos we’ve work on for our clients. We recommend new video users try a hybrid of agency crafted material and hand-held DIY content to get started and grow together.

Video is fun and effective. It’s highly engaging. And one of the most consistently growing digital trends of 2017. The best part is that your customers are already digesting videos regularly, so you can easily capture their attention without working too hard. And if there’s one thing we wish for 2017 — it’s that we can help you work smarter, rather than harder.

Why online video advertising is mission critical to your business

There’s a big reason close to 80% of advertising leaders said they plan to invest more in online video advertising this year than they did last year according to Reuters Institute’s annual digital survey. Actually, there are three big reasons if you ask anyone on our team.


Okay, digital advertising – like banner ads and pay per click campaigns – isn’t “out,” but it is on the decline. Ad blocking technology is becoming more prevalent and more precise, which means the savviest (and possibly most desirable) customers are opting out of ads. Don’t fear ad blocking: it’s the future.

The good news is that over 60% of consumers in a recent Millward Brown study said they would be open to receiving ads if they could control the content or if they were receiving relevant, personal information. That’s why online video advertising is so important. Video advertising helps convey an emotional narrative that appeals to the consumer and – when done well – can feel very personal. And thanks to a wide variety of distribution channels and deep targeting capabilities, video can also be highly relevant.


Growing brands can often benefit from the “halo effect” of aligning with more established organizations. Local companies can dramatically increase their reach by sharing contacts and social clout with other local companies. Video is a gateway to establish these types of partnerships. Online video advertising is easy to create, impactful, and primed for partner collaboration. Unlike static ads or print campaigns, video– rather than tells – shows how partnerships work or where two lifestyle brands meet. And, when trying to establish partnerships, collaborating on high-impact creative assets is always better with two budgets, two teams, and two sets of resources. Our team can work with you to identify strong partner opportunities and generate engaging narratives these partners will want to take part in. If NBC Universal can create videos with Vox and BuzzFeed, you can get in on the action too.


Targeted, multi-platform distribution is powerful. We mean really powerful. For example, a television ad that has a complementary YouTube clip drives viewers across platforms and closer to your point of sale. Shareable video content increases your social reach and unlocks new audience potential. ThinkWithGoogle estimates the material impact is a 56% increase in reach just between television and online video advertising. When you add on supporting social media campaigns, email, and event marketing that opportunity goes up exponentially.

Our team specializes in prioritizing cross-platform initiatives to ensure your spend is allocated to create the most impact. Online video advertising allows you to be at the right places at the right times to support your customer journey. They are more engaging than traditional digital ads so they help you reach more people, and build smarter business connections. Most importantly, videos aren’t going anywhere. All you have to do is look at the growing popularity of Facebook’s live stream feature to realize video is all the rage. As technology development continues to shift to a mobile-first mindset, videos will only increase in importance thanks to their ability to quickly and easily convey critical information and establish real emotions between viewers and your brand.

Let’s create some videos together.

Why you need to include video marketing in your tourism outreach

We’ve shared our views on why video marketing and production matters more than ever before and how tourism marketing can benefit from video in the past. And, for our advanced readers who are already on the trend, we want to take things one step farther.

Videos link channels across tourism marketing outreach

When customers receive an email with an embedded video link, they are 200% more likely to click the links. Go ahead, reread that: 200% more likely to click your email. Video is such an engaging medium that it has the power to link multiple marketing channels together and bridge the gap between email, social, paid, search, television, and even print ads. You’ll find your customers seamlessly migrating between your Facebook campaigns and your YouTube channel. They’ll happily log online to see the next installment of a television commercial with a great narrative. A teasing hashtag is enough to make them close their magazine and log onto Instagram. And then they’ll share it all. The reason video is so effective in this way is because it allows marketers to tell a story with their brand and communicate their value proposition through words and images. Video is easy for consumers to digest and also easy for marketers to implement across a wide variety of channels. This winning combo allows you to leverage some great b-roll footage across your diverse marketing efforts to create a true end-to-end marketing experience that customers love.

Video marketing lets you be everywhere customers need you to be

Today’s consumer often starts their purchase journey on one device and ends (or purchases) somewhere else. This is especially true in tourism marketing. Device agnostic marketing techniques are becoming more and more important as customers use their smartphones, tablets, laptops, and televisions to solve everyday problems all at the same time. That’s four screens competing for your customers’ attention at any given moment. To ensure success, you need to be on all four screens. And before you protest and say that this would be too expensive, consider the power of video marketing. Aside from being a top-notch visceral cue for tourism marketing customers, video translates easily across screens and mediums, allowing you to be everywhere at once … Without the hefty price tag to go along with it. Good video production allows you to be everywhere your customers expect you to be regardless of where they are at in your purchase journey.

Tourism marketing is a visual industry at its core

We would be remiss not to remind you that video marketing is one of the most engaging mediums available to the tourism industry. Nothing affirms a customer’s choice in your destination or hotel like seeing your views, exploring your guest rooms, or taking in the sights and sounds of your kitchens from the comfort of their own home. Video helps build engagement and excitement, while leveraging the fundamental emotions necessary to inspire an elective purchase such as a vacation or tourism visit. Video marketing is, without a doubt, the most powerful way to capture your prospective audience’s imagination and entice them to learn more about your brand and commit to their next trip.

Video is a critical investment for tourism marketing

At the end of the day, video is also just a good investment. When you do it right, one long video can be spliced into multiple short spots and teasers, you can pull still images from high quality footage, and edit your roll a hundred different ways to support a variety of campaigns, messaging points, website needs, and sales tools. Old video can often be combined with new footage as elements of your destination evolve, so this initial investment can last for years to come (unlike photos that tend to wear out their welcome in one to two years). Let our creative team of video production efforts help you build a shot list, story board, and video narrative that will adapt to your changing needs across a wide range of channels. Together, we’ll set a budget and production schedule that delights and inspires. 

Check out some of the amazing videos we’ve created for our other clients here and then let’s get started. As we near the end of the year, there’s no better time to introduce a video campaign to inspire sales moving toward 2017.

The 1 thing that matters in corporate video production

Today’s general media usage pattern favors images and videos over pages of text and long, descriptive paragraphs. It’s true that text-based sites are still critical in conveying news and detailed information, but the average user is more engaged with and spends the most time on visual content. One need only look to the cult-like popularity of the image-based news site Buzzfeed to understand this trend. Images are such a critical part of the average media usage pattern that a typical user scans a website in under three seconds and draws a conclusion about the brand, site, or content simply by the visual elements alone.
This is why corporate video production is so important when positioning your brand and engaging your audience. To help guide your video production needs, our full-service Orlando marketing agency is here to help. Click here for examples of our work. When you’re ready, our team will help you craft the perfect marketing videos, assist with the story boarding process, refine messaging, and convey tone through images. As you begin thinking about the types of videos your brand can’t live without, here is our cheat sheet for success. We’ll share the one thing that matters most in corporate video production and two bonus tips that certainly help.

MUST DO: Get painfully aligned to your audience’s media usage pattern:

If you are an avid reader of our blog, you have probably heard us tell you to get painfully narrow about everything from media spends to big data investments. We like to think of this as our “Golden Rule” of digital marketing, so you shouldn’t be surprised that it’s our top recommendation when thinking about corporate video production. When your content is too broad, you risk never engaging your users enough to break through the hundreds of ads, blogs, and distractions vying for their attention. No product or service is suitable for everyone, and your content shouldn’t be either.

When you know your audience very well, you’ll understand their unique media usage pattern, you’ll know the types of material they enjoy most, you’ll know where they spend their time online, and you can tailor your content to their exact needs. By getting painfully aligned with a specific target audience, you may feel like you are alienating customers who don’t fall into that specific subset. Flip your perspective here. Instead of alienating customers, you are simply embracing the quality over quantity mindset to build your business with ultra loyal customers who will engage with and stay with your brand. As this base grows, more subsets will begin learning about and adopting your brand as a secondary audience. In other words, by going narrow, you’ll get broad. If you start broad, you risk never getting noticed at all.

This is critically important when producing corporate videos. No branding video should be longer than 30 seconds, and most viewers stop watching after 10 seconds if they haven’t been hooked by your content. You simply can’t afford to try to appeal to everyone. To create highly engaging content, you have to have a clear vision and know what your audience will enjoy. Let our team help you create a unique story that grabs your customers’ attention and wow’s your audience.

SHOULD DO: Tell a story that fits seamlessly in their media usage pattern:

One of the best ways to capture your audience is to tell a story that fits seamlessly into their media usage pattern. A great example of this is Bergdorf Goodman’s annual holiday catalogue campaign. Each year, to kick off their holiday season, Bergdorf Goodman creates a themed video that introduces their top most outrageous, sumptuous, over-the-top, elaborate gifts. Naturally, they tease these must-have items on social media, and seal the deal with outrageously indulgent email videos and Instagram posts. Our favorite? The 2011 dog-themed shopping spree. Check it out here: The effect creates a magical, luxuriant world that speaks to their most high-valued customers and every single aspirational shopper that ever stumbled upon the brand. Take time to get to know your audience and understand why they are surfing on certain platforms or using certain digital tools. This will help inform the types of stories they will enjoy seeing and how you can relate your product back to these themes.

Telling a story also helps create an emotional bond between your target audience and your brand. Regardless of whether you choose to target your corporate video at the top of the sales funnel or at the bottom of the funnel; or whether your content is product-focused or brand value-focused, relating your corporate video back to an emotional hook helps differentiate your brand and break away from the competition. Remember those Bergdorf dogs? They didn’t make BG products any more luxurious than Saks or Neiman Marcus items, but they did help this brand stand out. While it’s always important to balance your story with critical facts and figures about your product, the vast majority of purchases are decided based on emotion rather than fact when all other elements are equal. So go ahead, get emotional.

SHOULD DO: Make every frame count:

Never create videos simply to create a video. And don’t try to accomplish something in a video that you could do in a powerfully placed image. Every frame of your video should convey something an image cannot. Usually, this is why having a compelling story is so important. Similarly, video can be an invaluable asset when showcasing the unique features or high quality that sets your product apart.

Every frame of your corporate video should be power-packed so that your audience understands the value of your product whether they watch 10 seconds or 40 seconds. Your video should also stand alone with or without sound because you can never guarantee your audience will view with the volume on. Because you can’t control variables such as sound or timing, every single frame of your corporate video needs to convey your key message points and product details seamlessly.

Because corporate video production is one of the most nuanced forms of marketing and requires close collaboration with your creative team, it is often most effective to use a digital market agency to streamline the process and reduce video waste. Remember, our team of highly-skilled videographers and storytellers are here to help if you get stuck. Our team can help you shoot your video effectively, craft images that tell a powerful story, and speak to your specific audience with ease.