3 reasons your hospitality company needs travel videos right now

Travel videos are indispensable to your brand because tourism is one of the first expenses to get cut when the economy is rough and often doesn’t make it to the average consumers’ weekly savings budget. When people spend money on travel, it’s because they have invested emotionally in your hotel, travel destination, or tourism hot spot. A little disposable income never hurt either, but we have plenty of data to suggest a strong emotional connection to a vacation spot or hotel might even trump that weekly budget’s bottom line when consumers are planning their next family vacation.

Because women account for 60% of all major tourism bookings and they are more inclined to respond to emotional marketing campaigns, travel videos are a perfect medium for your target audience. Travel, in and of itself, is almost exclusively an emotional, rather than pragmatic, purchase, so travel videos should always be one of your most trusted marketing tools. Here are the top three reasons your company needs travel videos to keep your brand healthy and your customers engaged.

1. Travel videos show rather than tell:

To create an emotional connection that will entice and inspire prospective travelers to choose your destination or property over the many other options they have (including staying at home), you can’t simply say you have a beach front property in the Caribbean. Instead, show off your infinity pool suites overlooking the teal waters and white sand beaches of the Caribbean Sea in a fun, flirty video featuring real-life guests enjoying your swim-up bar and sensuous spa facilities. Let your travel videos tell your brand’s story rather than trying to describe it. As your prospective guests watch, they will project themselves into your brand and be more likely to want to visit.

2. Travel videos boost engagement:

Seasoned travel pros AirBnB and Mexican-based restore chain Karisma Hotels & Resorts use video as the main image of their homepage background because studies have found that dreamy, silent videos running in the background boost time spent on site and customer engagement with your content by up to 25-percent. Travel videos are alluring, and they have the unbeatable power to drop your prospects into life in your travel destination. Even short, silent clips play a subliminal role in creating this emotional bond. Short of visiting your property, travel videos beat photos and written text hand over fist every time.  

3. Travel videos give your brand credibility:

Although videos can be edited and photoshopped, it’s a little more difficult to fake the look and feel of a tourism destination in a travel video compared to a print advertisement or digital banner. While many photo-based campaigns blend stock photography with proprietary content, most videos can’t risk using stock reel in a property tour video for risk of false advertisement. Users are more inclined to believe the size of your rooms or quality of your property is what you tell them if they have seen it in a video. It’s time to put your money – er, we mean camera – where your mouth is.

Travel videos can be more inspiring than almost any other form of media. When an entire vacation is condensed into a 30 second commercial or social media video, you immediately take your brand to the next level. Since our team of marketing specialists live where many people vacation, we’re primed to help you craft the perfect video for your brand. Give us a call today.

Don’t be that brand: The ultimate video DON’T list

There is no question that video production can be a powerful marketing tool. Brands use video to educate consumers about new product types, walk prospects through a free trial experience, engage audiences, or showcase the features and benefits of a brand. Video can even simply be a way to delight, entertain, and reinforce brand imagery. There are so many great ways to use video that it’s hard for us to pick one handful of really amazing advice. Instead, we decided to share our ultimate “DON’T” list. Avoid these guaranteed video fails on your next project and you’ll be off to a good start.

1. Remember people’s attention spans are … what were we talking about again?

People’s attention spans are shorter than ever. The average video watcher needs to be hooked within the first three seconds of watching or they are less than 15% likely to complete their viewing session. Similarly, even the most engaged users tend to drop off around the 30-second mark. When choosing a topic for your video – whether it’s product, brand, or education related – choose something that can be conveyed in under 30 seconds, or that can be split into a series of smaller videos.

2. SFW and being audio friendly:

Some companies make the mistake of putting all their juiciest content into the audio portion of their 30 second commercial. While audio is indeed important, many viewers watching on their smart devices or at work may opt out of the sound on your video. If you’ve ever received an email with the subject line “Not SFW” you may understand why. Make sure that your video has elements that are clearly conveyed using visual cues, as well as sound, for maximum effect. For example, a 30-second spot with a man talking about your product behind a white background is only effective if that viewer has sound on. A more effective version would be him showcasing the product doing something amazing while talking about it. And don’t forget, a few strategically placed headlines can go a long way.

3. Boredom kills any 30 second commercial:

If you don’t want to watch your video, neither do your customers. Even the most serious topics can be tastefully presented using a little personality and levity. Your local Orlando marketing agency can help you strike the perfect balance between entertainment and education so your customers enjoy watching your videos enough to remember the key messaging you planted inside that content. You can also tap into your own customer base by soliciting user-generated content about your brand. Testimonials and product DIYs are almost always more effective when coming from customers to help generate trust and authenticity, so this may be a great option for brands on a budget or those without a robust in-house creative team.

4. Location is everything, even in videos:

Before you create a 30 second commercial, consider where you want to place it and what you want it to accomplish. A video focused on brand awareness would be shown in a different place than a product tutorial, for example. To help guide your video story boarding and production, make sure you know exactly where you’re going to put them. If you simply create videos to have them, you risk missing out on using this awesome resource or misusing it and losing critical engagement.


Ready to get started? Get your camera ready, your creative team hyped, and your site primed. you’re next 30 second commercial is going to be a hit. And don’t worry, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Why video production matters more than ever for your business

Just because cable and network broadcasting subscriptions are dropping, doesn’t mean people aren’t watching videos and rich media. In 2016, Google announced that more then 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube per minute. That’s right, we said per minute. Last year, that number was only 300 hours per minute. In other words, that’s a 200% annual increase in video production. In addition to user-based video hubs such as YouTube or Vine, streaming video sites such as Netflix, Hulu and PrimeVideo are all on the rise. There is no sign that video production is decreasing – it’s just being consumed in a different way, which is why videos for businesses are becoming such an integral part of the marketing mix. If you’re still on the fence about the value of a strong video marketing campaign, here’s our two cents on the matter:

Videos drive engagement:

Studies show that you have less than 3 seconds to grab your consumer’s attention. So yes, first impressions seriously matter. Three seconds isn’t enough time to read detailed copy about your customer service and product features, but it is ample enough to allow viewers to become drawn into a powerful video showcasing your brand values in a way that makes your audience want to learn more. Good video production will engage your audience and hold their attention longer than text or static images ever could. In a recent study by Implix, companies found that people were 96% more likely to click on an email if there was an introductory video embedded in the content. If the very act of showcasing a video can drive double-digit engagement, imagine what watching compelling videos for businesses has the power to do.

Conversion, conversion, conversion:

We’re not shy. We know your main goal is to drive business and conversion, which is why we love videos. According to Forbes, more than 90% of retail consumers cite video as a key part of their purchase process and that they are 64% to 85% more likely to buy a product after watching an informational video. E-commerce sites such as Zappos and Amazon rely on videos to showcase their products in a real-world setting, while hotels and tourism sites use video to show off their venues and unique experiences, and business service organizations employ video production to explain complicated products or add service value. No matter what industry you’re in, video can capture your value proposition and translate it in a way that drives consumer engagement by building trust and clarity.

Videos help people do business with brands they like:

It’s no secret that the general public trusts social media, user reviews, and viral content more than carefully curated ad campaigns and polished publicity stunts. While this isn’t surprising, the shift has thrown marketers into a tailspin over the past decade. Are marketers becoming obsolete in a world where consumers have the power to oust bad brand behavior and share their real-life experiences with your products? No. But we do need to start communicating with our audience from a place of authenticity and transparency. Corporate video production is your chance to show your brand’s personality from a genuine perspective that allows your audience to choose if your value proposition resonates with their needs. Whether you’re working with user-generated videos or a professional video production company to craft your media, there is something deeply humanizing about watching other people just like us on film. And at the end of the day, most people want to do business with people and brands that they truly like.

It’s okay to be trendy:

Whether you’re a YouTube or Netflix junkie – or neither, the internet has exploded with video content. And each episode of your favorite sitcom and trendy YouTube tutorial usually comes loaded with a video ad. ComScore estimates that more than 45.4% of internet users view at least one video per month. If your audience isn’t watching your viral video that just hit 1.5M views, they could at least be watching the video ad you ran before their next funny dog clip. People are self-selecting video content as a primary way to learn about brands and communicate with each other. Corporate video production gives you the unique opportunity to take advantage of this trend and get in on the action while it’s still a relatively new and emerging media.

The trick to successfully driving video marketing campaigns is to target the right audience at the right place and at the right time. A strong video production company or social marketing agency can help you define your strategy and begin building your voice or help you find tools to serve and measure your audience’s needs. From there, it’s a simple matter of being you and letting your brand shine. Video production can be as simple or as complicated as your budget or taste allows, and it can be as inexpensive or cost-intensive as you’d like. It’s one of the most flexible marketing tools we have at our disposal as well as one of the most efficient. In all honesty, we can’t think of a reason why producing videos for a brand don’t just plain make good business sense.

Are you ready to put video to use when engaging with your prospective audience? Contact our team of video production experts today – we’ll show you how video can align perfectly with your existing branding efforts!

Here are the Four Fun Content Ideas to Boost Engagement

Ever notice how the ads that people like best during the Superbowl are the funny ones? This shouldn’t be a surprise, because people love to be entertained (and if you don’t believe me, just take a look at how many movies you’ve watched on Netflix in the last month!).

At our Florida advertising agency, we know companies don’t have to be super serious to also be perceived as professional. Take, for example, Geico, which deals with heavy insurance matters on a daily basis, many of which involve injury or even death. The brand could have taken an approach that touted the seriousness of the business and its commitment to all things insurance, but can you deny that would have been slightly, well…boring? Instead, it opted to give in to the creative impulse, generating an Australian talking lizard that is now etched into the mind of every person in America (whether we want him to be or not).

My point is that your content doesn’t have to be stuffy, even if your industry isn’t all that laid back. As such, we’ve developed 4 fun content ideas that can help break your brand from the strongholds of thinking everything has to be all business, all the time. In looking at this list and generating your own creative content ideas, remember that people are most likely to share funny posts and uplifting content (hence, the success of sites like Buzzfeed and Upworthy). [quote]By generating your own content in this capacity, you’ll be giving your followers plenty to talk about.[/quote]

1. Stop-motion Vines: Who’d have thought a company like Lowes would have been a pioneer in the land of 6-second videos? Lowes’s series of Vines give you practical home tips with a DIY aura…all in six seconds! Check out this screwdriver/rubber band tip and tell me you’re not impressed.

2. Throwback Thursdays: What started out a few young people posting photos from their childhood on Instagram and Facebook is now a full-on trend. People love to see these photos from the times when you actually had to walk two miles in the snow uphill both ways to get to a place that would print out your photos. Even if your business isn’t necessarily trendy or cool, you can still tap into this trend by showing old photos of your founders or your first brick-and-mortar location, or even a photo of an old newspaper clipping about your business that you have hanging around. Just don’t forget to tag them “#tbt.”

3. One-Second-a-Day Videos: These types of videos can be extremely fun and inspiring, and take literally, one second a day to create (plus perhaps a little bit of time at the end to edit). Try showing one second a day from your work or your office to capture just a slice of your daily work. For a slightly different variation on this, make a one-minute video featuring exactly one second at 60 of your favorite local landmarks. And, the 1 Second Everyday app makes it super simple to record.

4. Awards and Recognition: People love to be recognized, and when you offer them some form of recognition, they’ll typically share that with their social circles. Recently, a friend of mine was recognized by a small women’s group. The company wrote a blog about her and invited her to speak at a free monthly panel discussion. The cost? Perhaps a couple of hours to write the blog and plan the event, and a few dollars to provide food and beverages at the panel. However, when the recipient shared her blog, the blog post generated thousands of page views, hundreds of likes, several shares on Facebook and tons of goodwill in the community. Recognizing a strong employee, young leader or a powerful member of your community is a great way to build visibility.

Ready to chat about a few more ideas to get your fans talkin’? Contact our team at BIGEYE today to take your brand from bo-ring to bazinga!

Top seven Tips to Stretch a Small Marketing Budget

It’s been said that limitations are the key to creativity.
If you have millions of dollars to throw around with marketing, chances are, you’re going to end up spending a fair bit of it on things that don’t actually work…that’s precisely why small marketing budgets can be a blessing in disguise.

If you’re working at or own a business, but have only a limited marketing budget, have no fear, our Florida ad agency is here to help you grow, one dollar at a time with the following seven tips:

1. Make a plan: A marketing budget, no matter how small, will go much further if you have a set of concrete goals to apply your funds. Even something as small as $500 will go a lot further if you have measurable goals in mind.

2. Know that your biggest investment is time: If you have time, you have a distinct advantage over businesses that have large marketing budgets but limited time to implement strategies. Allocate your time wisely, and apply it strategically to help get the most value for your dollar.

3. Look for growth hacking ideas: Growth hacking means finding small and inexpensive ways to seed awareness of your product or service.

4. Start a company blog: This can help you establish credibility as a leader in your field, and can also be great in terms of search engine optimization. The more articles you post, the more ways potential clients or customers will be able to find your site.

5. Consider a handwritten note or gift: Even a small token of appreciation to your early customers can go a long way in influencer marketing and repeat purchasers. Include some stickers, and invite your customers to Instagram photos of where they’ve put them. Create a specific hashtag specifically for this purpose.

6. Create how-to videos: At this point, most people in the media business agree that people will forgive moderate video production quality for grassroots and growing businesses as long as the content itself is good. No one is expecting a Stephen Spielberg-esque production; just set aside time to record some how-to videos pertaining to your product, service or field, and use that to leverage even more credibility and to increase your following on YouTube.[quote]Repurpose the content by linking out to the videos on your social accounts as well.[/quote]

7. Send a newsletter: Weekly or monthly newsletters provide easy ways for businesses to grow their marketing base and get repeat customers. Provide interesting content in a visually appealing way. Once you have the template set, the biggest task is the time it takes to draft and send the email. If possible, experiment with subject lines, copy length and calls to action to determine what works best for you.

And for a bonus tip — Make it easy for your customers to share their experiences! This includes making sure there are easy-to-find social share icons on your website, and simple templates for feedback and customer service. Remember that customer service and marketing aren’t as attenuated as once previously thought, as happy customers can serve as your brand’s biggest influencers.

The team at our Florida marketing agency encourages you to follow these tips to help grow your business, without breaking the bank. For more tips, contact us for a consultation to learn how we can help you grow your business on any budget!

Why Digital Video is Such a Good Idea for Your Brand

Whenever I discuss video production with small and medium brands, I often hear a lot of reasons why it’s not a great idea. “It’s too expensive,” clients tell me. Or, I’ll hear, “What happens if it doesn’t go viral?”
Well, more often than not, video can be a great idea for your brand, and with all the digital video production equipment out there, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Of course, there’s going to be a difference in quality between a Superbowl Ad and a short Vine that you post on Twitter, but if you’re creative enough — and I’m sure you are — there are fun and interesting ways to create engaging video content with just a laptop or cell phone camera and a good idea.

Of course, anytime you make a video, there’s the urge to hope it goes viral. Fortunately, even if it doesn’t, the video content can still do a lot of good for your brand.[quote]If you create videos that tell great stories about what you’re doing, to be seen only by your social media followers, you can instill goodwill in your most loyal brand advocates.[/quote] Many would argue that’s much more important than having your video seen by a thousand people in Europe who have no interest in purchasing your product or service. In any case, if vitality is your goal, you can enlist the help of companies like Unruly Media to help seed your content for viral sharing.

There are numerous other great reasons to create digital video content for your brand. Here are some of my favorites, from our Florida marketing agency to you.

1. People are visual beings

A visual image will attract more attention than text alone.

2. Google gives preference to video content

Notice when you do a Google search, you’ll often see a designated area for videos related to your search, even if you were only looking for a website or article. This is because Google gives preference to video content. Such content doesn’t have to necessarily be hosted on YouTube (which is owned by Google), though it helps.

3. Video sharing on Facebook outperforms other types of content in 5 out of 6 industries

In a study of 42 brands over 7 consumer categories, video was the most commonly shared type of content for 34 of the brands.

4. Video sharing is becoming more popular as internet and mobile speeds increase around the world

These days, many people do not even own cable due to the abundance of content they can find online for free on YouTube channels, as well as sites like Hulu. Some YouTube channels have millions of subscribers, showing that people can build up a loyal following with their web-based video content.

5. It’s only going to continue to get bigger

Cisco reports that by 2017, video will account for 69% of all digital content. Why not get in now, before it’s too late to keep up?

If you’re not investing in digital video content, it may be time to start. Contact our Orlando ad agency for a consultation, to find out how we can set up a digital video content strategy for your brand.