Viral Videos: Creating Videos People Love & Will Share

Flu season is upon us and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) says the number of recorded cases this year has already reached epidemic proportions. The team at our Orlando advertising agency has received office-wide preventative vaccines so shoo flu, don’t bother us!

We hardly take the potential severity of Influenza lightly, but we can’t help but compare the virus’s widespread impact to another virus; a promotional technique for which there is no known prophylactic: viral video marketing. The term stems from the idea that if an ad reaches a “susceptible” user, that user becomes “infected” (i.e. accepts the idea), shares what they’ve seen with others, others do the same and so on and so forth.

Viral Videos—VV’s we’ll call them—are a relatively new phenomenon owing their exponentially increasing presence to YouTube’s 2005 launch. Not all VVs contain a marketing component, but for the purposes of this extremely well written and thought-out blog piece, we’re only interested in those that do.

One of the first VV campaigns was released even before it had broadly reaching social platforms like YouTube and Reddit at its disposal.  Recorded way back in 1995 A.D.—the same year O.J. was on trial and Alicia Silverstone played Cher in Clueless, the greatest cinematic masterpiece of the 20th century— Loronix Information Systems released an innovative ad promoting surveillance computers. THIS CLIP features a distraught, overweight cubicle worker with a case of misplaced rage.

The clip played on one of the most important aspects of VV marketing. Just like the first rule of Fight Club, “You do not talk about Fight Club,” the first rule of VV marketing is making sure not to make transparent an intention to sell a product or service. For a video to even be considered “viral,” the litmus test is 100,000 views within a 24-hour span—anything less than that, and it falls into the much lesser “cough due to cold” category.  In order to reach such lofty numbers without seeking “seeding help” from companies like Pimp My Views or View Tornado, a VV must first and foremost entertain.

A recent Forbes article calls this approach “Candy with the Medicine,” a philosophy that recognizes a message is best received within entertainment. So, focusing first on the entertainment value (the candy) and then following with the message (the medicine) is the only way to ensure maximum results. From an application standpoint, which would you rather watch? THIS or THIS?

The first is part of a series of Old Spice commercials developed by Oregon ad agency, Wieden and Kennedy. Titled “Believe in your Smelf” it’s a follow-up to “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” which received 40 million YouTube views in 12 months, leading to a Twitter following increase of 2700%, a Facebook interaction increase of 800% and an overall sales of Old Spice body wash 107% increase. The second clip is a more traditional, jingle reliant commercial.  It also happens to be one of the most obnoxious, ear gratingly, jaw grindingly, amateur spectacles ever to come out of New York.  It shoves the “message” down the consumer’s throat while casting the “entertainment” portion of the model to the wayside. In summation, the first example makes viewers laugh; the second doubtless forces them question the future prospects of the human race.

Viral Videos: providing hope for humanity.

Interested in ways to create viral video content that has the potential to spread your brand message to the masses? Contact our team of video production experts today!

Recognize The Importance of Seeding A Branded Video

YouTube is a fascinating website.  Make a hit, and you might have exposure to more than a billion people.  But, make a dud (or even a good video that just doesn’t get any traction) and you may find yourself out thousands of dollars, with little to show.

That’s because there’s a science to creating and seeding a digital video.  It seems easy enough – make something hilarious, share it with your friends, and then they’ll share it with their friends – but unfortunately, that’s not actually the way it works in the real world.

Successful videos reach viewers on an emotional level.  When videos capture an emotion, people are more likely to share, comment and engage with the content.  There are some exceptions – for example, how-to videos tend to be extremely popular ways to market technical devices – but the trends show that sharing behavior occurs when people feel more emotionally connected to a video.

Humor is obviously a great reason to share a video.  In fact, branded or not branded, most of the videos that come up in my Facebook feed are humorous.  But, a recent white paper from Unruly Media shows that people are even more inclined to share uplifting videos – the types that make people feel happy or inspired.

Also, another tip: if a video is good, the amount of branding doesn’t seem to matter. This popular video from Chipotle, a personal favorite of mine, lists the Chipotle brand only within the last 30 seconds of the video.  Without that, you would never know it is a Chipotle video.

But, it not just the content that helps sell the video… it’s also the way you seed it.

In the days of YouTube, it’s hard to get any video seen through all the rest of the things that are out there.  According to the most recent data from Google, more than 72 hours of video content are uploaded every minute.  That is A LOT of video!  And, let’s be honest… a lot of it is garbage.

Because so much of it is trash, it’s hard to get the good stuff to the surface.  But, there are strategies to help you seed your video.  You can buy sponsored placement on YouTube, or, if you opt to house your video on a server outside YouTube, you may have even more authority to place it wherever you want. Advertisers can put video ads on a number of media sites, as companies such as AOL and Gawker Media have places for branded video content.

Also, if your aim is to create content that people will share, then it is essential to make it easy to share. Top marketing executives know that they should put social share buttons right next to the video, as people are typically logged in to their social networks when viewing, and simplifying the sharing process makes it more likely that people will share the content.

While you can’t make a viral video, you can use these tips to help seed a video for viral success.  And, if you need a helping hand, the team at our Florida advertising agency is happy to assist you in creating a strategy to help your video go viral.

BIGEYE Video Team Proud To Be A Part of Karli’s Story

The BIGEYE video production team was proud to tell the story of the amazing Karli.  Her story of fighting her cancer is an inspiring story.
After being diagnosed with bone cancer, Karli’s world was turned upside down. Since completing her treatment, she has become a warrior in the battle against childhood cancer. Having fought and overcome this disease, Karli and her family are forever grateful to those who support the place that gave them hope and healing. This year, Karli’s family will be leading Arnie’s March at the Arnold Palmer Invitational. Join them in the fight against childhood cancer at

Video Production 101: What You Need To Know Before Doing Video

For a company taking its first shot at creating video content, it can be overwhelming to walk into a meeting room for the first time to create a digital video strategy.  Often, new content creators are unfamiliar with the actual costs and types of teams needed to help successfully create and distribute digital video content.
It’s important to remember that your team is not alone in wanting to create content; you are competing with thousands of other brands and individuals who are each vying for a piece of your audience’s time.  This audience attention is a limited resource… until there are magically more hours in the day, the amount of time people have to consume content is not going to change anytime soon.

Below are a few tips from our Orlando video production agency to help ease you through the process of creating your first branded video for optimum resource allocation and sharability.

Have a Good Idea:  This seems like a no-brainer, but you might be surprised at the number of people who want to create content just for the sake of creating content.  It is essential to remember that bad content reflects poorly on your brand, and is unlikely to be shared organically.  Brainstorm an idea that’s on-brand, and targets your audience.  (If you don’t have a good idea, fear not!  Our Florida marketing agency is brimming with agency experts who have the knowledge and understanding to help you create a digital video concept that captures your brand.

Assign a Project Manager/ Producer:  This is a crucial step in creating a successful video.  The project manager should be the person in control of the actual production process.  This person should have the responsibility of overseeing the budget, and may assign people to schedule shoots and secure essential film equipment.  This person may also step in as a producer, who can give feedback to the production team.  The project manager will ultimately also be responsible for formulating a distribution strategy.


For more ideas about how to amplify the reach of your digital video content, contact the team at our Florida advertising agency to talk about making the most out of your project, no matter what your budget.


Create a Budget:  In my experience, a company can create a piece of digital content at almost any budget.  I’ve seen successful videos shot at production values of less than $200, and I’ve seen hundreds of thousands of dollars thrown away on campaigns that didn’t quite hit the mark.  More money can buy you better tools, but they can’t make a bad idea good.  In fact, some studies suggest that production values have absolutely no bearing on a viewer’s perception of a digital video.  I recommend that a brand settle on a budget after coming up with the idea, as it will help to determine what’s realistically feasible.  If your concept involves flying in an elephant from Nigeria, but you’re working with a small budget, it’s worth it to see if the same effect can be achieved using a green screen or editing device.

Formulate a Distribution Strategy:  Will your strategy involve sponsored placements on sites like Twitter and Facebook?  Or are you depending on shares alone, targeting influencers and popular bloggers within your network?  No matter what your strategy, the most important part is to have a strategy in place for when you’re ready to put your video out into the world.


Get More Shares on Your Video Content With This Guide

As marketers, the team at our Florida advertising agency is well aware that younger generations aren’t consuming media in the way that we did growing up.  Many young adults don’t even own televisions – they can get their media from a variety of sources such as HuluNetflix and YouTube .
This also has added side effects.  While Hulu runs commercials, Netflix and (most of the time) YouTube do not.  That means this younger generation has the capability to opt out of watching advertising through commercials.

When targeting young people, marketers have even more of a challenge in trying to engage young people.  In the television days, no one ever questioned whether a household was actively engaged while watching a commercial – but, since digital content is so easy to track, engagement becomes key.

Below are a few tips to help get more shares with your own digital video content.

1. Seed Your Video:  Did you read our video about the importance of seeding branded content?  If not, then we certainly recommend that as a starting point.  The article discusses the importance of investing some of your budget into making sure your video gets optimal placement on the types of websites that attract your audience.

2. Tell a Story:  Storytelling is a far more effective tool than the corporate speak we’re all used to.  Leave the formal, data driven content to a boardroom; in order to connect with today’s busy, tech-savvy consumer, it’s important to relate through storytelling techniques.  Most stories take the listener on a journey, so think about your journey as you create a script for your digital video content.


Our creative team is known for being excellent storytellers. Check out all of the services we have to offer including a range of video and digital services. We’ll be expecting your phone call.


3. Promote!  I’m often surprised by people who think that simply uploading a video to YouTube is enough to get people interested in their content.  But, if you want to get more shares and likes for your video, you must also think like a PR professional.  This may involve reaching out to trusted contacts, influential bloggers, and friends with popular Twitter accounts to help spread your content.

4. Listen to the Conversation:  Where are people talking about things that are relevant to your brand, and to your video content in general?  Make sure you have an active presence at these hubs.  Tweeting at people who mention your brand or share an interest in your brand’s field will help facilitate engagement in the long run, but can also be a short-term way to help promote your content.

5. Post at Peak Times:  Brands and businesses can use social media monitoring analytic tools to help determine when their audiences are most active, most engaged and most interested.  Use this knowledge to help push your video during peak times.  Also, remember to push it quickly and repeatedly across social networks…. in almost every case, the most important timeframe of a video’s life cycle is the first 48 hours.  In this age, we operate in real-time, so anything that’s shared later will have less impact, and will ultimately be less relevant.

If you need help with creating video content to market to the masses, contact the team at our Orlando video production company.  We’re equipped with the skills and the resources to help seed your content and get it shared!

Not Just For Cats & Kids: Up Your Marketing Campaigns With Videos

Cats and kids have long ruled the online viral video scene, with images of dancing babies and cats doing, well, pretty much anything, flooding our inboxes daily. Just how much do people love videos? A recent ComScore study revealed that 181 million U.S. Internet users watched nearly 37 billion online content videos in April of 2012. That’s a lot of cats playing the piano—and marketers can’t ignore those types of numbers.

People Are Visual

Of course there’s more to online videos than felines, and as a marketer, using video in a campaign feeds our instant gratification, I’m-too-lazy-and-or-busy-to-read lifestyles. Most people are visual and would rather watch and listen to a brand’s story by clicking play than by plodding through paragraph after paragraph of black-and-white text. So, consumers not only will watch your video, but they are probably seeking it out. Everyone loves a good how-to video, and these can serve as extensions of product videos and commercials. Short videos are easy for an audience to digest, and they ramp up click-throughs and open rates for email marketing campaigns.

Videos Bring Brands To Life

In a world where consumers can shop in their underwear from the comfort of their home, videos can do more to not only tell the story of a brand, but to promote a sense of closeness to that brand, bringing its products and the people behind them to life, and recreating the experience of shopping at the store. Who doesn’t want to know what it’s like to work at their favorite brands? Videos can provide that behind-the-scenes element that draws consumers in and makes them feel like the brand is a part of them and they’re a part of the brand. Consumers can see products at work or clothes in motion, making them more likely to purchase. Choose BIGEYE to assist in your Orlando video production, helping you create videos to integrate into your marketing campaigns to see results.


Let us bring your brand to life with our engaging and exciting video production. Send us an email and get your free quote today!


Search Engines Love Videos

When an Internet user types a query into a Google or other search engine’s bar, a study shows they are 41 percent more likely to click on a video result than a plain text article of blog post. Statistics like this one make videos a must in marketing campaigns. In ranking video content, Google puts the same emphasis and uses the same algorithm as text content.

Videos Are Fun

Our agency can take your product and your brand to a new level with Orlando video production, helping you create videos that will enhance your marketing campaigns. Adding professional-grade videos to your arsenal will boost credibility and trust from existing and potential customers. Unlike most of the tasks you probably perform throughout the course of a work day, making marketing videos is a chance to let loose, have fun and be creative.

How have you used videos in your marketing campaigns? What type of results have you seen?