The Differing Appeals of the Healthcare Field in the Mom Market

Once a marketer has addressed the proper mom segment for his product or service, it becomes time for him to create an approach that reaches out to her. Finding an appeal that works to address the target helps generate brand preference down the line.

Just as there are multiple methods for subdividing the moms market, there are multiple appeals that are effective within the moms market. These may be appeals rooted in emotions, practicality, humor, fantasy, adventure, or a number of other types of appeals that relate to the needs, wishes and desires of the mom.

Different industries will see success with different appeals. A heartfelt appeal may be of less value to a luxury goods manufacturer than an appeal that offers a notion of adventure or fantasy. Industry-specific appeals can help drive the audience’s imagination, thereby beginning the process of instilling brand preference. Below, we will examine the appeals of the healthcare field.

People need healthcare services throughout every stage of their lives. Therefore, healthcare organizations tend to be family-friendly, fostering an environment of care and support, much as the family unit does. This also leads to marketers to hone in marketing to moms within this sector by emphasizing a commitment to care and service.

However, because of costs, service quality, expertise and other factors, moms have innumerable choices when it comes to providing healthcare for themselves and their families. Healthcare marketers may wish to convert new customers and retain existing ones by marketing in a manner that speaks to either the mom’s rational side or her emotional side.

Rational Appeals

[quote]Reaching out to moms by addressing their rationality is a strong tactic for healthcare marketers.[/quote]A rational appeal is a grounded approach that backs up marketing information with data-specific information and expertise in order to help sway the mother into making the “best” choice for her family. For example, when a marketer notes that four out of five doctors recommend a product, this appeals to rationality – if the doctors agree that it is the best product, then certainly it’s good enough for a mother and her family unit.

  • Statistics. Statistics are great ways to create a rational appeal. If studies show that your child will be 90% safer with a certain type of car seat, it is likely that a responsible mother is going to be willing to spend extra money to ensure her child’s safety.
  • Expertise. Backing up claims with expertise is also a great tool that marketers in the healthcare field can use to create rational appeal. A product endorsement from a noted physician or health care organization can help increase sales, as people are inclined to respect the product as they respect the noted professionals. An endorsement or testimonial assures the viewer or reader that the marketed product is effective, safe and useful.

Emotional Appeals

[quote]Designed to reach the mother at a greater level, the emotional appeal should elicit a deep feeling in the mother.[/quote]By nature, mothers are protective and offer a safety net for their children, as a mother is expected to help keep her child away from harm and to foster an environment of education and care. Touching on aspects of the child’s life that may jeopardize those elements will prompt the mom to act in a certain manner, and brands can recreate these feelings to help appeal to the mom, particularly when it comes to healthcare marketing.

  • Fear. No matter how brave we might seem, there are some things that we fear on a daily basis. In the world of healthcare marketing, these items may be as broad as increased risk of illness, or keeping a child away from injury. It may also involve continual monitoring of a child to ensure that he or she is in good health. Marketers can help warn of the potential dangers by using a tactic designed to instill fear into mothers, thereby causing them to take action. Demonstrating dangers and then providing solutions is a solid way for healthcare marketers to make sure that they are sending their messages loud and clear.
  • Comfort, Security and Safety. On the other hand, a strategy that incorporates comfort, security and safety may also provide a powerful incentive for moms to invest resources into healthcare. A hospital that idealizes itself as a caring environment may appear to be better suited for a sick child than a competing hospital that does not offer a feeling of comfort.

To learn more about how you can market to moms in order to create brand preference and instill brand loyalty, contact us today! Our team at BIGEYE is prepared to share tangible strategies for segmentation, creating appeals and assessing your own brand to determine the right moms for your business!

Why Businesses Should Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death among women with more than 220,00 women in the United States diagnosed each year. And every October, people around the world come together in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month to raise awareness of issues pertaining to breast cancer symptoms and treatment options.
At our Orlando ad agency, we’re constantly impressed with the marketing efforts we see that help build awareness of the breast cancer throughout the month. These efforts stretch far beyond 5k races and marches, and actively produce partnerships that result in additional funds for charitable causes, as well as increased sales for brands.

For instance, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, which produces sweetened malt beverages with the same alcohol content as beer, also sells a seasonal product called Mike’s Hard Pink Lemonade. The product’s pink packaging recognizes breast cancer awareness, in support of a Mike’s employee who lost the battle against breast cancer in 2009. Sales of the product support The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and the product continues to be a favorite of Mike’s customers to this day.

Sales of this product benefit the business in several ways. First of all, people may be attracted to this product over competitors’ due to its support of breast cancer research. In this instance, more sales not only means more money for charity, but also more money for Mike’s to continue supporting this initiative. Secondly, Mike’s demonstrated support of charitable causes builds goodwill within the community. Finally, the company’s act of recognition prompts emotional responses from breast cancer survivors and their loved ones, as well as people who may have lost family members and loved ones. These people in particular may then become lifelong Mike’s customers, even expanding to try other flavors upon recognizing the business’s commitment to breast cancer awareness.

Companies that are considering supporting breast cancer awareness should be wary of doing such just to garner a profit, as marketing efforts will not seem genuine and may possibly seem sleazy. Instead, these companies should focus on their commitment to social good as part of their overall mission statements, and should tailor marketing efforts to incorporate the act of supporting causes such as breast cancer awareness.

It’s all too common for businesses to engage in “Pinkwashing,” which is the act of a business aligning itself with pink during October to boost sales, without actually supporting any breast cancer awareness initiatives. [quote]Fortunately, businesses that stick to ethical and genuine practices should not expect to receive such backlash.[/quote]

Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a great way to get your company to “think pink” and get involved with a worthwhile cause. Even simple acts such as running charity drives, selling promotional products to help support breast cancer survivors, and using products to raise awareness are great ways to align a business with a worthy cause while also promoting goodwill for the company.

The team at our Orlando marketing agency hopes you will consider these tips when planning your marketing efforts for October. Even just a few dollars in support of the cause can do great things.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, join us to support MD Anderson Cancer Center by making a donation.

BIGEYE Video Team Proud To Be A Part of Karli’s Story

The BIGEYE video production team was proud to tell the story of the amazing Karli.  Her story of fighting her cancer is an inspiring story.
After being diagnosed with bone cancer, Karli’s world was turned upside down. Since completing her treatment, she has become a warrior in the battle against childhood cancer. Having fought and overcome this disease, Karli and her family are forever grateful to those who support the place that gave them hope and healing. This year, Karli’s family will be leading Arnie’s March at the Arnold Palmer Invitational. Join them in the fight against childhood cancer at

Physician Marketing Techniques to Help Grow Your Practice

Let’s face it – there are entire industries dedicated to physician marketing tactics.  Men and women across the country attend conferences to help learn about strategies for growing their practices.  But how many of these ideas are actually good?
If your current physician marketing strategy involves simply creating Facebook and Twitter accounts that you don’t use, then you may want to take some of these tips for marketing your physician practice.  These tried and true tips from our Orlando advertising agency can help you steer your marketing efforts in the right direction.

Make a Plan: Develop a strategic plan for your practice by setting goals for your business.  If you want to reach out to a particular demographic, then work to ensure that you’re reaching them where they are – and they may or may not be on social networks.  If they are, then target them where they’re active – young mothers may spend hours on Facebook, while you may be more likely to engage with professional organizations on Twitter.

Remember the End User: In the end, marketing your practice should be about your patients, whether prospective or returning.  The more you can connect to them directly, the more they will feel connected to you, and will feel inspired to return to you time and again.  

[quote] When developing a marketing strategy, think about your patients – would they rather see a vague marketing postcard mixed in with their junk mail, or would they instead prefer an appointment reminder to be sent to them from your office directly through Twitter? [/quote]

Blog about It:  It’s true that blogs require substantial effort to create and maintain, but particularly for physicians who love to write, blogging can be a great way to connect with your readers.  Loyal patients will almost always want to know your opinions on subjects directly related to your line of work, and will be interested in the news and things that are around your office.  Plus, building a blog is a great way to create search engine optimized content, so that your practice will appear early in Google searches related to your field of practice.

Be agile:  The term “agile” made our Florida advertising agency’s list of marketing buzzwords, and with good reason.  As the term implies, an agile marketing solution allows flexibility within your strategy.  Once you implement your strategy, pivoting courses allows you stay on top of trends to remain up with the times.  Mistakes are par for the course; if you’re not making mistakes, it typically means you’re not trying something new and innovative.  And, as the group at our Orlando ad agency knows, new and innovative is going to be what sets you apart from other physician practices.

As your practice continues to grow, you will likely see more and more of a need to adequately market your business.  If your business has an administrative staff, you may wish to train one of those individuals for the role of marketing coordinator to help oversee your company’s marketing efforts.  And, if you need to bring some fresh perspective to marketing your physician practice, our Florida marketing agency is happy to offer some additional ideas on making effective use of your marketing resources.

Patients are a virtue: A look into hospital marketing

Hospital marketers are in a tough position when it comes to pleasing physicians.  Doctors, surgeons and specialists typically have years and years of expertise, and often believe that their ideas and personas warrant marketing and publicity recognition.  Many times, this is true – a long list of award-winning services may entice people to choose your hospital’s services over another’s.
However, at our Florida advertising agency, we’ve noticed that physicians and other hospital service staff are quick to jump on opportunities to recognize their own accomplishments, but sometimes neglect outreach efforts to potential and returning patients.  Hospital marketers may find it difficult to strike the balance between pleasing physicians and engaging in effective outreach.

The team members at our agency recently wrote a white paper titled Marketing to Meet Hospital Business Objectives While Keeping Physicians Happy, addressing how hospital marketers can effectively please hospital physicians while also meeting their own marketing objectives.  We suggested that there should be dual service lines; one of which addresses the needs of the physicians, and another other that involves creating marketing objectives at the executive level and analyzing the success of such initiatives.

There are entire industries dedicated to physician reputation management, which encourages physicians to find effective ways to tout their accomplishments, particularly against any potential negative publicity.  But hospital marketers must remember that, while marketing to maintain physicians’ reputations is important, it is but a single slice of the pie.

At our Florida marketing agency, we believe that hospital marketing will see greater success with marketing toward patients.  In this digital era, there are numerous ways to reach out to potential patients, and many of these methods may not involve touting the merits of your hospital’s physicians and staff.

In engaging in effective hospital marketing, you are trying to persuade potential patients to believe in your message, and to think of your organization first when they are sick or injured.  In order to do this, each piece of content you create should be in service of your audience.  What is your hospital staff doing to differentiate itself?  Why are your hospital’s services better than a competitor’s?

Notice how a strategy that emphasizes these efforts aims to reach the potential patients at an emotional level.  These efforts tend to work much better than efforts that simply offer a long list of physician credentials.  One way to frame the difference is, rather than asking whether the physicians are happy with marketing efforts or whether the efforts are serving the needs of the hospital as a brand, to ask whether the efforts are serving the needs of potential patients and of the community as a whole.

If your hospital marketing is struggling to reach patients in a meaningful way, perhaps it is time to revaluate your strategy to put more emphasis on patient needs.  Go to where they are, find out what they’re seeking and speak to them on their terms.  While meeting the needs of physicians is important, the team at our Orlando marketing agency believes it is even more important to meet the needs of the patients who will keep coming back, year after year. Contact us for more information, we’d love to help!

Four important Facebook tips for hospital marketers

Hospital marketers face challenges unique to their profession.  Marketing often entails informing the public of staff accomplishments, explaining new physician services, or simply building awareness within the community.  Successful hospital marketers integrate both digital strategies and direct contact within their locale.  Such hospitals may also need to focus on hosting events and building direct relationships with their patients.
At our Florida marketing agency, we typically advise hospital marketers to treat their Facebook pages as extensions of their community marketing.  While marketing should always be about the people, hospital marketers should be particularly inclined to build relationships in order to maintain lasting physician-patient relationships.  [quote] Hospital marketers must also account for the needs and desires of the physicians they service, whom we often see pushing marketers toward more publicity-related roles. [/quote]

Facebook can be an excellent tool to help facilitate these relationships.  Below are some tips for hospital marketers to use to help get the most out of Facebook marketing.

Keep It Positive:  Facebook is designed to foster a positive environment, which is allegedly why there’s a “like” feature but not a “dislike” feature.  Posting good news about patient recoveries, information about recent awards and news about new procedures help keep your patients and followers engaged and excited about your work within the community.

Post a Photo:  What’s cuter than posting a birth announcement featuring an adorable sleeping infant?  Just make sure you have the adequate permissions before posting anything that might infringe on individuals’ privacy.

Create an Infographic:  Want to try to explain a new service in detail?  Use an infographic to relay important information about how the service will provide benefits to patients.  Make sure that any data that you use in your infographic is verified and footnoted, and you’ll not only secure your team leaders within your community, but will also solidify your expert knowledge of patient services.

Involve Your Employees: Facebook marketing doesn’t necessarily mean sticking to providing information about day-to-day hospital operations.  Instead, humanize your brand with information about the staff, including everyone from surgeons to administrative staff to the marketers themselves.  Reaching out to your staff in this way may also encourage sharing behavior on your staff’s pages – plus, who doesn’t like to be recognized for their contributions?

As hospital marketers know, there are important legal restrictions in terms of hospital marketing.  Legal counsel often requires legal waivers and consent forms from anyone whose identifying information they may post online.  Hospital marketers should hold themselves to the highest standard of integrity in this capacity, as hospitals have extensive access to highly sensitive confidential materials.  Any new Facebook marketing initiative should undergo legal review in order to prevent the possibility of legal complications.

That said, there are still plenty of fun ways for hospitals to use Facebook.  For more ideas as to how hospital marketers can use social media to help create innovative marketing campaigns, reach out to our Florida advertising agency to help you create an intelligent, interactive Facebook campaign.