How three businesses are turning tech into sustainable business

According to a Washington Post report published on Tuesday, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reported that 2012 was the hottest on record for the lower 48 states, indicative of a trend of hotter, drier and potentially more extreme weather.  The scientists reported that, while some of this increase is due to cyclical weather patterns, it is also due at least in part of the burning of fossil fuels, which is thereby contributing to climate change.

While people have been discussing the potential dangers of climate change for decades, there have also been many reasons for businesses to discount their role in vying for economically sustainable business.  Finding ways to reduce, reuse and recycle may be more expensive and difficult to enact, resulting in a string of complex issues for many companies that seek to keep shareholders happy by keeping the bottom line as low as possible.

However, a new breed of entrepreneurs is vested in finding ways to revolutionize their respective industries, with an understanding that while costs may be higher in the short-term, the sustainable practices will cut operating costs and increase efficiency down the line.

Specifically, some tech, media and marketing companies are now working harder than ever to ensure sustainable business.  What follows are some of our Florida marketing agency’s favorites:

Affordable Internet Services Online

What sets AISO apart is not necessarily its services, though those are top-of-the-line amongst competing web hosting providers.  AISO’s AMD Opteron servers, which are powered by IBM, use 60% less energy and generate 50% less heat than competitors.  And, being located in the Palm Valley Desert offers another environmental perk – the company’s facility is 100% solar powered, and has been for 14 years.


Peak-Ryzex specializes in upkeeping and maintaining products that are still functional, but that would otherwise end up in landfills.  In 2006, the Ryzex Group made a drastic move and got rid of all of its trash cans, leading to a business environment where the employees recycle everything – literally.  Since it’s recent merger with Peak, we have our fingers crossed that the Ryzex family will keep its traditions alive and will spread them to other industries.


The name says it all.  ReCellular is an online company dedicated to allowing people to buy and sell electronic devices that they might otherwise discard.  Through a division called Securetrade-in, the company offers easy and efficient tools to help you assess the value of your gently used device, which you can then sell back to for someone else to purchase. They’ll even scrub and remove your data for you, in case you forget to do so yourself before sending it in. Once you’ve sold, you can use your extra cash to purchase a used device through another division called MobileKarma.

Don’t know much about our Florida advertising agency? Check us out. You’ll be happy with what you learn.

If you think your company can’t be green, too, take some inspiration from these companies and make small strides toward operating a green business.  By going paperless, purchasing gently used equipment and recycling your own goods, you can do your part to help your company contribute to sustainability (and, at our Orlando advertising agency, we’ve learned that we can save a few bucks, too!).

12 things to do in Orlando before the world ends

12.21.12. The end of the Mayan calendar. Some believe all existence as we know it will cease that day; others see it as a more hopeful time in history—when the many “End of the World” Facebook events are finally removed from their calendars. Whatever the case, let go of your fears and throw inhibition to the wind. If the apocalypse is coming, at least have some fun before it gets here.
Enjoy your last days on Earth by doing a few of the things in Orlando you’ve always wanted to do… and even some you’ve never considered.

1. Sing Karaoke. The venue: Big Daddy’s Roadhouse on Corrine Drive. The song: “I Will Always Love You.” And yes, go for the high note.

2. Treat yourself to as many roast beef sandwiches your heart desires at Beefy King on Bumby. Don’t forget the spuds (tater tots).

3. Sell your gold for cash to the “We Buy Gold” man on Colonial and MaGuire, then put it toward a monster-sized 3D flat-screen TV. Because if, by chance, the world doesn’t end, you’ll have it for the Superbowl.

4. Host a disaster flick marathon with your closest friends at the Enzian Theater on South Orlando Avenue. Order the truffle potato chips.

5. Visit one of Orlando’s icons while simultaneously watching the sky for falling asteroids at the Orlando Science Center Planetarium.

6. Drain yourself to complete exhaustion at SkyZone Trampoline Park in Clermont. You know… so you sleep through the whole catastrophe thing.

7. Perform your own routine at the SAK Comedy Lab on South Orange Avenue. Who cares if no one laughs… It’s the apocalypse, and they’re all going to die.

8. Drive to Blue Springs State Park to tell the visiting manatees that you love them and that you think they are beautiful one last time—even though they are some of the strangest looking mammals you’ve ever laid eyes on.

9. Walk into every store at the Mall at Millenia and loudly pronounce that you’ll take one of everything. Be extremely loud in Neiman Marcus. It’s a big place.

10. Visit Skycraft on Fairbanks to collect various electronics and industrial supplies. Not sure what they are? Get them anyway… in case your inner MacGyver emerges amidst the mayhem.

11. Take some of your leftover cash (whatever is leftover from #3 above) and treat yourself to a steak and lobster dinner at the legendary Del Frisco’s steakhouse on Lee Road. Heck, it’s the end of the world, so get drinks and dessert, too.

12. Risk it all. Ride to the center of the Lake Eola in one of the giant swan boats during the apocalypse and wait to see what happens.


Ten reasons why Florida is perfect for an advertising agency

Think Florida is only good for spring breakers or your grandmother’s retirement community?  Of course it’s not – it’s actually an ideal desintation for a marketing company or advertising agency.  Our Florida advertising agency thrives in the midst of a state known for its beaches, sunshine and diverse population.
What follows are just a few reasons why Florida is perfect for your advertising agency.

The Weather (of course!):  Why commute for an hour in the snow to get to your office in a Manhattan skyscraper when you can instead work from your laptop on the beach?  Florida always sounds like a good idea when your heater is on the fritz and you’re shivering from the cold.

It’s Cheaper than Larger Cities:  In the big cities, nearly everything is more expensive.  People who drive often must pay hundreds of dollars just to be able to park each month.  Even cocktails are more expensive – a cheap happy hour is virtually unheard of in New York City.  If you’re looking to expand your agency, but want to build up your practice in a space that won’t break the bank, Florida might be great for you.

Burgeoning Technology Communities:  Though it may not be Silicon Valley, Florida is an incubator for tons of small businesses and technological startups.  For example, St. Petersburg’s Gazelle Labs is actively serving entrepreneurs by encouraging community and mentorship.

Tourism:  Where there’s tourism, there’s marketing needs – and Florida has a ton of destinations.  From Jacksonville to Key West, the state is full of sandy beaches, boisterous nightlife and family friendly adventures, and the companies that make Florida into a tourist destination rely on marketers to keep people returning year after year.

Fresh Talent:  With state-funded education programs and high-achieving college graduates who need jobs, Florida is the place to find and recruit the fresh talent from some of the best research universities in the country.

Second-Best State for Business: calls Florida the second-best state for business in 2012.  According to the website, the state ranks favorably for business in terms of taxation and regulations, workforce quality and living environment.

As More Companies Invest In Florida, There’s More Money to Go Around:  An influx in businesses in Florida means that more people are employed, and have more income to spend on lifestyle needs.  All of these aspects of a recovering economy are good for marketers – more people will spend money on products and services to help grow their companies, keeping marketers busy with a steady client database.

Diversity in Population: Florida attracts all kinds of people.  From residents who have been in the states for generations to immigrants who are just learning English, marketers can make connections to all types of people.  Ad agencies that specialize in products and services for the Spanish-speaking population may find as much success in Florida as they would in places like New York City and California, both of which also have high numbers of Spanish-speaking residents.

No State Income Tax:  In some states, people pay income tax rates as high as 11% per year in income tax.  Imagine having $11 extra dollars to spend for every $100 on your paycheck – it goes a long way, fast.

If you’re considering establishing a Florida advertising agency, we hope that we can persuade you that Florida really is perfect for businesses of all sizes.


BIGEYE volunteers help out at the Orlando rescue mission

On the Monday before Thanksgiving the BIGEYE team piled up in our cars and headed over to the Orlando Rescue Mission. We had the privilege to tour the facility and see some of the amazing things that are going on there. The Orlando Rescue Mission is one of the oldest and largest homeless service providers in Central Florida. Their programs are designed to lead the homeless to permanent independence as well as providing for immediate needs.
BIGEYE volunteered in the kitchen and served a delicious lunch to the residents and staff of the Orlando Rescue Mission. We had a great time in fellowship and helping to provide a smile and a warm meal for those in need.

Here at BIGEYE we have big hearts. Find out more about who we are on our agency page.

BIGEYE presents a Monstrous Halloween Infographic

BIGEYE presents important facts about Monsters in this latest infographic…

For epic design work, contact our creative services team.

Monstrous Halloween

By BIGEYE Posted on October 16, 2012

Creatures of the Silver Screen

  • Godzilla stood over 50 meters tall and weighed 20,000 metric tons.
  • The 1st Frankenstein film created was a single-reel silent movie made in 1910.
  • Nosferatu was the 1st vampire movie filmed in 1922.

Signs of a werewolf: fur, unibrow, fangs, hair palms, long middle finger.

Safest countries during a zombie outbreak: Australia, Canada, United States, Russia, Kazakhstan.

The countries were graded according to their global location, topography, weapon access, population and “military preparedness” by the staff of LiveScience.

Forbes Names BIGEYE One of the “Top 100 Global Ad Agencies that know Social Media & Google”

Contact: Shelby Hughes                                                          
P: 407.839.8599


The Orlando Marketing Agency Makes Forbes List Amongst Industry Power Players

ORLANDO, Oct. 4, 2012 – A Forbes article published on August 22 lists BIGEYE on a list of the “Top 100 Global Ad Agencies that Know Social Media and Google.” The Orlando marketing agency holds a powerful position against industry leaders such as HUGE, Ogilvy Digital and Razorfish.

Justin Ramb, CEO and Chief Creative Officer for BIGEYE, is proud that Forbes recognizes his team’s commitment to innovation, collaboration and imagination in digital technology. “It’s an honor to have Forbes to list us alongside other top companies in the industry,” he said. “We truly believe in the power of creativity in the digital space. Our team is committed to finding a brand’s core strengths and bringing these differentiators to life using interactive storytelling technologies and compelling brand strategies.”

Ramb has ten years of experience creating and maintaining strong client-agency relationships, leading BIGEYE to create impressive digital marketing campaigns and website designs for clients including The Atlanta Braves, GE Capital and Love Orlando.

The full Forbes article, which lists BigEye Creative and other agencies that are shaping the future of social media around the world, is available online at

About BIGEYE: BIGEYE is a full-service advertising agency located in downtown Orlando, Florida, specializing in brand development, marketing and advertising, media buying, web design, social media management, search engine optimization, and video production. The agency crafts meaningful brand stories and creates memorable marketing experiences that attract, engage, and influence consumers. A team of art directors, designers, copywriters, programmers, and account managers work closely with clients in various industries, including healthcare, entertainment, food and beverage, non-profit, hospitality, and real estate in order to create award-winning marketing strategies with clear and measurable results. The company recently celebrated its tenth year of business in Central Florida.


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