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Post-Olympics London 2012

By BIGEYE Posted on August 29, 2012

Interesting post games facts


The Olympic Games Opening Ceremony:

  • 7,500 volunteers.
  • 40 million viewers tuned in.
  • $42 million cost.
  • Tickets as high as $3,139 and as low as $31.

The Olympic Games Closing Ceremony:

  • 3,500 volunteers.
  • 21 million viewers tuned in.
  • $23 million cost.
  • Tickets as high as $2,340 and as low as $31.

Total spent on the Olympics: $17 billion.

Tweets of Olympic Proportions:

  • There were more tweets in a single day a week before the 2012 London Games began than during the entire 2008 Beijing Games combined.
  • 60% of the athletes from Great Britain & Northern Ireland were actively Tweeting during the games.

Gabby Douglas, “The Flying Squirrel” was the most-watched Olympian athlete at the 2012 Olympics, beating out Michael Phelps by more than 11 million views! Queen Elizabeth II’s granddaughter, Zara Phillips, competed with the British equestrian team for the 2012 Olympics. She won the silver.

The Olympic flag has five interconnected rings of different colors on top of a white background to symbolize the five major regions of the world. They are interconnected to symbolize the friendship from the international competitions.

An Olympic city: London is the first city to host the Olympic Games three times. London has also hosted the Olympic Games in 1908 and 1948. The first modern Olympics was held in 1896 in Athens, Greece. It featured 280 athletes, 13 nations, 280 participants, and 43 events. The Olympic Games began in Olympia, Green 2,700 years ago as part of a religious festival to honor the god Zeus.

The 2012 Summer Olympics in London

Over the past 3 weeks I’ve laughed, cried, lost sleep, cheered on the underdogs and logged more television hours than I care to count. That’s right, I’m talking about the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. I found myself watching literally every sport—even sports I never knew existed—and cheering them on like I was an expert in the field!  From rowing (my favorite since I rowed in high school) to diving, from gymnastics to even table tennis, I enjoyed every breathtaking moment.
From Michael Phelps becoming the most decorated Olympian ever, to Gabby Douglas becoming the first African-American to win gymnastics individual all-around gold, these Olympics were full of amazing and unforgettable moments. If I had to pick two that were my personal favorites they would be, Oscar Pistorius, the double amputee from South Africa who made his Olympic debut, and the ever impressive duo of Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings who won their third consecutive gold in women’s beach volleyball.

Then there are the TV commercials. I must say that as a mom of a young aspiring athlete, the Proctor & Gamble “Thank You, Mom” ads got me every time. I couldn’t watch a single one without balling like a baby. I also loved the Nike “Find Your Greatness” ads. Again, as a parent of a young child, these reaffirm that you can be great without being an Olympic athlete.

I absolutely love that every two years we can come together and cheer for our country, watching the best of the best attain near perfection, shed a tear for those who don’t, and proudly sing along when our country’s flag is raised and our national anthem is played for the world to hear.

Only 540 more days until the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi!

Written by, Laurie Sparks, BigEye Creative Finance Coordinator

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Back to School Infographic: It’s that time again!

Super-Fun Back to School Facts! Created by the BigEye Design Team!

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Back to School

By BIGEYE Posted on August 9, 2012

It’s that time again! Time to stock up on #2 pencils, notebooks, and new calculators. Will you be taking Biology or British Lit this semester? Trig or Tennis? Say goodbye to the summer and hello to long nights of pizza and page turning.

The price of education: The average American is expected to spend $688 on Back to School supplies per student. Clothing/accessories are around $246, electronics are $218, shoes an average of $129, and supplies around $95. Together, school-age and college expenses rank among the biggest consumer events of the year! When parents buy school supplies, Moms shop more at discount store (71% vs. 62% of dads). Dads shop more at department stores (65%) vs moms (55%). Dads also shop more at electronic stores (33%) vs moms (20%).  48% of parents shop online at least one month before school starts. 72% of parents say their kids influence half of the items they buy.

27% of students, aged 12-17, were in gifted classes in 2009.

As of October 2010, 72% of children ages 3-6 were enrolled in kindergarten.

12 million children spoke another language other than English at home in 2010.

Start dates for Florida Schools and Colleges:

  • Wednesday August 8, 2012 – Brevard County
  • Monday August 13, 2012 – Seminole County
  • Monday August 20, 2012 – Orange Lake Volusia County & UCF & Rollins
  • Friday August 24, 2012 – Osceola County
  • Monday August 27, 2012 0 Valencia College

BIGEYE is all about that Summer sizzle: Infographic

Summertime is here and in full swing! To celebrate summer our amazing design team has created this fun, fact-filled infographic for your reading pleasure…enjoy!

All summer

By BIGEYE. Posted July 30, 2012
Summertime is here and in full swing! To celebrate summer our amazing design team has created this fun, fact-filled infographics for your reading pleasure…enjoy!
Summer Sizzle
The dog days of summer have officially arrived. Impress your friends at pool parties and barbecues with these sizzling summer facts.
Summer 2010 hot 100 #1 top hit Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen
Arguably the song of summer 2012. The video has nearly 150 million views on YouTube and it continues to rank #1 on the Billboard hot 100 chart.
Fresh Watermelon: A Summer Favorite
The world’s top watermelon producing countries
China 65 million tons
Turkey 5.4 million tons
Iran 5.5 million tons
Brazil 1.9 million tons
USA 1.9 million tons
The largest watermelon was grown in 1990 by Bill Carson of Tennessee, weighting 262 pounds.
The top five states in U.S. watermelon production, accounting for more than 75% of the total are: Florida, California, Texas, Georgia, Indiana.
One of the more annoying parts of summer is the Mosquito. These pesky buggers have been around for 50 million years. So it’s safe to say they’re not going anywhere.
Avoid wearing dark clothing to prevent the swatting. It’s been proven to attract mosquitos.
OOO LA LA ! France’s Eiffel Tower can grow by more than 6 inches in summer due to the expansion of the iron on hot days.
The world record for the largest sand castle is 31 feet, 10 inches high, completed by Ed Jarrett in 2001.
It took 40 dump truck loads and 2,500 hours to complete. Summer Lovin’
The popsicle was invented on accident by an 11-year-old in 1905.
More than 2 billion are sold every year!
Today’s most loved popsicle flavor is Cherry.
National Cherry Popsicle Day: August 26th.
The sun shines an average of 709 hours in the U.S. every summer.
Back to the beach
The EPA recommends applying 1 ounce of sunscreen every 2 hours when at the beach and more often if you are swimming or perspiring.
Sandy beaches account for over 1350 miles of Florida coastline.
There is more than 8,426 miles of tidal shoreline in Florida, which is second largest in the United States. Alaska ranks the highest.
Top 8 Florida beaches ranked by U.S. News and world report.
  1. Sanibel island
  2. Destin
  3. Fort Lauderdale
  4. Naples
  5. Miami Beach
  6. West Palm Beach
  7. Key West
  8. Fort Myers

Attire in the workplace: To suit up or not to suit up

One of the many benefits of employment in the Florida advertising industry (post “Mad Men” era) is that “casual Fridays” apply to nearly every day of the week—as long as clients aren’t scheduled for meetings or visiting the office. Coming from a previous work environment where suits were the norm, this was an adjustment for me, but one that didn’t take very long to settle into. I found that being comfortable in your work environment actually does wonders for productivity. I actually feel that we work harder and better in less “stuffy” clothing.
Just look at other successful companies out there today, like Facebook and Google. These Fortune 500 companies embrace comfortable, casual attire. When you’re comfortable, you’re more relaxed and more open to new ideas, creativity, and innovation. It’s a win-win for employer and employee.

However, there is a time and a place for business attire. I was once told by one of my mentors in the industry that when dressing for meetings, one should dress in attire that embodies the “feel” of the client or their industry. For example, if you’re meeting with an upscale law office, professional dress would be expected. But if meeting with an artist, jeans and a blouse are appropriate.

Either way, my advice would always be to put your best foot forward when meeting clients and business associates. Just think about it—You wouldn’t show up to a wedding in jeans and a t-shirt (well – most weddings), or a graduation ceremony in board shorts and a tank. So why risk showing up to a business meeting in a sundress and sandals only to learn you’re the most casual one in the room? There goes your credibility… and your confidence!

Ultimately you’ll only look as good as you feel. No matter what you’re wearing, there’s nothing worse than constantly tugging or messing with your clothes while in a meeting, whether it’s casual or not. Make sure your attire fits and is comfortable. Self-confidence is more visible to others than you might think!

I truly appreciate the casual dress code in the advertising industry, but I firmly believe, regardless of your trade, that if you want to make the best impression and represent your company in the highest of lights, business attire is a sure bet. Save the jeans and t-shirts for those days when you know you’ll only be seen by your coworkers or when pulling an all-nighter at the office.

What do you think about casual office attire in the advertising industry? Share your thoughts below.

Written by, Sandra Wilson –Account Manager at BIGEYE Creative

The city beautiful: We are more than a tourist magnet

I have been living in Orlando my entire life. Both my mother and father are Central Florida natives and attended Winter Park High School and Edgewater High School.  When I started my journey here 30 years ago my mother, father and I were living in a little house in College Park on Bryn Mar Street. Since then I have lived in Wekiva, Winter Park, Altamonte Springs and now as an adult, I am back in College Park only a few blocks away from where I began my journey. Life in Orlando has changed tremendously in the last three decades and continues to evolve as a great place to work, live and play.
If you live in Central Florida and have ever visited a place outside of the Sunshine State you know that saying you live in Orlando immediately gets some sort of Disney comment. I always feel the need to correct people and inform them that Disney is in fact in Kissimmee not Orlando and then I encourage them to come see the “real” Orlando. Usually people do not listen to this nonsense and continue to ask me if I go to the Magic Kingdom like everyday.

Us “Orlandoians” (yes that’s a word, I just invented it) actually have a pretty sweet deal. We have a huge amount of tourists pouring over to the I-drive area (which they think is Orlando) all year long providing our economic stability while we get to live in the actual Orlando, a big city with a small-town feel. There’s downtown Orlando itself with the hip Thornton Park area, Lake Eola park, Orange Avenue night-life, not to mention all the little pockets of artistic and alternative culture like Virginia Drive/Leu Gardens area, Lake Ivanhoe district and College Park.

Thanks to developers like Craig Ustler not only do we have Thornton Park and the 801 North area, but we are looking forward to welcoming the Creative Village in the near future; a massive live, work, play city within a city that will house people, businesses, higher education facilities and so much more. If you aren’t familiar with the Creative Village concept I urge you to check out their website; as an “Orlandoian” I am very excited about what these ventures are doing for our city.

You know, it’s funny how my whole adult life I have schemed up ways to move somewhere else, yet here I am living in the same area where my life began. Every time I think about moving away something else in my life comes up and makes me realize how much I love this city. I work two miles from my home and I can walk around Lake Eola Park on my lunch break, it really doesn’t get a whole lot better than that.  Most larger cities require you to be in a certain income bracket to live so close to the downtown area, here in the City of Orlando you can truly live, work and play while maintaining that small town feel with the benefits of a large city.

Orlando is also home to a small, yet thriving advertising and marketing industry. There are many successful Orlando advertising agencies located throughout the city, employing some very talented people, as well as numerous nationally recognized schools that keep our market alive with top-rated talent. Schools like Valencia College, University of Central Florida, and Full Sail University feature impressive Florida web design programs, in addition to high-tech computer graphics, music production, and design programs.

I am so grateful to be a part of an Orlando marketing agency that pushes me to think BIGGER so as a team we can form long-lasting relationships with our clients just as I have formed with my city.

What do you love about the City of Orlando?


Written by Ashley Ripley

Marketing and Brand Coordinator at BIGEYE Creative

Photography by Micah Ripley