Learn the Keys to Attracting Customers – Great Ones

Interestingly, when businesses contact our Orlando marketing agency, they have a pressing issue: Business is steady, but they’re often frustrated with the client base itself.  Whether it’s the salon clients who don’t tip, the hotel guest who always complains so she can get a free upgrade or the consulting client who rarely pays on time, there is a common refrain – how do you attract and retain the best customers?

It’s no misnomer that if you don’t diligently focus your branding and marketing efforts on finding good customers, you may end up with too many of the wrong type of customers. In addition to simply being a headache to you, the wrong type of customer may actually dilute the value of your business as a whole.


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Let’s talk about the “daily deals” industry, for instance. These limited-time offer sites capitalize on deal seekers, people who purchase tickets for a dinner or excursion that they may not have purchased without a special incentive. (In most cases, the opportunity for consumers is to pay less than full price.)

The “daily deal” strategy works well for some businesses, as they may promote deals often because it’s what their target market loves. Big retailers such as Walmart and JCPenny both keep their customers returning by offering low prices and sales on everyday products.

But the problem with some of these deal sites is that the deal-seeking customer can be detrimental for businesses in search of long-term clients rather than a one-off visitor. The person who comes in using a Groupon may not have much interest in returning to the restaurant, unless he or she can get another offer. In this example, the deal seeker just paid half-price for a meal, and may have done so with no intention of returning or spreading the word to other potential diners.

In applying the “deal strategy” on a larger scale, you’ll notice all kinds of problematic customers. These are the types of people who shop in department stores for fancy dresses, wear them out for a night on the town, and then return them the next day (yes, people really do that!). Or, they might be the people who come into your restaurant and complain during every visit until their meals are comped. While it’s important to provide a great experience in hopes that customers engage in positive word-of-mouth marketing, it’s also necessary to consider whether your marketing efforts are attracting these “Debbie Downers”…and if so, how to change course.

When evaluating whether you’re working with the right types of customers, focus on the 80/20 rule, which suggests that 80% of effects come from 20% of causes. Essentially, this means that for many businesses, [quote]80% of your sales come from 20% of your clients[/quote] 80% of your sales come from 20% of your clients. The goal here should be to focus on the tactical strategies that drive that 80% of sales, rather than exhausting yourself trying to please those customers whose purchasing power makes up only 20%.

If you’ve noticed that the quality of your customer base is on the decline, contact our Florida marketing agency for strategic direction. We can assist you in determining how to target your marketing efforts toward the right customers with the right message.

Marketing Tools Our BIGEYE Teams Gives Thanks For

Happy Thanksgiving!
In a world growing more complex on a daily basis, the team at BIGEYE gives thanks for a few marketing tools that help make our lives easier–and give us more time to spend the holidays with our families.

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is an all-around excellent tool. It offers numerous ways to allow people to monitor their websites, such as allowing them to measure bounce rates, time spent on particular pages, and website behaviors as a person navigates the page.[quote]For ecommerce companies, the tool also allows people to measure conversions and the amount each purchaser spends.[/quote] It even allows the user to set goals and manage the actuals against those goals.

Facebook Page Insights:

At the most basic levels, Facebook Page Insights for brands allow users to track page views and engagement with posts. It allows page administrators to measure page likes, total reach, post clicks and engagement. It also allows quick links to help promote big posts, and to easily create and manage Facebook ads.


Though more of a user experience tool, Optimizely is a great resource for digital marketers working alongside their product teams. It offers easy website optimization to help marketers determine whether their website home pages are easy to navigate. Using A/B tests, it helps determine whether different layouts might be more helpful to your business.


MailChimp is a leading tool for email marketing. It helps businesses of any size keep track of their email marketing strategies by allowing companies that use it to track email open rates, click rates and subscriber numbers. Therefore, it allows marketers to implement testing strategies to help optimize their emails, and allows them to consider both the frequency of the emails and the content therein.


As a free tool, Alexa helps marketers keep tabs on their competition. It helps marketers determine who their competitors are, and what those sites’ traffic and activity looks like. And, all it takes it knowledge of a competitors’ website; it helps determine global rank, rank within the U.S. and where people are finding the site. This can help marketers figure out what working–and what’s not.


SocialMention easily allows people to conduct social listening, allowing them to pull from a multitude of sources to figure out what people are saying about a given product or trend. Using just a keyword, it can help users learn what people are saying about the given keyword, pulling from sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and Ask Jeeves.


SocialMention is a great tool for figuring out what people are saying about a given keyword, but BrandWatch is a great tool for learning how social media users are talking about brands. While there may be some overlap between the two services, BrandWatch is much more involved, offering visual interpretations of data and helping brands figure out larger patterns.

Without these types of tools, our jobs as marketers would be much more difficult and far less efficient. The team at our Florida ad agency gives thanks for these uber-helpful marketing tools, all of which continually help us produce the best marketing strategies for brands of any size. In search of more info? Contact us today for a consultation – after you’ve enjoyed your turkey and all the trimmings!

What makes a social media campaign so successful?

If there’s one thing we’ve learned here at our Orlando ad agency, it can be very difficult to offer a clear cut return on investment for social media efforts.  In fact, most companies inherently sense that there is some value in having an active and engaging social media platform, but because they can’t always tie it to an actual return, it can be difficult to determine the exact value of a Twitter follower or a Facebook “like.”  While it may be slightly easier to determine a return based on a campaign that successfully incentivizes people to purchase a product, it’s nearly impossible to determine how a successful campaign leads to brick and mortar sales, brand perception and other valuable consumer information.
But, a new method of thinking suggests that marketers look to other data points beyond a dollar for dollar return.  These new media experts suggest that, in the same way that advertisers can’t necessarily calculate an exact ROI based on the success of a single television commercial campaign, they should stop trying to attach a ROI to a social media campaign.  [quote] In fact, with the field of data science constantly growing in value, it’s highly possible that in the future, big data will be more valuable for a company than dollars spent.[/quote]

The following are some metrics that advertisers can use in order to help them determine an actual return on investment for a social media campaign.

Data through qualitative responses: One of the best ways to find out what consumers want from your company is to ask them directly. If the goal of your social media campaign is to ascertain data about customer wants, then incorporating questions that encourage them to engage by providing information such as their favorite websites or types of features they’d like to see integrated with your product, then a breadth of data can be invaluable.

Sharing: People tend to share content that triggers an emotion, and that they feel the need to share with others.  On Facebook, “likes” are valuable, but sharing is what brings your content into the minds of people who wouldn’t have seen it otherwise.  You can calculate shares in terms of impressions, and can compare your shares against previous campaigns.

Click-through rates, conversions and other analytics: You can also use data tracking tools such as Omniture to find out where people are finding your content, how long they stay on your page and other useful information that can help you build more successful campaigns in the future.

Press Impressions:  You know you’ve built a strong campaign if the press are covering it in a positive light.  AdAge and other companies are always reporting on businesses that use social media and digital marketing in innovative ways, and being able to capitalize on this helps to bring attention and viewership to your campaign so that even more people will pay attention.

At our Florida advertising agency, we understand that the importance of developing social media campaigns that drive sales in the short term while also providing a lasting brand-to-consumer relationship.  And in our book, a happy customer is always the epitome of success.

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Pinterest: Helps companies drive innovation & revenue

A year ago, Pinterest blew up into popularity so fast that even the founders themselves were astounded.  However, a leading question on everyone’s mind revolved around a single question: how could the Internet’s pin board help drive revenue?
Pinterest continues to grow in popularity because it offers a visual approach to daily inspiration.  Particularly popular among adult women, a coveted demographic in the digital marketing space, Pinterest is almost an unexpected success in the tech world.

As people are predominantly visual beings, it makes sense that these images offer daily inspiration.  Many brands seek to use Pinterest to capitalize on this, pinning photos of visually-interesting items and offering track back features that allow people to purchase those items directly from the website.  Even here at our Florida marketing agency, we use Pinterest to help showcase inspirational design.

Recently, the company introduced Pinterest for Business, a profile model that stands apart from a personal Pinterest profile.  Typically, when companies develop pages specifically for brands, they enable brands to engage with followers in ways that are not available to personal accounts.  For example, Twitter brand pages allow customized skins and prominent graphic placement, and Facebook offers brands broader opportunities for sponsored posts and features like multiple page administrators and weekly data roundups.  [quote]With Pinterest’s launch of new business pages, it is essentially offering evidence that it is taking the first steps toward creating a possible revenue-generating platform for its company.[/quote]

Pinterest launched its business pages alongside several case studies of how some companies have successfully used Pinterest to help lead to customer acquisition, retention and conversion.  For instance, Etsy, an eBay-like service for people who sell crafts and other artistic goods, uses Pinterest to help showcase members’ products.  This helps members generate sales and thereby helps to keep the Etsy marketplace growing.

Jetsetter, a flash sales travel site, helps lead promotions by engaging its followers through Pinterest.  The company encourages brand supporters to post their most inspiring travel ideas, which helps them involve their community.  During one promotion, Jetsetter invited a team of celebrities to name the top pinners, who won prizes accordingly.  Participating pinners pinned more than 50,000 pins in one month.

Finally, there’s the gluttonous guilty pleasure site AllRecipes.  AllRecipes is a go-to spot for the best ways to cook anything from kale to Rice Krispies Wreaths.  Marketers are generally aware of the fact that images often inspire action, and this is tactic is probably most effective when it involves food.  For years, advertisers and marketers have been able to capitalize on the comforting sensations that people experience when faced with aesthetically-pleasing food.  AllRecipes uses their food photography and the Pinterest platform to help their community share recipes through repins, as well as to drive traffic back to their site so that people could find even more meal recipes.

As the Pinterest business pages continue to develop, we will doubtlessly continue to see innovation in how brand pages leverage the Pinterest platform to help make the best user experience possible…. the team at our Orlando marketing agency is “Pinterested” to see what the next generation of business pages holds.

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It’s not so black and white: New insights about Black Friday

Years ago, Black Friday marked the day when stores would stop operating at a loss for the year, and would enter “the black” in terms of the year’s sales.  Merchants and their employees would leak deals to consumers to lure them into stores with special offers.  This was all done in an effort to clear inventory in preparation for holiday sales, where the companies made a high percentage of their sales for the year while people spent money in anticipation of the holidays.

But Black Friday doesn’t operate like that anymore.  These days, Black Friday is more of a kickoff signal for shoppers to begin a month-long holiday spending spree.  Deals that used to only last during the 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. regular brick-and-mortar store hours have moved online, and may last through the weekend and into the following week, with an event called Cyber Monday.  (The original theory there is that while people had off on Black Friday after Thanksgiving and could visit the stores in person, Cyber Monday served to capitalize on peoples’ Monday morning shopping habits when they returned to work and were sitting in front of their computers).

Today, Black Friday is more of a ritual to get people into a spending mindset.  And spend, they do… Black Friday weekend in 2012 racked up $52.4 billion for merchants across the country.

If your company is planning to take part in Black Friday, then our Florida Advertising Agency has some ideas to help you make the most of it.

First, all businesses should know that it is typically cheaper and more cost-effective to run an online campaign than a print one.  Companies must plan print campaigns months in advance, and must pay for advertising space in their local publications.  On the other hand, these companies can build online campaigns in mere hours with no printing fees, and such campaigns have the capacity to reach far more people.

If you do opt to run an online campaign over Black Friday weekend, it’s also important to know what you’re up against.  You are in competition against a large number of massive Internet retailers (think Amazon, for starters), many of whom attract buyers through free shipping.  But as we all know, the Internet is a big place, and is big enough for all types of commerce.  Address this by developing a creative and attention-getting marketing strategy.  If you need some ideas, don’t hesitate to contact our Florida marketing agency so that we can help you get your gears turning.

Finally, if you want to make the most of Black Friday, you don’t need to put all your eggs in one basket.  Continuing to run sales through the holiday season will help you clear your inventory and drive sales throughout the New Year.  A mix of online and in-person discounts will help drive a diverse group of people to your store both online and in-person.

Black Friday can be a big moneymaker for your business.  It provides a platform for innovative marketing opportunities at both your retail location and at your store.  As the BIGEYE team gears up for another Black Friday to help drive commerce throughout the United States, we wish you the best of luck with sales.  And of course, happy shopping!

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New Twitter profile pages help brands spell #success

If you’ve been following Twitter (no pun intended), then you already know that the company is on the cutting edge of innovative concepts for brands and marketers. Marketing experts latched on to the benefits of Twitter when it first began blossoming into popularity in 2006, and have maintained real-time communication with fans and allies through the digital platform’s interface, which is designed specifically to engage with the short attention spans that signify the digital age.
As the need for innovative marketing solutions continues to evolve, so too does the need to leverage these platforms to create positive brand experiences. That’s why our Orlando advertising agency loves Twitter’s new enhanced profile pages, which are customizable to help brands tell their stories faster than you can add a hashtag.

These days, an active Twitter profile is a necessary component of a multi-platform digital marketing campaign, not to mention a landscape rife with opportunity for marketers to learn about their fans’ interests and address customer service issues in an instant.  In many ways, Twitter is superior to other social networks, due to its ability to offer real-time communication and responses in addition to featured content placement through the new brand pages paired with geo-targeted sponsored Tweets.  The new pages add to the interactivity of the branded experience, with features that allow you to customize your brand page skin to make it stand out amongst the Twitter-verse. They also now allow for a large profile header for a prominently displayed a brand photo, which will appear as the background of your brand profile photo, Twitter handle and 160-character bio.

Perhaps most importantly, Twitter brand pages support a free Promoted Tweet function at the top of the page.  This pin allows Twitter page viewers to see the Tweet first as they follow your feed, so your social media team can refer back to it and point followers to it with ease. The new features also allow brands to pin multiple Tweets, and will display the most popular one at the top of the feed.

[quote]Because of Twitter, thousands of brands have been able to expand the scale of their business by being able to better communicate with fans, clients and critics through short and simple messages.[/quote] As always, the key to Twitter success is to deliver high-quality, interesting content that with engage your brand’s community to leave them with a positive impression, which will spread brand awareness and ultimately result in increased sales and conversions.

One of our Florida marketing agency’s favorite examples of a Twitter brand page success is @GQMagazine. The flashy backdrop of the page offers an eye-catching interactive experience.  The page designers took advantage of the new features, offering class and style in the way that only GQ can.

@Starbucks also takes advantage of the dynamic new features by showcasing a delicious cup of freshly brewed coffee on the background skin of the page.  The highly visual page header shows rows and rows of fresh coffee grounds, for a page so good you can almost smell it.

The @TodayShow page header is highly visual, featuring photos of the hit program’s cast assembled as a collage, which is contrasted against the brightness of The Today Show’s logo. This highly visual representation draws a reader’s eye directly to the header, buying valuable seconds in the amount time that the reader spends on the page looking at the photos.  The background is set to The Today’s Show’s standard light orange color, with a design incorporated into the skin.

Each of these demonstrates the innovative ways in which brands are latching on to the developmental offerings that Twitter continues to build to better support businesses and help them grow.

As one of the leading Orlando ad agencies, we are committed finding innovative ways to use social media in digital marketing campaigns, bridging the gap between digital communication and offline consumer relationships.  With technological breakthroughs such as Twitter’s new brand pages, combined with social strategy tailored to suit your needs, our Orlando advertising agency is committed to developing successful campaigns for any budget.

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