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When it comes to business, if you're not first, you're last. Get out in front and stay there with guidance from our brand positioning agency.

BIGEYE helps you plant your flag in the part of the playing field where your offerings excel.

What’s your brand’s personality and voice? Its purpose and differentiators? Its ideal market and prospect? Using the answers to these questions and others, we help you stake your claim to a key piece of the business landscape. And through marketing campaigns and communication initiatives, we give you the tools you need to defend it.

Why BIGEYE? Here are just a few of the many reasons.

We’re strategy first - because your bottom line will always be our focal point.

Our relationship-driven approach will make you enjoy working with an agency again.

Creative work grounded in data-driven strategy.

Having an effective brand is not enough.

You’ve built what you believe to be the perfect brand for your market. Sales should start rolling in, right? If only it were that easy. In today’s competitive business world, success isn’t just about who you are, it’s about your strategy and how you’re positioned. Are you the “affordable” option? The “cutting-edge” provider? The “pioneer” in your industry? The way you frame your offerings has a significant impact on your success.

How about we change some perceptions?

For better or worse, a person’s perception of a company is their reality. The skilled tacticians at our brand positioning agency know how to achieve the “for better” option. By finding the optimal intersection of your brand characteristics and your ideal customer’s needs, they help ensure that the market sees you as the leading provider in the space.

With markets becoming saturated, our clients come to partner with us to make sure they stand out in the crowd.

How is your brand positioned? (It’s OK if you don’t know.)

If you aren’t sure whether you could accurately describe how your company is positioned in your market and why, you’re not alone. Many companies are in the same boat. However, it’s a boat that’s sprung a leak and can take you down with it if you’re not careful.


Working with our brand positioning agency can bring clarity to your marketing efforts and create some fresh buzz about your offerings. Feeling like you’re already pretty well positioned? BIGEYE can provide some welcome outside validation, and perhaps offer some fine-tuning tips along the way.


We’re happy to share the insights we’ve gained from working with an array of industry leaders. Contact us today.

Let's put your brand in first place.

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Let's put your brand in first place.

Work with us

Let's put your brand in first place.

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