Brand Style Guide Services

Maximize the impact of your branding with brand style guide services.

Your style guide is the key retaining the value of your brand identity.

Brand style guides come in all shapes and sizes. But whether they are a few pages in length or a few dozen, their purpose is the same: to ensure that the time and effort you’ve put into developing your brand continues to pay off down the road. Brands are only as effective as they are consistent. Allow your team or your printers, advertisers, and other service providers to break the rules on logo usage, color, graphics, typography, messaging and the other elements of your identity and you very quickly weaken your brand. BIGEYE’s brand style guide services help you define and administer those rules.

Why BIGEYE? Here are just a few of the many reasons.

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Support your unique identity with brand style guide services.

If you want your brand to maintain its power and its punch, you’ve got to support it. The best brand style guides give clear and specific guidance on how the brand elements may be used. However, in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, there has to be some flexibility as well. The creative team at BIGEYE excels at finding that middle ground so that your brand retains the equity you are working so hard to build but without appearing rigid and inflexible.

Love Your Logo.

You worked hard to create the perfect logo for your company, product, or service. It’s important that you respect that effort by sticking to the agreed upon guidelines regarding size, color, spacing, etc. Logos make their way into all kinds of communication channels and onto all kinds of materials. Our brand style guide services give you a document that is the unquestioned authority on logo usage.

Find the Right Font.

Typography specifications are just as important as logo details. If your branding calls for a particular font, it’s critical that your staff and service providers find and use that font, even if that’s less convenient than using something very similar and easier to obtain.

Your Messaging Matters.

Your approved messaging, including your brand’s voice and tone, are key elements of your branding. In the same way that your market recognizes how your brand looks, they also become familiar with how your brand “sounds.”

Picture This!

Whether you are selecting from existing photography or developing your own images, it’s critical that the style is consistent. Our brand style guide services help you clearly define and demonstrate that style.

How you implement and maintain your branding is just as important as how you define it. In fact, in the long run, it’s more important.

The Hues of You

Not only should you have guidelines on the acceptable colors for your logo, it’s important to have an approved color palette for the brand in general. Color is a powerful driver of consumer behavior, so the effort that goes into selecting and documenting your hues is well worth it.

Don’t let your brand degrade any further. Contact us today about our brand style guide services!

Let's maintain brand consistency.

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Let's maintain brand consistency.

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Let's maintain brand consistency.

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