Voice Engineering Technology in Healthcare

Improving Everything from Patient Care to Charting

Voice engineering technology is having a powerful impact in many industries today

One where its effects are expanding especially rapidly is healthcare. Providers in virtually every setting – from hospitals to clinics to home care – are experimenting with and evaluating voice applications to see where and how they can be effective.

Why BIGEYE? Here are just a few of the many reasons.

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Comprehensive voice engineering services

In the areas of efficiency, productivity and profitability, voice-driven applications will undoubtedly help healthcare make tremendous strides. BIGEYE is proud to be contributing to the dialogue and the deliverables in this critically important market.

“90% of practice managers feel patient documentation is a burden to their practice, and 76% of teams involved spend over half their time on documentation.” – Nuance


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  • How hospitals & medical centers are incorporating voice technology

  • Doctors, nurses and voice technology: Three pillars of healthcare

  • The potential for voice-driven actions in healthcare is immense.

    This includes processes initiated by doctors, nurses, administrators and even patients themselves. In fact, for older patients who are uncomfortable with technology, or people who are injured or disabled and can’t operate manual devices, voice engineering capabilities can eliminate barriers and be a true game-changer.

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