Brand Awareness Studies

What does your target audience know about you? Find out with brand awareness studies.

Create effective marketing campaigns by knowing how your brand stacks up against the competition with consumers.

Is your brand well known in your industry? How likely are consumers to choose your brand over another? We help you get answers to these questions and many more by executing brand awareness studies. The results then become the foundation for exceptionally successful marketing campaigns.

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Deepen your knowledge of your market and target audience with brand awareness studies.

The primary question that brand awareness studies seek to answer is: What percentage of your target market currently knows about your brand? The more precisely you can answer this question, the more targeted and impactful your marketing campaigns will be. And, as a result, the more bang you will get for your marketing buck.

Use marketing awareness studies to keep your brand top-of-mind.

Often, a purchase decision comes down to selecting the product that comes to mind first. We help you determine what products or services in your category consumers are thinking about and why. Then we use that intel to modify how your brand is positioned, if necessary, so that it moves ahead of competitors in terms of immediate awareness.

Brand awareness studies also uncover important facts about your brand. Which products or services do customers purchase? Why? How often? What’s their total spend? Understanding these tendencies helps you align your offerings with demand and make your operations more efficient. It can also reveal new opportunities.

We’re proud to work with top brands and newcomers to assist them in creating long-term awareness in the marketplace.

Capitalize on our expertise in brand awareness studies.

BIGEYE’s strategy for helping a company strengthen its position in the market always involves increasing brand awareness. Consumers need to know who you are in order to develop a relationship with you. From there, brand awareness helps you understand what you can do to make your offerings more appealing to your market. And, as you continue to refine your image and your marketing efforts, the sky’s the limit. 


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