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How easy your products or website are to use has a major impact on adoption. Take advantage of the keen eye of a usability testing company like BIGEYE to ensure you are hitting the mark.

Benefit from a second (and third, and fourth…) set of eyes before launching a new or modified product or website.

The usability testing team at BIGEYE knows how to truly put a website or product through its paces so that it makes a positive first impression on users. Failing to do so can hurt your reputation and ultimately result in lost business. You want anything with your name on it to operate flawlessly the first time and every time.

Why BIGEYE? Here are just a few of the many reasons.

From research to digital, all of our service lines are under one roof.

We’re at a healthy fighting weight. Big time talent, but small enough to pivot with ease.

Our management team knows every client on our books. By name. And drink preference.

Get the many benefits of working with a usability testing company.

Understanding how your users–or target market–interacts with your product or website is critical to your success. At BIGEYE, we employ random testing, remote testing, expert review, questionnaires and interviews, and automated website testing to produce helpful feedback on how real users experience and use your products. These results can then inform design, improve customer satisfaction, and drive strategy.

Collaborate with a usability testing company to define and execute your test plan.

Usability testing can be valuable in many areas and executed in a number of ways. For example, in website development, A/B testing is common. This form of evaluation provides concrete results on how different website features perform. Does a “Buy Now” button or one that says “Purchase” produce better results? What if the button is orange vs. red? These seemingly minor details can have a major impact on the success of your site.

Our research team understands what it takes to produce a positive user interaction.

Enjoy the confidence of going to market with the “thumbs up” from an experienced usability testing company like BIGEYE.

Most usability tests reveal a number of areas for improvement. However, even when one doesn’t, it still delivers something very valuable: confidence. It is much less stressful for all stakeholders to go to market after thorough usability testing. 


The first step in rolling out a new website or product should be getting a second opinion. Contact us today to learn more about our usability testing services.

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Let's improve your usability.

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Let's improve your usability.

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