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When it comes to focused targeting, nothing compares to social media advertising. Using everything from a consumer’s demographic data to their hobbies and interests, social platforms allow you to connect with the people who are most likely to purchase your products or services. And, the social media team at BIGEYE can help you capitalize on other features like conversion tracking and progressive mobile integration.

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We use cutting-edge technology to drive traffic efficiently and effectively.

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Use our social media advertising services to benefit from the awesome power of the medium.

Social media platforms collect an incredible amount of data from users. For example, Facebook enables interest targeting by identifying interests from information users have added to their timeline, keywords associated with the pages they like or apps they use, ads they’ve clicked on, and other similar sources. Behavioral targeting connects brands with consumers based on their purchase behaviors, lifestyle choices, the devices they use, travel preferences, and more. We help you leverage all that data to fine-tune your social media advertising.

Combine social media advertising services with retargeting for maximum effectiveness.

Retargeting is another tool we use in social media advertising. With retargeting or remarketing, a simple Javascript code is used to anonymously “follow” a prospect as they navigate around the web, bringing up your online ads on other sites to keep your offerings top of mind. It’s a very effective tactic for getting people who have visited your site to return and make a purchase.

Rely on BIGEYE’s expertise in social media advertising to get your ads perfect placement for optimal impact.

Gain a competitive edge online with social media advertising services from BIGEYE.

We don’t just create and place ads. We collaborate with you to define a detailed social media advertising strategy. And, we ensure that your social media advertising initiatives mesh perfectly with your overall marketing plan. 


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Let's advertise to your target audience.

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Let's advertise to your target audience.

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