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A picture is worth 1,000 words. And studies say video is worth 1.8 million of them. It’s time to get visual with the help of a video production company.

Leverage the resources of a skilled video production company to build your brand.

When you work with BIGEYE’s video production team, you can expect amazing results. Together we’ll determine the goals and objectives of your next video, and craft a style and narrative to meet those goals. As both a video production company and advertising agency, we bring a unique marketing perspective to the table that you won’t find anywhere else.

Award-winning video production

With more than a decade of experience, our video experts get your brand message seen by your target audience.

Our video production company is a sharp group of creative thinkers who push the envelope on design and results. Our videographers will know when is best to use motion graphics, talent, or drones to creatively execute your vision. Their friendly, easy-going nature will win you over, and the awards they have won are pretty impressive too. You’ll enjoy control over the process and end result, without the headache of detail management.

"Now that we have video online, we’re seeing a big increase in mobile traffic to the site. "
- Educational institution, BIGEYE client

More than 100 million internet users watch online videos every day. That’s a huge potential market. BIGEYE strives to help you achieve your marketing goals by providing you with a video that will generate results. How? Your video will be seen! We use a data-driven approach to make recommendations to your media strategy and video distribution plan.

The marketing videos we create for our clients can increase brand awareness and create emotional connections with consumers. They’ve also proven to reduce bounce rates, boost SEO efforts, and increase sales volume. Different types of videos meet different goals for your brand. As an award-winning video production company, our team assists in determining the right format for your needs. That might include brand highlight or explainer videos, product reviews, video PSAs, culture videos, animations, and short-form videos.

Ready, Set, BIGEYE.

As a video production company with in-house videographers, we do the research to understand your customers’ media habits and make recommendations to your media strategy and video distribution plan based on that data. We create a balance of organic and paid marketing efforts and leverage your brand’s social and digital marketing channels. Then we measure engagement, and analyze and optimize the plan to ensure maximum exposure for your brand. Our team works diligently to help you utilize cinema advertising and video production to benefit your business! 


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Let's produce a great video together.

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Let's produce a great video together.

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