Marketing Analytics Agency

Marketing Analytics Agency

Capturing great stats but not quite sure what they mean? As a media analytics agency, we turn data into decisions to help you get outstanding results from your media spend.

Strategic analysis of performance data is a vital part of any ROI marketing campaign. Our media analytics services team not only understands how to gather and assess data before, during, and after a campaign, they know what actions you should take based on that assessment to optimize your returns.

Why Bigeye for Your Marketing Performance Tracking? Here Are Just a Few of the Many Reasons.

Reasons 1

We crunch the numbers in real-time to keep your campaigns at maximum ROI.

Reasons 2

Leveraging market and analytics expertise, we deliver easily understood reports every month.

Reasons 3

By integrating your campaigns across channels, we deliver comprehensive tracking data.

Get the “Big Picture” View of Your Campaigns Using an Expert Media Analytics Agency.

You’ve made your media purchases. Now, there’s a big question hanging in the air: What worked? Our skilled data strategists dig into the marketing performance tracking data to get you an answer. With that knowledge in hand, we help you refine your placements to maximize engagement—all without sacrificing the power and value of the creative work. By measuring marketing effectiveness, we can optimize your media placements and media invoices. Our media analytics services team helps you zero in on the optimal placement for each piece, never settling for “good enough.”

Work with a Marketing Analytics Agency to Make Your Numbers Easy to Digest.

For people who don’t work with numbers every day, it can be challenging to understand things like probability plots, failure rates, likelihood functions, reliability importance, and reliable growth figures. Our media and analytics team works closely with our design team to ensure that the data we present to you is easy to understand with flow charts, graphs, pie charts, and other visual elements.

Our media team helps clients turn often underutilized data into a competitive advantage.

Media Analytics Services: Trust, but Verify.

The Russian proverb that translates as “Trust, but verify.” is the right approach when it comes to measuring advertising effectiveness of your media campaigns. While our team only works with media platforms that we have confidence in, we still verify that every piece of your media program ran as expected and performed as predicted to ensure you are getting what you paid for and are hitting your key performance indicators.

Ready to see how media analytics services can give you a competitive edge? Reach out and let’s talk about your objectives.

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