Over-The-Top (OTT)

Over-the-Top (OTT)

Traditional TV is evolving—your marketing plan should be too. Step up your marketing game with OTT services that put your messaging ahead of the curve.

Traditional TV is getting a digital upgrade. Connected TV-buying services bring your messaging to your audience through their streaming platforms. Over-the-top (OTT) services leverage the streaming model to connect your brand with young consumers where they already spend their time. The OTT industry has a projected global growth rate of 16.7% year-over-year through 2025. This means that it will become a $332.52 billion market by 2025. Capitalizing on this growth, our team delivers a strong campaign strategy. We put in the time and effort to understand your audience and craft communications that resonate. 

Why Bigeye for Your Over-the-Top Services? Here Are Just a Few of the Many Reasons.

Reasons 1

Connecting with your consumer base where they are already engaged is the key to getting them to listen.


Reasons 2

Our team knows your audience. We craft each and every message in a tone that resonates.

Reasons 3

Understanding the top purchase drivers for your audience, we optimize your campaigns to drive awareness and advocacy.

How OTT Companies Can Help You Reach Your Business Objectives.

OTT video services give you advantages such as in-depth analytics, powerful targeting, and innovative creative opportunities. Digital devices that are streaming-enabled have incredible processing power. Leveraging this, experienced advertisers can gather detailed information on their viewers and their behaviors. With the data collected through streaming services along with access to the specific audiences to which different shows appeal, over-the-top advertising allows for impactful targeting. Understanding the incredible capabilities offered by these high-tech platforms, skilled creatives can coordinate cutting-edge placements that command consumer attention.

Let’s Get Down to the Numbers.

A key strength of OTT marketing is budget flexibility. With varied execution channels, narrow targeting options, and payment rates based on CPM, over-the-top placements can be extremely cost-effective. In addition, streaming services have tracking capabilities that reliably deliver impressions. By paying for specified viewer numbers, concerns from TV advertising are negated. Your placements don’t just run at a certain time and hope for viewers, they have calculated showings that adapt to the schedules and real-time viewing of your consumers. OTT services ensure actual viewership while providing accurate analytics and scaling to your parameters and budgets.

Leverage the strategic advantages of OTT services to drive outstanding results.

Connect with Your Consumers without Breaking the Bank.

Modern advertising has to adapt to a consumer-first world. As technology advances, consumers control an increasing amount of their entertainment. To get your messages to them, advertising strategies are evolving to reach them where they are and when they are. OTT advertising takes the guesswork out of your placements, as clients pay for a set audience and viewership with streaming algorithms that target your market in real-time.

If you’re ready to leverage advanced and innovative marketing strategies, it’s time to reach out.

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