Real Time Marketing

Real Time Marketing

If you want excellent results, you have to be sure you are reaching the right people, in the right place, at the right time. Get actionable insights with real-time marketing stats by working with an agency that is, frankly, a little obsessed with marketing analytics.

We’re a data-driven, strategy-first firm because we’ve learned that when strategy is rushed or blurry, everything else—goals, performance indicators, creative messaging, audience response, return on investment—gets blurry too. That’s why we start every project by creating a personalized digital marketing dashboard. Building an effective strategy begins with in-depth market analysis. Everyone who touches one of our projects knows how their specific piece fits into a bigger plan. Media is no exception.

Why Bigeye for Your Marketing Analytics? Here Are Just a Few of the Many Reasons.

Reasons 1

With real time analytics, we constantly adjust your spending allocations to optimize results without breaking the bank.

Reasons 2

Our skilled digital team leverages a comprehensive analytics dashboard to provide you with clear and accurate reporting.

Reasons 3

We’re audience-focused and data-driven to ensure that your messages are being seen and making a real difference.

Our Expert Team Leverages Real-Time Marketing to Craft a Plan That Delivers Results.

Our media strategists shadow our account teams at the start of an engagement to get to know the client, the nature of the business, the marketing goals, and the big-picture business objectives. Then they get to work developing a tracking and analytics dashboard that shows, at any given time, what will maximize engagement and support your overall strategy.

Benefit from the Skills of Experts Who Know Media Strategy Inside and Out.

Our strategists get media. They understand how different generations live, work, play, and communicate. They can explain how one form of media can be consumed in entirely different ways by two different people. They’re tuned in to how the nuances of media placement impact reception and engagement, and consequently, the perception of your brand. Our team knows how to gauge the effectiveness of media based on the way people behave, not simply from likes, clicks, and shares.

We pride ourselves on being a start-to-finish agency, from creative to media placement and analytics.

Collaborate with Our Real-Time Marketing Team to Generate Positive Buzz around Your Business.

Crafting a media strategy that effectively supports campaigns and boosts sales requires the analysis of data from a wide range of sources including industry stats and the metrics behind your digital platforms, websites, and social channels. We assess every scrap of information including reviews, ratings, and feedback to ensure your media strategy is as effective as possible. All the while, you and your team can be focusing on other mission-critical tasks. 

Where can you be next quarter if you take advantage of our real-time marketing today? Contact us to find out.

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