Connecting effectively with your target market means having a consumer PR agency handle public relations and media relations. Face the public with the confidence a consumer PR agency provides.

consumer pr, Bigeye Agency
consumer pr, Bigeye Agency

Why Do I Need to Hire a Consumer PR Agency?

When it comes to the media, the impression you make is either positive or negative. There is no middle ground. In order to ensure that you put yourself and your company in the best possible light, you must be prepared. Our Consumer PR consulting team provides the tips and tricks you need to succeed.

Allowing us to coordinate your Consumer PR and media relations gives you and your team more time to focus on the reason you went into business—your products and/or services. From strategic campaigns to touching base with media contacts periodically to ensure your company stays top-of-mind, we help with all aspects of leveraging important relationships.   

consumer pr, Bigeye Agency
consumer pr, Bigeye Agency
consumer pr, Bigeye Agency
consumer pr, Bigeye Agency

Why Trust Bigeye as Your Consumer PR Agency?


We craft your communications, turning their tactics into an advantage for your business.


Accidents happen, that’s why we prepare you for any crisis.


Consumer PR is more than speaking, it’s listening too. We keep our ears to the ground to anticipate what’s coming.

Breaking into New Markets for High-end Flooring Manufacturer Kährs

When Kährs, a flooring manufacturer with a storied 160-year history, wanted to make waves in a new market, they turned to Bigeye to launch and optimize a digital campaign that tells their brand story. Unimpressed with their current brand awareness initiatives, we helped showcase their extensive product offerings and position Kährs as the go-to place to find luxurious flooring for homeowners and interior designers alike.

consumer pr, Bigeye Agency

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