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Positioning a Unique Brand for a Startup Health Company

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The Challenge

Bridging the patient/pharmacist gap with intelligent, data-driven technology, the Aspen RxHealth app connects MTM (Medication Therapy Management) patients with pharmacists. Using live chat and video technology, their system helps patients get the care they need and pharmacists to leverage their skills more effectively. Aspen RxHealth reached out to our medical marketing team to develop a product logo, unique brand personality, and educational website to establish a foundation for its offering.

Our Approach

We started by creating a brand identity that conveyed qualities of innovation and engagement, along with the more caring, holistic, and personal side of modern pharmaceutical care that Aspen RxHealth represents. Many healthcare branding agencies focus solely on the benefits of their systems, but we crafted a fully-rounded personality that would show pharmacists, healthcare providers, and patients that Aspen RxHealth is here to make a positive impact. Our pharmaceutical marketing interactions between patients and pharmacists were crafted to drive better care while motivating MTM patients.


Bigeye provided Aspen RxHealth with a visual identity and internet presence that has allowed the company to grow awareness of its technology startup and portray a sense of confidence and sophistication. Now, the Aspen RxHealth team can walk into pitch meetings and trade shows, and connect with social media followers, with the added credibility provided by polished and professional branding.

Reaching Pharmacists and Prospective Patients

Targeted marketing in healthcare requires a deep understanding of the patient journey. In researching the link between pharmacists and MTM patients, we identified two audiences that are crucial in how this relationship is managed: pharmacists and healthcare providers. As patients themselves don’t choose the services and doctors their insurance will cover, we didn’t target them. This was an important distinction for us, as it changed the level of detail and sophistication in our copywriting and brand positioning.

pharmaceutical marketing, Bigeye Agency

Building the Brand

As a medical service provider focused on enabling personalized care and providing a better way for pharmacists to utilize their education, Aspen RxHealth had to use an approach that finds the right balance of approachable and elevated. Our medical marketing team crafted a healthcare marketing strategy that conveys the importance of both communication and compassion, and clearly explains how the service connects people with expertise to the patients who need it.

pharmaceutical marketing, Bigeye Agency

Creating the Color Story

Our medical branding experts crafted an engaging brand that includes deep blues and warm orange tones to convey both energy and trustworthiness. We focused the logo on the heart—a universal symbol of care. Then, to portray “communication and engagement,” we incorporated the speech bubble. From there, we rounded out the branding for Aspen RxHealth with a color palette that features soft gradients, fonts that give a sense of clarity, and sophisticated messaging.

pharmaceutical marketing, Bigeye Agency
pharmaceutical marketing, Bigeye Agency