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National Mango Board: Digital Marketing Campaign

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The Challenge

The National Mango Board’s mission is to increase the consumption of fresh mangos in the US by inspiring consumers and educating them about the culture, flavor, and versatility of mangos. They trusted Bigeye to launch a multi-platform, fully integrated digital campaign to entice people to add mangos to their grocery lists.

It was our job to help educate consumers that not only do mangos have year-round seasonality, there is also a wide variety of ways they can prepare a mango in a way that excites consumers, while also disseminating valuable, science-backed information.

Our Approach

Driven by audience insights, we crafted a media campaign that showcases mangos as a refreshing, nutritional fruit that can be used in multiple ways in a variety of dishes, and their year-round availability gives mangos the potential to become a staple item on more consumers’ shopping lists.

We drew inspiration from the regions of the world where mangos are grown, which resulted in a delicious recipe of quirky headlines accompanied by bright, regionally-inspired visuals. Along with the vibrant creative, we launched the integrate campaign across paid social, paid search, video, display, and native channels to reach a granular audience.


As a result of Bigeye’s careful analysis and ongoing optimizations, the digital marketing campaign has boasted plenty of impressive results.

• A 15 percent decrease in the cost per conversion. The improvement in performance was driven by a data-based analysis of creative identifying the top-performing ad focus for each channel.

• Our campaign audience analysis uncovered valuable user insights, identifying the combinations of gender, age, and interest segments that were most likely to be receptive to unique messages within each ad focus, helping to drive a 133 percent increase in engaged users.

• The brand awareness campaign on Facebook showed a $0.07 cost of ad recall lift per user in driving an estimated 6,600 exposed users to recall the video creative at a 3.9% ad recall lift rate.

• Through ongoing optimizations, the campaign showed a  12 percent increase in website sessions month over month.

Digital Marketing Campaign, Bigeye Agency

Digital Marketing Campaign, Bigeye Agency

Digital Marketing Campaign, Bigeye Agency
Digital Marketing Campaign, Bigeye Agency

Digital Marketing Campaign, Bigeye Agency