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Simplifying Brand Architecture with Consumer Research

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The Challenge

Orange Auto Tag Agency, the largest private tag agency in Florida, called on us to create a cohesive brand that communicates how they bring professionalism to the clerking process and exhibit real attention to detail. With a complicated service-offering and outdated brand, we set out to streamline the messaging and create a seamless experience for customers of all of OATA’s unique customers.

Our Approach

To completely understand the multiple audiences that use OATA’s services, we built robust user personas representing each type of common customer. Each persona includes demographic information, along with their goals and challenges, and how OATA can help them. Once we nailed down these personas, we knew exactly how to craft messaging that appealed to these specific audiences. These insights guided every decision we made so that each piece of creative would provide value for the people looking for OATA’s services.


Giving names and faces to three different types of OATA customers gave us a unique insight into their different sets of challenges and motivations so we could establish a new streamlined brand architecture and build an effective marketing campaign. The result? The new brand architecture and campaign for OATA presents a simplified message that meets the specific needs of their target audiences.

audience research agency, Bigeye Agency
Persona Example

Bernard the Boss

Bernard is driven to achieve, considers ongoing education and training a priority for himself and his staff, and is interested in services that can free up his time.

• General Manager of an Independent Dealership
• Has worked at the dealership for 15 years
• 44, married, 2 children, lives in urban location, postgraduate degree

Maximize the dealership’s aisles through efficient management of personnel and oversight of customer-facing touchpoints Notify ownership of opportunities and operational challenges Ensure compliance with state and federal regulations

Getting everything done with small dealership staff Being proactive and prioritizing attention on longer-term challenges

What OATA can Do
Make it easy for Bernard to focus on revenue-generating initiatives within the dealership rather than title and tag administration (and its associated costs)

audience research agency, Bigeye Agency

audience research agency, Bigeye Agency
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audience research agency, Bigeye Agency
audience research agency, Bigeye Agency

audience research agency, Bigeye Agency
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