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Reaching Pet Parents with Our Pet Marketing Agency

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The Challenge

The pet care market is growing rapidly. Some estimates are calling for pet food supplements alone to see a $625 million increase by 2023. For pet supply businesses, that’s both good news and bad news. The good news is that an expanding market means more opportunity. The bad news is that this kind of potential attracts countless competitors looking to cash in. For Zesty Paws, a provider of high-quality supplements and grooming products, the challenge was clear: Stand out from the crowd and get more eyes on their wide variety of offerings in order to capture market share through Amazon, and other outlets where they have a presence. In particular, they wanted to focus on three areas: general brand awareness plus their All Ages and Hemp Elements supplement lines.

Our Approach

Pet lovers tend to be people who enjoy the activity and energy that their furry friends bring to their lives. Our pet marketing agency team felt that the best way to portray that vitality is through motion graphics. But before we went to work, we needed to have an in-depth understanding of the Zesty Paws brand, its audience and other factors that would shape the video content we produced. So, we started our engagement with a deep dive into the company’s history, its recently updated brand persona, its product lines and the competitive landscape. What we came away with was a holistic view of who Zesty Paws is, what they wanted to accomplish and how we’d help them achieve their goals.


The video spots developed for Zesty Paws have been a success in that they’re sophisticated and intentional in terms of what they communicate but are able to convey the information in a way that’s engaging and portrays better pet health as a mission that the consumer and company share.

pet marketing agency, Bigeye Agency

Reaching Attentive Pet Parents

Zesty Paws’ key demographic is female consumers in a large age range (late 20s to early 60s) with above-average income. And because raw food diets for dogs are growing in popularity, we kept that in mind in our targeting as well. We also knew we had to make the creative fun and energetic while not portraying the offerings as “treats” but rather as science-backed supplements. For example, the company’s salmon oil and Omega-3 products had proven to be powerful “gateways” into the line of more than 50 SKUs.

pet marketing agency, Bigeye Agency

Creating Playful Motion Graphics

Using Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D, our creative team combined custom graphics that we developed, video clips, photography, and the Zesty Paws brand elements to produce polished, 30-second pieces that explain the company’s value proposition quickly and clearly. However, the videos also have a strong color palette and a sense of whimsy designed to appeal to the target audience, using playful terms like “fur-bestie” and “pawsome.”

With no voice-over and just an energetic music track, it was challenging to communicate all the critical messages in such a short time, but with fast transitions and strategic “bouncing” movement of visual elements paired with reading pauses, we were able to create high-energy pieces that have strong forward momentum but don’t make viewers feel rushed.

pet marketing agency, Bigeye Agency
pet marketing agency, Bigeye Agency