Understanding the behavior of your customers and prospects is the key to meeting their needs. As a quantitative market research agency, Bigeye provides insights on their actions that take your marketing efforts to a whole new level.

quantitative research, Bigeye
quantitative research, Bigeye

What is Quantitative Marketing Research? Why Do I Need It?

Quantitative research companies produce structured, statistical data. Bigeye’s quantitative research strategically captures respondent information that can answer the types of strategic questions we seek answers to. These can include:

  • Attributes: people’s demographic characteristics such as age, ethnicity, or gender identity
  • Behaviors: what people do, such as shop, exercise, or engage in hobbies
  • Abilities: people’s general or specialist domain knowledge and skills
  • Thoughts: people’s attitudes, beliefs, feelings, awareness, opinions, or preferences

Understanding people multi-dimensionally is a prerequisite for successfully defining and executing your marketing strategy. Quantitative research can be undertaken in combination with primary, qualitative research studies and secondary market intelligence research.

quantitative research, Bigeye
quantitative research, Bigeye
quantitative research, Bigeye
quantitative research, Bigeye

Why Trust Bigeye as Your Quantitative Research Agency?


We identify your audiences’ key brand awareness, consideration, and purchase drivers.


We chart consumers’ attitudes and behaviors to help define strategy and next steps.


We don’t just collect data, we analyze it. Sifting through it to provide actionable insights.

Using Market Research to Understand Orange Auto Tag’s Customers

Orange Auto Tag Agency, the largest private tag agency in Florida, called on us to create a cohesive brand that communicates how they bring professionalism to the clerking process and exhibit real attention to detail. To completely understand the multiple audiences that use OATA’s services, we built robust user personas representing each segment.

quantitative research, Bigeye

Are you Ready to Know Your Customers on a Deeper Level?