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2015. A new year, a new list of our talented designers’ favorite fonts for you to peruse, download, and enjoy! And did we mention they’re free fonts?
We all know that typography has grown to become an art form, one that has the potential to really attract an audience to – or detract their interest from – an advertisement, article layout, or website. Always keep a variety of fonts in your quick draw. From script to plain text, as well as some with a bit of artistic flair, employing a mix of beautiful fonts can elevate the design of your promotional content, website, etc., and truly draw your audience to your design.

If you’re looking to “shake things up a bit” through the use of a gorgeous new typeface, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve done the heavy lifting, so feel free to take advantage of this no-cost opportunity to further maximize your font drawer by adding a few new lovely options to your existing repertoire.

And now, without further adieu, here’s our current list of our favorite free fonts for 2015 – hand-selected by our Creative Team at BIGEYE:






Moderne Sans

Galano Classic


We can’t resist adding some of our favorite free fonts from 2016 to this list.


Libre Baskerville



And finally – one more that we adore. This one’s not not a freebie, but it’s most certainly a serif beauty:

So, which of your picks did we leave off of our list? See any font styles that you’re really drawn to? Contact our Florida marketing agency to let us know how we can help shape your design dreams – complete with some truly breathtaking typography!