5 ways a creative agency can bring back your WOW factor in 2017

Okay people, we’re going to be real with you. The way to get your wow factor back for 2017 is partnering with a creative agency. There are no little tricks or hacks, it is as simple as that. Not completely sold? Keep on reading!

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2017 is here, and you’re probably wondering how you can make this year even better than the last. A new year is a time to energize your marketing goals and blow the competition out of the water. And whether you’re hoping to kick off a new look or a new campaign, partnering with a creative agency can add a little sparkle to your current plans. We just counted down to the new year, and now we’re counting off the top five ways a creative agency can deliver a little “wow” to your marketing plans … so pull those party hats back out and get ready to celebrate what’s to come.


Start the new year by looking back. We know that might sound counter intuitive, but sometimes the best way to break out of a rut or inspire new ideas is to bring in a fresh set of eyes to assess what you’ve already done. Your creative agency will be able to make recommendations about why certain elements of your content marketing and advertising strategy worked and where your team could use some support. Let your creative agency bring a fresh, bird’s-eye view to help you spot amazing opportunities that might have gotten overlooked when the team was knee-deep in the day-to-day.


Why work harder in 2017 when you could work smarter? Since 2016 was such an amazing year, you deserve a little break. Let your creative agency shoulder some of the production and creation so you can focus on big-picture strategy and achieving bigger goals. Delegating creative services to a dedicated, highly skilled agency team can save your in-house employees time, resources, and money wading through tasks just outside their expertise. You’ll receive better creative results and enjoy happier, more productive staff. That’s what we call a win-win.


No one loves chasing a good trend more than creative marketers. If your marketing materials feel a little stale or you’ve been recycling creative content for the last two years, it’s time to get in on 2017’s marketing trends before your competition does. A good creative agency will be able to tell you what trends are emerging in your market and how to take advantage of them in a way that will reach your target audience, cross platforms, and inspire action.


This year, your marketing mantra should not be “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” We know that when something goes well, it’s tempting to try to duplicate those circumstances again and again and again. As marketers, it’s easy to become risk adverse because there is so much pressure to perform. Let a creative agency help you take calculated risks that will stretch your team’s creativity and potential without jeopardizing your business. Because agencies are trained to balance creativity with results, you can rest assured that taking the risk will be worth it.


Have you taken a look at what your agency is doing for their other clients lately? Have you read their case studies? Or asked them what they’re passionate about? Go ahead, do a little Facebook stalking and peek into their portfolios. Chances are, you’ll be inspired. Creative marketing agencies are becoming more holistic, more creative, and more calculated than ever before. Share their work with your team to inspire design thinking and new ideas and then get ready to collaborate. Your agency isn’t just here to work for you – they are here to work with you and make your team work their best.

No matter which reason you choose, working with a creative agency in 2017 is one resolution we hope you keep. Get in touch or check out our portfolio for some inspiration today.

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