Why scalable vector graphics are the new photoshop killer

SVGs are setting a new standard for digital files that are ready for a world that never turns off.

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Remember the post we shared about why vector graphics are the new JPEG files? If you missed it – don’t worry – you can check out the blog here. We’re going to take that concept one step farther. Introducing: scalable vector graphics (SVG).

Our technical guys tell us that SVG graphics are text files with some serious code magic happening in the background. Our creative guys say they are the gold standard for vector graphics creation. Our business owners say they are so easy to use their interns are creating customer-ready content. … so what are SVG files, really?


Above and beyond anything else, SVGs are freedom from Photoshop and JPEG files. Not that there is anything wrong with them. Photoshop allows artists and creators to make some incredible artwork. But JPEG and large-scale photo files are difficult to use and implement in the digital world.

They are cumbersome, they take up data storage space, they slow your website and mobile load times, they can be difficult to share and edit on the fly.

SVG files scale, adapt, and load at the same speed your customers can switch between their favorite devices.


Your developers will seriously thank you for the switch. SVGs are primed to use with and on other technology. For example, when using a JPEG file, you have to crop and save your images to fit the exact size of each component you want that image to appear in. SVGs adapt on their own, so your developers can plug and play with assets however you or they need them. This saves time, money, editing, and frustration.

SVGs are fully compatible with responsive websites and built with forward-thinking changes to technology in mind that should serve your site for years to come. The internet is always changing, so whenever you can get ahead of the evolutionary curve, it’s good to do so. Save yourself a total overhaul later by integrating SVGs into your creative work now and letting us help.


SVG files save you time (and money) in other business areas as well. If you have a small or expanding team, you can use SVG files to train up-and-coming designers (tweaking and editing on SVGs is much easier than you think), or let your more creatively minded marketers try their hand at novice graphics design.

Not everyone is cut out to be a world class designer, but if you invest in a few foundational graphics from an expert designer (not mentioning any names, but our team at BIGEYE is pretty awesome), almost anyone can update, use, and repurpose those SVG files. SVGs can be used to make patterns, backgrounds, and print materials in addition to images and icons.

Investing in SVG files lets everyone on your team support the creative process, so your most talented and creative members can focus on generating breakthrough ideas that will break through the clutter.

We aren’t saying you’ll never use Photoshop again, but we do think SVGs can unlock your team’s potential and make life a whole lot easier. Let us help you out.

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