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Producing an 80% increase in traffic and leads while positioning a multi-generational company for exponential growth

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Crafting Something to Stand On - a Thoughtfully Executed Service Industry-Centric Digital Marketing Program.

Dating back to 1950, Ability Wood Flooring is in its third generation of family ownership. The brand prides itself on providing customers with unmatched expertise and flooring solutions crafted from the highest-quality materials. As the company looked ahead to anticipated growth in the construction industry, it was clear it needed to position itself to capitalize on this upswing.

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"When conducting our agency search, we reached out to two agencies, and I knew immediately that my team at Ability would be working with BIGEYE from the moment we sat down to discuss our internet marketing strategy. It all came down to a simple circle graph - where the overarching goal was to increase the size of our “circle in the game.” It’s truly a goal-setting partnership, and I savored the recommendations for success."

-Shawn Scovil, VP of Development & Operations, Ability Wood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring: By the Numbers

Drafting a Successful Blueprint for a Storied Brand

After extensive research and discovery, it was decided that a re-branding and identity initiative would better position Ability Wood Flooring within the digital landscape. At the same time, the company’s reputation and heritage could be touted through print media. A key component would be a new logo to embody the brand’s longevity and leadership in the business.

With an unmatched commitment to quality for nearly 70 years, the company has built and maintained strong relationships with distributors that offer only the most exceptional of flooring products. Leveraging those materials, Ability Wood Flooring has developed an expansive catalog of exclusive product designs and finishes.

  • Market & Competitive Research
  • Brand Development
  • Digital Strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Digital Marketing
  • Media Research & Planning
  • Ongoing Support

It's All in the Details

Logo Composition

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The stars represent the three generations of the Ability business and family.

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We made design decisions that more clearly portray the company’s expertise and unique approach.

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The extended stems of the letters help form the logo’s badge shape. The large format logo helps enforce the idea of authorship, as it is used like a signature on all their work.

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The combination of multiple typefaces helps communicate the notion of legacy and experience.

“Our redesigned logo has been extremely well-received, and I love the story behind the creative. To me, the word “ability” really stands out, and that’s precisely what we’re offering our customers. This speaks directly to my desire to really create a heightened sense of brand recognition, and to ensure that our refined logo translates well to various media.”

-Shawn Scovil, VP of Development & Operations, Ability Wood Flooring


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“We set out to accomplish three goals with the new Ability Wood Flooring logo: (1) create something timeless, (2) create something that portrayed the meticulous craftsmanship of the brand, and (3) create something that was appropriate to the period of the logo style. The selected combination achieves all three criteria. The palette is historic, yet contemporary; sophisticated, yet welcoming. Inspired by colors found in architecture of the early 20th century and late 19th, and rich, earth-driven colors found in nature, the palette is appropriate for a ‘legacy brand’.”

-Seth Segura, Creative Director

Devising an Extensive Digital Marketing Strategy: Specialized Solutions Constructed to Generate Measurable Results

Paid Search

Ability Wood Flooring benefited from a strategic PPC program and carefully considered media buys. The overarching goal was to not only increase website traffic, but to ensure through meticulous conversion optimization that high-quality leads would be generated.


Search engine optimization (SEO) was a critical component of Ability Wood Flooring’s strategy. This involved keyword research, website copy optimization, quality link building, and content creation for off-site promotion.


A series of display ads were designed and implemented across various networks, targeted to Ability Wood Flooring's ideal customer. In an effort to re-engage with visitors that didn't convert on their first visit to AbilityWoodFlooring.com, display ad campaigns were crafted, complete with messaging relevant to page and product activity on the site.

The Results



Paid Traffic



New Sessions

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Geographic Locations of Website Visitors



Organic Traffic



Lead Value

Ability Wood Flooring truly has its clients covered - due in large part to the development and execution of a highly targeted internet marketing program.

Measuring Results as the Groundwork for Success

One of the keys to Ability Wood Flooring’s PPC success has been assessment and optimization of their campaigns. By learning from, and building on, past results, they are gathering highly-qualified leads that translate more readily into new business.

“Statistics have proven that we’ve experienced a tremendous increase in conversions and new leads as a result of our partnership - and with a background in marketing, I am constantly - and consistently - inspired to employ these findings from our analytics review meetings to our day-to-day business strategies.”

-Shawn Scovil, VP of Development & Operations, Ability Wood Flooring

Positioning an established, family-owned brand for long-term national growth, while generating over $450,000 in new lead value

Surpassing Client Expectations

By communicating its proud heritage and history of providing exceptional service through fresh branding and powerful digital strategies, Ability Wood Flooring has leveraged its partnership with BIGEYE to achieve tremendous engagement and lead-generation success. The result is new customers and an affirmation of its role as the frontrunner in its industry - a position it intends to hold for generations to come.

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