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Hitting a Bullseye for the Largest Venture Capital Firm in the Southeast: A Comprehensive Update for an Industry Leader

Arsenal Venture Partners is an industry-leading venture capital firm headquartered in Florida, with offices in California, Ohio, and Michigan. The firm may sit outside of the Silicon Valley bubble, but it has proven to be a top competitor to those in “the Valley” thanks to its groupthink mentality and creative capabilities. Over the past decade, Arsenal has invested in dozens of portfolio companies across the Communications, Information Technology, Power and Energy, Environmental, and Industrial sectors. The firm is exceedingly selective in choosing its partners, analyzing thousands of proposal decks and presentations from CEOs each year and only selecting a small number (around five annually) with which to engage in partnerships.

Securing a Vested Partnership with the Only Institutional Venture Fund in Florida

When Arsenal approached BIGEYE regarding a comprehensive rebranding initiative, the primary driver was the firm’s antiquated logo, which did not accurately convey its prominence in the industry. BIGEYE was tasked with coordinating the evolution of the brand’s text-based logo to something more current and relevant. Arsenal wanted a fresh identity that would resonate with their desired target audience, savvy entrepreneurs and powerful investors.

The BIG Process

Arsenal had ambitious goals, but BIGEYE’s team and proven process were up to the challenge. Through a series of intensive branding and logo development exercises, we gathered detailed information on the brand’s personality and competitive differentiators, as well as the company’s overarching business goals and objectives.

Crafting a Refined Brand Mark

Our initial exploration revealed that the Arsenal team favored a brand mark that was clean, sophisticated, and modern. It would have to humanize the brand, showcasing the firm’s team as both highly professional and extremely approachable. With this in mind, BIGEYE set out to create an iconic image that would hold significant meaning for both investors and entrepreneurs. After working through a number of options, we presented a series of au courant logo concepts to the client.

The design chosen features an arrow slicing cleanly through what might be seen as a maze representing the many twists and turns an idea takes before it is fully realized. The strong typeface carries great weight, and includes a number of interesting breaks, such as in the “R” to complement the style of the icon. This sans serif font, paired with the unique icon, portrays the modern, sleek, creative style Arsenal asked for.
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Logo Design
  • Website Design & Development
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Photo Production
  • Search Engine Marketing

Brand-Centric Adjectives

  • Inspired
  • Curious
  • Protective
  • Accurate
  • Nimble
  • Friendly
  • Trustworthy
  • Collaborative
  • Supportive
  • Experienced
  • Influential
  • Creative

Conceptual Logo Designs

Concept Logo Concept Logo Concept Logo Concept Logo Concept Logo Concept Logo Concept Logo Concept Logo Concept Logo Concept Logo Concept Logo Concept Logo
AVP Before Logo


AVP After Logo


Producing a Brand Built on Strategy, Focused on the Customer

Brand Colors

Brand Color Swatches


Typgography Example


Logo Variation

Grayscale Logo

Logo Variation

Black Logo

Logo Variation

Reverse Logo

Logo Variation

Smallest Size

Developing an Innovative Website

The initial brand development project received an overwhelmingly positive response, which produced powerful momentum as we moved into the website redesign process.The objective with this phase of the project was to develop a visually appealing and highly functional site that would meet two objectives: introducing the team and providing insight and education to those pitching an investment project. The approved site design features modern minimalism without feeling cold or stark. The various design elements convey a warm and welcoming feeling and help promote trust in the brand.


Website Wireframe Website Wireframe Website Wireframe

Building the Foundation for Being Found

To ensure ease of navigation on any device, the website was built using responsive design. That approach also supported efforts to ensure the site was optimized for search and appealing to the search engine algorithms. One of the goals for the project was making sure that Arsenal can be found easily by those seeking investors. Using proven tactics like content marketing, link building, and social media efforts, our strategy has increased web traffic. And, as Arsenal’s needs or market change, the site can change with them, having been built on the WordPress platform and designed for ease of updating.

Melding Creative with Captivating Photography & an Engaging SEO Strategy

Capturing Breathtaking Workplace Photography

Early in the project it was decided that a photo shoot at Arsenal’s home office in Winter Park, Florida would be essential to establishing the creative direction for the project and providing inspiration. And that session did not disappoint. The material we gathered played an integral role in the finished products.

A Stunning Scenescape

The Arsenal office has breathtaking architectural elements such as floor-to-ceiling glass that perfectly convey the “startup-tech” vibe the company was looking for to attract entrepreneurs. This powerful scenescape yielded spectacular imagery that communicates the firm’s cutting-edge approach to venture capital, its edgy personality, and its passion for its work. Post-shoot editing to enhance the contrast and add vibrant hues intensified the effect.

“Immediately upon entering Arsenal’s headquarters, I envisioned an ‘open and clean airy’ type feel to the photography, due in large part to the significant amount of natural light and glass. I was able to seamlessly supplement this abundance of natural light - in tandem with a minor amount of my own - simply for added enhancement. I knew that incorporating the glass workspaces into each of my shots would convey the image that the business, and more importantly, its people, work collaboratively, without being divided by walls. It is clearly evident that the team at Arsenal is made up of a cohesive group of people and that creates a great working environment.”

-Scott Watt, Photographer

Financial Industry Leaders with a Reputation for Excellence

“The outcome culminated in a crisp, clean brand and an attractive website. Arsenal now stands lightyears ahead of where we were, and our refreshed site establishes the level of professionalism we consistently strive to emulate. Working with the BIGEYE team was both enlightening - and very fun.”

-Charlie Dudley, Principal, Arsenal Venture Partners




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New Sessions

Returning Visitors

New Visitors

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Bounce Rate



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Driving Success at Four Offices Nationwide

Comprehensive rebrandings and website redesigns are major marketing initiatives. The fact that BIGEYE and Arsenal were able to navigate the two in rapid succession and manage the overlap successfully speaks volumes about our collaborative relationship. It’s the kind of partnership that results in tremendous shared success.

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