Launching a Purrfect Integrated Marketing Campaign

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The Challenge

Scientia Pet, one of the largest pet wellness companies in the country, launched a new line of veterinary-developed, clinically-proven cat calming pheromone products, named bSerene. After Bigeye created an engaging brand system based on detailed first-party consumer insights, the next step was to develop and execute a multi-channel marketing campaign that not only introduces the brand to cat owners, but also educates cat owners about the benefits and effectiveness of cat pheromone calming products.

The pet wellness market is flooded with options for consumers, so it was our challenge to entice cat owners and vets to trust a new cat calming pheromone product line. Bigeye set out to create an integrated marketing campaign that shows what makes bSerene products different.

Our Approach

After an in-depth discovery session to identify ScientiaPet’s business goals and target audiences, we built a multi-pronged approach that places precise messaging in front of cat owners and vets at the exact right time when they are most receptive to ads. We specifically targeted cat owners that may be dealing with more anxious cats — so we used behavioral and contextual targeting to reach new cat owners and cat owners that are moving.

The advertising creative messaging emotionally connects with cat owners on a personal level to show that bSerene understands that managing cat anxiety and behavioral changes is a sensitive topic. Highlighting that bSerene products are vet and science-backed establish trust that this product is safe and effective for our feline friends.


After the consumer research and media strategy phases were complete, it was time to execute each piece of the complex digital marketing campaign. In month after launching the all-new product line and introducing the bSerene brand name to the public, we generated an impressive $62,605 in revenue through the strategic media campaign. Using a robust custom analytics dashboard, we continuously optimized the campaign and eCommerce website to ensure the user experience was streamlined and contained all of the information that is important to our target audiences.

We’re extremely proud to have been a part of this product launch and look forward to continuing our relationship with Scientia Pet, and bringing more proprietary pet products to the market.

Digital Video Advertising

During our discovery process, we discovered what kind of media our target audiences consume and where they spend their time online — and cat owners favor video. We deployed unique creative to Amazon Sponsored Brands Videos, TikTok, Paid Social, and Display and Native channels to show them that there is an easy solution to help their anxious feline friends. 

We identified the top relevant websites our target audiences visit — including

Consumer Insights

Identifying the audiences that would benefit most from cat calming products was the first step in building the integrated campaign. Knowing everything about what drives these niche audiences informed the creative messaging and placements. We gather first and second party consumer data to build specific brand personas.

We used heat maps of the landing pages to optimize the campaign.