Bringing an All New Cat Calming Product to Market

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The Challenge

In the US, there are 42.7 millions households who own at least one cat. Cats are creatures of habit; when life’s everyday changes impact their environment, it changes their world. Until now, there hasn’t been a proven solution to help cope with stressful situations. Enter: the brand new bSerene calming pheromone product line.

Scientia Pet, one of the largest pet wellness companies in the country, tapped Bigeye to help bring this new line of Direct to Consumer products to market with a fully integrated campaign that identifies and educates cat owners about the benefits and effectiveness of cat pheromone calming products.

Our Approach

To bring the new bSerene brand products to the cat calming category, we focused on tactics to attract consumers that are curious about trying something new. Communicating the science-based benefits to cat owners that have never purchased calming products containing pheromones previously was key in our brand campaign to help establish trust that this product is safe and effective for our feline friends.

Since bSerene is a new product, we needed to build the brand from the ground up. We conducted research to fully understand the current market and the consumer, created a complete brand system from scratch, built hundreds of ads in dynamic formats that radiate personality, and executed a strategic media plan to drive consumers to the beautifully designed eCommerce website. Bringing the bSerene line to market was no easy feat.


Once we nailed down the playful, yet knowledgeable brand voice and established the eCommerce sales channels on Shopify and Amazon, we launched the multi-pronged strategic media plan that targets the cat owners that are most likely to purchase bSerene products.

Using a combination of micro and macro-influencer marketing campaigns, national PR initiatives, and experiential activations along with targeted multi-platform digital campaigns, we generated measurable buzz for the new product line. In the short time since launching the bSerene product line, the campaigns have already yielded sales of the proprietary, science-backed cat calming solutions.



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