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Creating a Brand Identity & Multi-Channel Campaign

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The Challenge

The National Mango Board’s mission is to increase the consumption of fresh mangos in the US by inspiring consumers and educating them about the culture, flavor, and versatility of mangos. While most shoppers are familiar with mangos and can recognize the bright orange color of a cut mango, but they may not be able to recognize the actual unprepared fruit. With this challenge in mind, Bigeye set out to transform into a modern, vibrant, and joyful new brand that can scale to any medium and adapt to every environment. 

Mangos are one of the oldest fruits in the world, dating back more than 5,000 years to its origin in India, but many consumers still don’t understand the amount of flavor, nutritional value, and versatility of a mango. This rebrand is the big moment to attract the American mainstream and make the fruit more accessible and understood by the mango-curious.

With a new brand identity, a fully redesigned website, and an integrated digital campaign, our goal is to help US consumers understand the personality of a mango and be able to confidently find, select, and enjoy the versatile kitchen staple. We know that mangos feel like a celebration every time we cut into one, and we want to spread that joy.

Our Approach

Bigeye performed an in-depth consumer research study on recent, past and non-purchasers of mangos that provided valuable insights and data to our team to, along with board member feedback, help guide the direction of the new brand. We identified that most purchases and non-purchasers associate the words “juicy”, “tropical”, and “sweet” with the fruit, and that over one-half of all purchasers have eaten a mango by itself or as a snack in between meals. With these insights in mind, we partnered with the members of the board to build a brand campaign that will excite consumers.

During our research, we also discovered that many consumers and food service professionals don’t consider purchasing mangos in the winter months, even though they are available year round. We deployed a two-pronged approach to target consumers and food service professionals to encourage them to add mangos to their home cooking recipes and winter menus respectively. Using contextual targeting, purchase behavior targeting, and affinity targeting among other methods, we deployed a fully integrated digital marketing campaign.

Following our strategy and research phases, the creative team interpreted the needs of the different target audiences to build an all new brand system that exudes a tropical swagger. We translated the new playful look across video, grocery store displays, digital platforms, and all advertising channels.


The fresh brand story didn’t just delight our clients, customers all over the country rediscovered the joy of mangos. Along with a fresh look across all channels, we delivered a completely redeveloped consumer-facing website experience, The mango-curious users can now browse an expansive library of chef-inspired recipes, explore educational content about the fruit, view up-to-date industry information, and more.

The reimagined web experience and attention-grabbing and expertly targeted ad campaign drove a massive 23% increase in engaged visitors overall. The campaign brought explosive audience growth, with video advertising, paid social, and display advertising bringing in the highest increases in audience acquisition — with new users increasing 726%, 275%, and 647% respectively overall.

This rebrand and campaign for the National Mango Board is the result of a months-long process including comprehensive consumer research, creative collaboration, and a strategic approach. We’re extremely proud of the results and are honored to continue this partnership with the National Mango Board.

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